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Chapter 3780: Reincarnation Seal

“Boom!” The seal’s suppression rendered escape an impossibility.

The crowd felt their power being sapped away along with their soul into that endless cycle.

Once sucked inside, the soul would be broken down to nothingness. Their traces in this world would forever be erased.

This made them scream in horror. Treasures and merit laws still couldn’t escape the cycle of life and death. The most powerful cultivators would become helpless.

They finally got a taste of a mighty and dreadful Buddhist art. However, the scion remained undeterred.

He chuckled and raised both hands, pulling the power of the celestials and myriad laws.

“Boom!” The waterfall-like grand dao was pulled before him in order to receive the incoming seal. The scion looked determined to take this move directly instead of dodging.

Surprisingly enough, there were no deafening explosions, only faint booms. The sweeping dao waterfall slowly engulfed the seal, akin to a snake eating its prey.

“Boom!” Finally, the entire seal disappeared after losing the contest.

“What the h.e.l.l?!” Someone bellowed. The ultimate seal was actually devoured?

“Force Devourer!” One ancestor knew its origin.

“That’s Force Devourer?” Others exchanged glances.

In fact, some audience members have seen this move before since Liu Huais.h.i.+ used it against Chi Xiaoyue back on Minor Sacred Mountain.

The powerful Xiaoyue couldn’t do a thing despite her praiseworthy power. Now, Force Devourer looked purer and more effective. It didn’t only stop the enemy but devoured their attack as well.

“Boom!” The scion continued controlling the flow of the dao and pushed it upward.

Force Devourer then roared like a gigantic dragon showing off its claws. “Boom!” It then soared towards Golden Cicada but it wasn’t alone. Reincarnation Seal was with it as well, being used against its master.

As this combination traveled closer to the monk, it also absorbed everything along the way – the myriad laws, time and s.p.a.ce, and other affinities. Thus, it built up more and more power, causing the world to turn dark and the spectators to turn pale. Even the ancestors were horrified by the increasing force.

“Merciful Buddha.” Golden Cicada chanted instead of running away.

His golden light became dazzling and soared to the nine firmaments. A golden avatar took over, spanning for thousands and thousands of meters. Clouds only reached its waist.

Lankavatara Ward has been activated to its limit as the various Buddhas protected him like an insurmountable wall.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough. The great wall crumbled, unable to stop Force Devourer for a second.

“Boom!” Golden Cicada and the gigantic avatar were blown flying. He broke through several peaks along the way.

The cultivators from the holy ground screamed in horror, shocked by the sudden reversal. Though the monk won the first two exchanges, he lost this one far worse.

“Buddhist Child!” A few worried about his survival since he represented the glory of the holy ground. They didn’t want to see him killed by the scion.

“Whoos.h.!.+” Golden Cicada finally leaped out of the rubble.

He looked far more sorry compared to the scion earlier with b.l.o.o.d.y wounds all around. Even his kasaya was stained red. The Lankavatara Guard has been penetrated. Blood dripped down his lips. These injuries were quite serious, just not fatal.

“Just give up now.” One expert said quietly.

Someone as young as him shouldn’t shoulder this heavy burden. Despite all of his achievements, he was only fifteen or so.

Few in the entire holy ground dared to rise up to this occasion. The weight of the burden could break this youth’s spine.

“Buddhist Child, you have defended the holy ground’s reputation well enough. We take pride in you, it’s fine to rest now.” Another expert said.

Most pitied him and didn’t want to watch any longer.

“Amitabha.” Golden Cicada slowly floated up and still channeled his power again.

The dirt and blood didn’t affect his holy aura and his image as a great monk deserving of respect.

This genius didn’t want to broadcast his heroism to anyone, only silently meeting the scion along the way. He also showed zero fear during the fight, going all-out from the start.

Such determination and spirit were quite rare. His peers paled in comparison.

“Your Force Devourer is at a masterful level, I am in awe.” He said.

“Still lacking time and experience.” The scion disagreed and said: “You’re a whole realm beneath me yet still withstood an attack empowered by my grand dao. You’re definitely among the top three of this generation.”

Others agreed with this high a.s.sessment, thinking that the monk deserved it.

“How embarra.s.sing, I still have a long way to go.” The monk shook his head.

“It’s fine to concede now.” The scion posed with both hands behind his back, clearly confident in his victory.

All eyes were on the monk now, thinking that he had done his job and earned honor despite losing.


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