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Chapter 4206: Contest Between Great Powers

Many among the crowd agreed with the sword saint.

“The saint is right, this land belongs to no one. Everyone should be able to enter.” One expert shouted.

“Take down the blockade or you’ll be facing the wrath of the entire world!” People started shouting.

“You are no different from an evil sect if you choose to be this tyrannical and overbearing!” Some wanted to escalate the issue.

“Open this sea! Give us access to the island!” The shouting intensified. The crowd seemed ready to rush over and attack.

Peace Ocean Sword King remained calm before the pitchforks. This showed that he wasn’t afraid to go against everyone in the slightest.

In reality, both Sea Emperor and Nine-wheel were prepared to fight against a coalition from the very start. They were certainly capable of doing so.

“Shut up!!!” Void Saint Child suddenly roared.

The crowd could hear his words erupting inside their ears. This made them dizzy and stunned. They saw stars and couldn’t tell left from right. They staggered backward in horror as a result.

He successfully silenced them with a single shout, proving that he was deserving of his fame.

“Good.” He was pleased with this result as his eyes scanned the area, noticing their fear.

“Take down the barricade instead of running your mouth.” He continued and embarra.s.sed them.

The experts present turned red. Their rhetoric was strong but to actually be the vanguard against that sword formation and diamond wall? Only a few were willing to do so.

They preferred to observe and take advantage of the situation, let someone else commit suicide instead.

“This matter can’t be decided by a few people. Gentlemen, please go back. The ocean is vast with plenty of treasures and divine swords, no need to stay here to avoid needless bloodshed.” Peace Ocean coughed and spoke again.

His politeness didn’t shroud his determination. The two behemoths have clearly made up their mind regarding monopolizing this region. No one could change their mind; war was the only option.

Peace Ocean and Void had the same intent yet their delivery was drastically different. The latter was far more annoying than the former.

The crowd started thinking about this difficult situation. Who didn’t want that incredible divine sword? The fact that these two behemoths were going so far showed just how amazing it was. There was a high probability of it being Myriad Era – the potential leader of the nine heavenly swords.

Alas, this opportunity required going to war against Sea Emperor and Nine-wheel, truly a tough choice.

“If you don’t want to attack, then leave and avoid making a mistake.” Void Saint Child said menacingly.

“Seems like an a.s.sembly is in order. Otherwise, they’ll look down on all of us.” A steady yet slightly aggressive voice joined the show.

A middle-aged man appeared and became the center of attention. He resembled the bright moon; its gentle glow was quite comforting.

“Terra Sword Saint!” Eyes lit up after seeing him.

“He’s here too!” This gave the crowd a reason for excitement.

“Both saints are here now, what are we hesitating for?! We need to work together and rise against the two tyrants!” Someone hiding in the crowd shouted.

“That’s right, we have to rise up!” Others were persuaded and shouted.

“The divine sword belongs to the virtuous!” An ancestor stepped forward and declared.

“We have the kings and the saints on our side, let’s attack already!” Morale rose again for their side as they thought about attacking the blockade.

Now, their side was growing stronger and stronger. Many big shots have expressed their intention of opposing the mighty alliance.

Alas, Peace Ocean and Void looked unperturbed by Terra’s arrival.

“It’s rare to see both saints of Sword Continent together in one place. How fun.” Void laughed.

“We’re not here to fight.” Nine-sun Sword Saint shook his head and elaborated: “You just need to remove the wall and turn war into peace.”

“We appreciate your advice but I’m afraid it is not up to us. We will have to offend everyone today.” Peace Ocean said.

“The two of you can’t stop us.” Terra Sword Saint said with confidence.

Of course, no one would question his power either since he was the leader of the Six Sect Masters.

Both Void and Peace Ocean couldn’t take him on. The new coalition had enough power to take down the blockade right now.

“We know that we can’t defeat you right now, Sword Saint.” Void laughed: “But I would still like to give it a shot and learn.”

Being weaker didn’t diminish his battle spirit in the slightest.

“You and the sword king have unmatched talent, far superior to us. However, I will not bully a junior. Your sects certainly have sword G.o.ds and ancient ancestors here right now. Tell them to come out and duel me.”

“Ancient ancestors and sword G.o.ds?” Others became emotional.

“Yes, Sea Emperor has six sword G.o.ds and Nine-wheel has five ancient ancestors. I’m sure some are here to take command.” An ancestor had a solemn expression.

The crowd’s expression changed right away after this revelation.


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