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Chapter 616: Bai Weng’s Recruitment

s.h.i.+ Hao couldn’t help but be startled. Grandpa Bai was a great character in the Stonetreading County; even the County Lord treated him with respect. He had been an envoy for a long time and besides the Ancient Pine Demon Monarch, he had never seen Grandpa Bai treat someone with such politeness.

Bai Weng looked at Li Qiye and rubbed his palms together and asked: “May I ask where you are from and which sect you belong to?”

“I’m only a vagrant cultivator with erratic travels.” Li Qiye calmly said: “If Grandpa Bai has anything in mind, please say it.”

Grandpa Bai quickly waved his hands in response: “Nothing, it’s nothing like that at all. Young n.o.ble Li is too courteous, you can just call me Bai Weng. I can’t handle being called Grandpa Bai by Young n.o.ble Li.”

s.h.i.+ Hao jumped out of his skin when he saw Bai Weng’s att.i.tude and couldn’t believe his own ears at such humility.

Li Qiye didn’t want to waste time and directly said: “Say your piece.”

Bai Weng rubbed his hands again awkwardly and forced a smile to say: “It was thanks to Young n.o.ble’s guidance, or else all of my efforts would have been wasted. Really, thank you, your words woke me up from being lost. My Crimsonwolf gra.s.s would have been ruined.

“After receiving your pointers, I went to the wetland and put soil from there around the gra.s.s. Just like you said, the gra.s.s successfully transformed for the seventh time. I can’t express my grat.i.tude enough. Your great knowledge puts this old man to shame.”

Initially, after receiving Li Qiye’s pointers, Bai Weng was very doubtful. However, seeing the gra.s.s that was on the verge of death, he had no choice but to take a risk and use Li Qiye’s method.

A miracle happened after he took some soil from the wetland and put it around the gra.s.s. Not long after, the gra.s.s’ life recovered and in the following days, it successfully transformed.

How could Bai Weng not be shocked? He understood immediately that he had met a wise master. With just a glance, Li Qiye was able to a.n.a.lyze his unique fertilizer, and he even knew where he obtained the gra.s.s from. With a casual remark, Li Qiye managed to not only save the gra.s.s, he also helped it transform successfully.

Such familiarity with alchemy principles and cultivation meant that he was a wondrous alchemist, one that was far greater than Bai Weng. The alchemy dao didn’t only consist of pill refinement, plant cultivation was another aspect.

Bai Weng knew that he had met a great alchemy genius so he quickly reacted and let go of all his business to run to Jadeblood Mountain to find Li Qiye. Luckily for him, Li Qiye still hadn’t left.

Li Qiye only nodded his head at the influx of praises from Bai Weng and waited to hear more.

Bai Weng cleared his throat and forced a smile again before speaking: “Young n.o.ble Li, there is one matter that might interest you.”

Li Qiye looked at him and waited for him to say more.

Bai Weng didn’t dare to slow down after seeing Li Qiye’s waiting appearance and said: “Our lord adores talent. Recently, Her Majesty started looking for talented young alchemists. I wonder if Young n.o.ble is interested?”

“Looking for alchemists?” Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed as he spoke: “To be an alchemist for Giant Bamboo?”

“As long as Young n.o.ble’s alchemy skill is capable, maybe you will become the Alchemy Chief of the entire country!” Bai Weng quickly added.

s.h.i.+ Hao was dumbstruck after hearing Bai Weng. Being the Alchemy Chief of an entire country was very amazing; it was a high ranked position that allowed one to be an unreachable existence. s.h.i.+ Hao never even dared to dream about it, so how could he not be stunned upon hearing Bai Weng’s attempt at recruitment?

“Giant Bamboo Country…” Li Qiye murmured as a figure as gentle as water uncontrollably appeared in Li Qiye’s mind.

Bai Weng quickly added: “Young n.o.ble Li, although our Giant Bamboo is not comparable to imperial lineages, we are a big country that has stood strong in the Alchemy Realm for millions of years. If you stay here, I’m sure your future will be golden.”

Li Qiye’s mind returned to the present. He laughed after hearing Bai Weng. He nodded his head and said: “The capital of the Giant Bamboo Country is indeed a place worth remembering; I also want to go there once.”

He had thought about visiting the memorable Giant Bamboo’s capital after arriving at the Stone Medicine World. After many years, his memories of the place were still there and caused him to become emotional.

Bai Weng quickly answered: “I will go arrange for it immediately and recommend Young n.o.ble to Her Highness!”

Li Qiye only chuckled. He would go to the capital not for a promising future or to see the king, but for a simple sightseeing trip. If he really wanted to go, then even the heavily guarded capital wouldn’t be able to stop his advance.

Bai Weng a.s.sumed that Li Qiye wanted to be the national Alchemist Chief so he quickly said: “Could Young n.o.ble try to refine one cauldron?”

Li Qiye looked at him and said: “You want me to refine a batch right now?”

Bai Weng smiled awkwardly and said: “This old man isn’t implicating anything and trusts your abilities. However, I need to recommend you to the Ancient Pine Demon Monarch and my words alone are not enough. This needs to be verified by the monarch in order for it to go smoothly.”

Li Qiye replied with a smile: “I don’t need to prove anything, this is no big deal to me.”

Bai Weng was a little helpless in the face of this and said: “Young n.o.ble Li… umm…” He knew that Li Qiye was an amazing alchemist, but he needed proof if he was going to recommend Li Qiye to the Demon Monarch. He wouldn’t let such a rare, young alchemist slip from him.

Although this left him in a sticky situation, he was not angry or annoyed at all. As an alchemist, he knew that it was normal for a talented alchemist to be arrogant; this type of person was always popular everywhere.

He responded: “Young n.o.ble Li, this old man trusts your skills one hundred percent, but… if I don’t have anything as proof, then it would be very hard to recommend you to Her Majesty.”

“Brother Li, this is a rare opportunity.” s.h.i.+ Hao also calmed down and whispered to Li Qiye: “The Ancient Pine Demon Monarch is one of the eighteen monarchs of our Giant Bamboo and is held in high esteem in Her Majesty’s eyes. With his recommendation, you will surely become a court alchemist.”

Li Qiye only chuckled since he wasn’t interested in becoming a court alchemist or anything else for that matter. He stared at Bai Weng then back at s.h.i.+ Hao and smilingly said: “I appreciate Grandpa’s enthusiasm, and out of consideration for s.h.i.+ Hao, I will refine something once for you to see. But right now, I don’t have suitable alchemy ingredients.”

Li Qiye’s proud att.i.tude caused s.h.i.+ Hao’s heart to thump, but to his bewilderment, Bai Weng was not angry at all. After hearing about his lack of ingredients, Bai Weng took a whole bunch out and said: “I have some right here. I coincidentally obtained a batch of materials for a five transformations fate pill; all the things you need are here.”

Li Qiye looked at the old man and said: “It seems that you have come prepared.”

Bai Weng let out a wry laugh. He spent a lot of time before managing to gather enough ingredients for a five transformations fate pill. Today, he brought them here just to test Li Qiye’s abilities.

Fate pills were the hardest to refine for alchemists, and a five transformations pill could show their ability. In order to refine a pill to this level, the pill would need fifty percent purity.

This type of pill was meant for Ancient Saints. There needs to be sufficient five transformations ingredients that could turn into a fate pill successfully in order for it to be suitable for Ancient Saints.

However, this was easier said than done. It was quite a challenge for the majority of alchemists. Because of this, a five transformations fate pill was a crossroads and challenge for alchemists. If successful, then one would be considered an Alchemy Grandmaster. If the quality was good, then maybe that person would qualify to be a Profound Alchemist.

While Bai Weng took out all the ingredients, Li Qiye also took out his Myriad Heavenly Cauldron. At this time, the cauldron’s shape had changed. Prior to this, it was a frog, but now, it appeared to be very ordinary looking.

Back at the lost alchemy garden of the immortals in the rich field, the cauldron had undergone a transformation. It should have done so far in the past since it had devoured countless heavenly medicines and immortal throughout the years. The even more incredible part was that it drank some Myriad Star Water. It had been waiting for the right time, but it had never come. It wasn’t until it stayed at the lost garden that it seized the chance. After the successful transformation, it turned back into a primal shape and appeared to be no different from an ordinary cauldron.

The truth was that it was the number one Heavenly Cauldron throughout the ages and was peerless. Its usage was not limited to refining pills, it could also defy the heavens by changing fate itself.

A huge cauldron appeared before s.h.i.+ Hao and Bai Weng, much to their astonishment due to its ordinary looks. Bai Weng a.s.sumed that since Li Qiye had great alchemy skills, he would have a good Heavenly Cauldron as well, but this huge cauldron was very ordinary.

Bai Weng spoke at this time: “We should leave for a bit.” As an alchemist who had studied the dao of alchemy for a thousand years, he knew the rules of alchemists. Others should leave when an alchemist was about to refine medicine.

“No need.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “This will be a piece of cake. There is no need to leave, I’ll be done in a second.”


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