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Chapter 3948: Domineering

Vajra Saint spoke calmly but with an unshakable conviction. The words seemed to be carved in the air.

“Well, let’s see if my blade is sharper or your cauldron is tougher.” Guan Tianba never backed down to anyone.

Vajra Saint’s eyes narrowed and shot out rays. This was akin to being chained and looking up at an executioner with his blade raised. Anyone would be horrified at this moment, ancestors included.

Alas, they couldn’t avert their gaze from a potential battle between Mad Blade and Vajra Saint.

Though they weren’t from the same generation, they were the top dogs in their respective time and could act as its representative. This was a battle between two generations.

“Who will win?” Cultivators became curious about the result.

“In my opinion, Vajra Saint has the overwhelming advantage. Putting cultivation aside, his cauldron is just superior to anything Guan Tianba has.” An elder from a clan quietly spoke after a brief rumination.

“Are you forgetting that Guan Tianba is far younger? Sure, he’s not that young relative to us but the saint has one foot in the grave. He’s a vigorous youth in comparison, having ample lifespan and vitality. How many times can the saint activate that dao lord weapon?” A different old man whispered.

The group agreed with this as well. A dao lord weapon was undoubtedly strong. However, it wasn’t the saint’s own weapon. On the other hand, Guan Tianba and his saber were virtually one and the same.

He could unleash a thousand slashes without a problem. As for the saint, his vitality wouldn’t allow him to use the dao lord weapon in a prolonged fight.

Since it wasn’t his, activating it required an immense amount of vitality and energy. His lifespan must be depleted by this point. The only thing keeping him going was his vitality. Once his vitality went down, the years would start flowing again.

Thus, the saint might be stronger but Guan Tianba could also delay the battle long enough. Time was on his side.

However, before the saint could answer, Righteous Supreme spoke instead: “Brother Guan, you have improved quite a bit. I have prepared a board, would you like to play a match with me to make up for last time?”

Listeners were surprised to hear him. Crystal G.o.d Monarch had spoken to him before but he didn’t respond. But now, he asked Guan Tianba to play a chess match with him? Of course, this was a polite way to challenge someone.

“Guan Tianba had challenged Righteous Supreme before?” One listener speculated.

An ancestor nodded: “Very likely considering Guan Tianba’s disposition. He was ready to take on the world during his prime.”

They haven’t heard of a battle between these two, but it sounded like there had been a battle before. Guan Tianba most likely lost as well.

Guan Tianba’s eyes narrowed. He replied: “Have it your way, Supreme.” He then took one step towards the sky and disappeared into the clouds.

No one could see through the clouds because they were most likely created from a supreme treasure. It was an independent realm above.

They found being unable to watch this battle a d.a.m.n shame. It would have been a brilliant fight.

With Guan Tianba gone, no one else stopped Vajra Saint from fulfilling his goal. People’s focus returned to Li Qiye who was still under heavy fire.

The terrible tribulations have drowned out the peak and Li Qiye couldn’t be seen. Who knows if he was still alive?

“Looks like the outcome is clear.” His supporters found the situation to be hopeless.

The mighty alliance grew stronger with the addition of Vajra Saint. These five could sweep through the region uncontested. Even if Buddha Supreme were to come back to life, he still wouldn’t be able to stop them. This spelled how grim it was for Li Qiye.

“They’re usurping.” A royal lord from the holy ground quietly said.

The crowd took a deep breath while becoming emotional, especially the members of the holy ground.

“Vajra wants to replace Sacred Mountain.” Most understood the current development but didn’t want to say it out loud.

For millions of years, Sacred Mountain still reigned over the holy ground despite being elusive. In history, numerous sects desired their position. Vajra was no exception.

Alas, it wasn’t possible before. In the present day, this was a great opportunity. Sacred Mountain seemed weakened in both actual power and prestige. Moreover, their current leader was stuck in a precarious situation.

Most importantly, they had a legitimate excuse to take him down. The circ.u.mstances were perfect for replacing Sacred Mountain.

The vast holy ground was too desirable and tempting. Vajra couldn’t help taking this risk.

Some spectators watched with a heavy heart. Though they wanted to help Li Qiye, they couldn’t change the tides in the slightest.

“It’s time for someone to uphold this responsibility. Vajra shall take the vanguard!” Vajra Saint stared at the center of the tribulation and declared.

“You’re right, Ancestor. Vajra wishes to be a defender of justice.” A voice came from the iron carriage: “Brothers, prepare to spill blood for this great cause.”

“Creak.” The door of the carriage slowly opened and an old man came out.

He looked rather ordinary; his exquisite clothes attracted more attention than him.


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