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Chapter 3869: Dragonraise Cauldron

Most understood his insinuation right away. This was an indirect attempt of seizing Li Qiye’s treasure.

Of course, they were all tempted, whether it be the youths or the powerful ancestors from the last generation.

However, the ancestors couldn’t be so blatant. To take Li Qiye’s treasure in public like this could ruin their reputation.

“Right, take it out and broaden our horizon.” The locals supported him.

“In fact, just touching that peerless treasure might increase longevity. Share the luck and let us touch it once.” Another youth smiled.

It was easy to imagine that when the young lord got a hold on this jade piece, he wouldn’t return it to Li Qiye.

“See? Everyone is so enthusiastic, just entertain them a little bit…” The young lord enjoyed the support of the crowd and smiled at Li Qiye.

“If you’re capable enough to take it from me, it’s yours. If not, you’ll lose your dog life.” Li Qiye also smiled and interrupted him.

The young lord tried to go around in a circle while Li Qiye was as direct as can be.

The young lord’s expression darkened. Everyone else took a deep breath.

“Capture him, Young Lord.” A local expert urged him on: “You’ll take him down in less than five moves and the treasure will be yours.”

Two different groups existed among the crowd. One group just wanted to watch the show. As for the other group, they wanted to take advantage of this situation.

The young lord was now riding a tiger and couldn’t get off. Not attacking Li Qiye meant being afraid. As a genius only second to Three Slashes, at least in his mind, this was something he couldn’t accept.

“Very well, but remember, you’re the one suggesting this!” He took a deep breath and shouted.

“You’re wasting my time, come already.” Li Qiye waved his hand dismissively.

The young master’s expression became unsightly. He considered himself only second to Three Slashes so this public disdain was unacceptable. He would knock Li Qiye’s teeth out even if the guy didn’t have a treasure.

“You pick h.e.l.l instead of heaven, I hope you can back it up!” The young lord uttered coldly.

“Buzz.” He summoned a golden treasure resembling an incense burner. As one looked closer at the inside, they saw tiny pieces of fuelwood and embers.

The moment he took it out, it was akin to the opening of a new realm. The aura of a supreme rushed out along with a majestic grand dao. Its three legs were in the form of golden dragons, ready to soar and roar.

Many experts staggered backward after feeling its oppressive pressure.

“Dragonraise Cauldron! The heirloom of the Tuhuo!” A local immediately recognized the cauldron and became frightened.

Even the outsiders were startled after hearing the name of the cauldron. They didn’t expect this youth to bring such a powerful treasure here.

“This Li guy is finished.” Many locals snorted after seeing this.

“Dragonraise is mighty indeed. It can refine a sovereign right away. Defensive treasures aren’t effective against it.” An outsider said.

“The famous cauldron of the Tuhuo is worthy of its fame. Unfortunately, it’s facing Li Qiye.” A big shot from the plateau disagreed.

“Brat, take this!” The young lord didn’t give Li Qiye a chance to prepare.

“Boom!” His vitality soared to the sky and turned into a scorching inferno. This instantly empowered the cauldron.

“Raa! Raa! Raa!” Three draconic cries could be heard. The cauldron opened its mouth and poured out an endless torrent of flames. It swept through the sky and could take down the celestials.

“Rumble!” The three dragons holding up the cauldron suddenly flew out of the cauldron and surrounded Li Qiye in the center. Their own flames melted the ground beneath them, turning it into lava.

“Peris.h.!.+” The young lord chanted and commanded the dragons.

They opened their mouth and spewed out draconic flames. It engulfed the area and drowned Li Qiye. A lake of lava was the only thing left of Li Qiye’s area.

The spectators shuddered after seeing this attack.

“That’s an heirloom treasure for you.” One of them said.

“The Tuhuo isn’t bad, that was quite impressive.” A high elder nodded approvingly.

Li Qiye was surrounded by flames above and lava beneath him. Both started surging towards him, wanting to reduce him to ashes.

“There’s no place to run!” A local shouted.

“That’s what he gets for overestimating himself and offending Young Lord Tuhuo.” Another genius said.

Young Lord Tuhuo had a smile on his face after hearing these comments.

“Idiots.” A big shot from the plateau murmured.

“Buzz.” The target area of the lava and flames suddenly became resplendent.

The source of this light came from the jade piece in Li Qiye’s hand. It served as a s.h.i.+eld against all attacks.

The scorching flames and unbearable lava couldn’t do a thing to this barrier.

Many spectators gasped after seeing the easy block.

“Are you forgetting that this jade piece stopped an attack from the prime minister earlier?” A crowd member reminded them.

Young Lord Tuhuo also didn’t expect this result; his expression soured right away.

“That’s it? My turn then.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Buzz.” A mouth-like crack showed up on the jade piece. It then crazily absorbed the flames and lava.


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