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Chapter 3998: A’jiao

The old servant and Lu Qi were startled by the uninvited guest. This person was simply too fast and they had no time to stop it.

The old servant’s expression soured while Lu Qi stood up right away, ready to face the powerful foe.

However, Li Qiye waved his hand and told her to sit down. She obeyed but continued to glare at the intruder.

It turned out to be a girl, not a beauty but ugly and plump. She had fat everywhere but strangely enough, they seemed to be tough like metal instead of jiggling around upon movement.

Her skin was a dark yellow. Others would a.s.sume that she was a farmer who worked year-round doing hard labor.

In reality, she was only around eighteen or so. It’s just that her appearance made her seem old, seemingly experiencing too much hards.h.i.+p outside in the scorching sun.

Her hair was long and jet black, braided into a bun. It certainly wasn’t a flattering look. Worst of all, she even had a thick layer of rouge with a distasteful scent while wearing a conspicuous dress with colorful flower patterns.

If she had an average and low-key fas.h.i.+on style, no one would fault her for her physical appearance. This gave the impression of her being a country-pumpkin who yearned for life in the big city.

“Oh? Lil’ Bro, long time no see.” The girl acted coquettishly and winked at Li Qiye while gesturing by connecting her middle finger and thumb.

This only worsened her unflattering appearance to a nauseating level. The old driver shuddered while Lu Qi had gooseb.u.mps, wanting to kick this monster off the carriage.

As for Li Qiye, he stared intensely at the girl for a while.

Lu Qi noticed this and found it quite strange. Li Qiye naturally didn’t like her; they must actually know each other.

“Who are you?” Li Qiye stopped looking and asked lazily.

To which the girl responded: “Lil’ Bro, can’t forget you’ve forgotten your upstairs neighbor, A’jiao already. You visited my house before…”

“Not a clue.” He interrupted her.

Lu Qi started thinking about this conversation. If this girl was a n.o.body, Li Qiye would have thrown her off the carriage.

But it would be weirder for them to be acquaintances. He was someone above their lord, why would this vulgar girl be his neighbor?

“Oh, wait a minute, upstairs? Must have been a long time ago and I don’t quite remember.” He pondered then smirked.

“Lil’ Bro, you’re being too cold.” A’jiao kept on making cute gestures with her hands: “You even broke my vase during your visit. It was a pretty big deal but we dropped the issue, can’t believe you’re pretending to not know me.”

“It’s just one vase, I might remember if I had destroyed your house or something.” He responded.

Lu Qi thought that this conversation was just too hard to follow.

“How cruel, we’ve never done anything to you outside of living upstairs, why did you have to destroy us. Isn’t there a proverb about how a relative afar is less useful than a close neighbor? You’ve hurt me with your choice of words…” She looked as if she was the victim. Unfortunately, this exaggerated reaction didn’t win her any sympathy.

“Enough, say what you want. More of this c.r.a.p and I’ll finish you.” He said flatly.

“Lil’ Bro, you’re so merciless even towards a flower like me…” She winked again.

“Bam!” He kicked her off before she could finish. She fell to the ground and bellowed in pain, completely covered in dust.

Lu Qi wanted to laugh but realized that it would be improper. She naturally enjoyed this entertaining meeting. There was no doubt that these two knew each other. The question was – how did this supreme existence know this vulgar lady?

A’jiao had thick skin and leaped back on the carriage. Lu Qi was afraid that her landing would break the carriage but no, she was agile despite her bulky frame. She landed gracefully like a falling leaf.

“Lil’ Bro, must you be so cruel?” A’jiao complained.

“Remember, this is my world. If you need something from me, come with sincerity. I’ve been thinking about destroying your house but since you’re here, I might reconsider…” He went on.

“Whoa, no need to say these unpleasant words.” She said: “Don’t you know people say that concord comes after discord? Or that even lovers fight sometimes? Remember how close we used to be?”

“Have you looked into the mirror?” He sneered.

“You must be hating me because I’m not as pretty as the girl next to you…” She acted like a bullied wife again.

“This is getting too troublesome.” He interrupted her and said: “Eras are dust, ages are dirt, all become void, ephemerals are only defeated by the heart and the mind. Let’s get to the point.”

The vulgar conversation took a sudden s.h.i.+ft and surprised Lu Qi.

“Eternality from an unyielding dao heart, you’ve been waiting for an opportunity.” A’jiao’s expression became serious.

Lu Qi suddenly saw a new existence – not a vulgar country-b.u.mpkin but a peerless existence that had lived through the ages. The dust of life has covered up her true appearance.

“Wait, I’m here to talk business with you, not to touch on this boring subject.” But the initial A’jiao returned right away.

“Speak.” He said.

“My father said that I’m not young anymore, it’s time to look for a husband which is why I’m here, Lil’ Bro, what do you think…” She had a bashful expression and stole glances at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye immediately stood up and got closer. A’jiao lowered her head, seemingly shy.

“Are you feeling sick?” He eventually asked.

She looked up and glared at him before realizing that this was the wrong expression. She spoke with indignation: “Lil’ Bro, you’re so mean…”

“How rare and earth-shattering.” He shook his head: “I myself am feeling scared, this must be a dream.”

“You dream about me in this manner?” A’jiao seemed happy.

Lu Qi felt lost again. A’jiao seemed to be talking about marriage but Li Qiye’s response took a different route. She was lacking context and couldn’t understand the two.

“Is this a peace negotiation?” He then sat down and said: “Go for it.”


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