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Chapter 1182 The Ancestors“ Test 3

The fighting intent burning in Blakeman’s eyes burnt even stronger

“Yes, this is it! Just like that, this is a true battle between men…”

Lightning bolts covered Blakeman’s body and that spear-like metal staff seemed as light as a feather in his hands. It was completely weightless and twisted just like a lightning snake.

Blakeman didn’t dodge, he fiercely stomped his feet and his body shot out like a bullet as he charged towards Lin Yun while swinging his spear-like Magic Staff.

While facing the bombardment of Four-Element Bombs, Blakeman held the spear staff by its extremity and the spear flashed like a shadow, its tip already covered by a spherical lightning bolt.

The sharp spear’s tip ferociously sliced towards a Four Element Bomb to forcibly deflect it towards the side.

But the Four Elemental Bomb exploded on impact and the berserk power indiscriminately spread in the surroundings. Blakeman took the impact head on.

As if guided by that explosion, the other Four Element Bombs flew over and simultaneously exploded.

The berserk chaotic energies were squeezed together and kept clas.h.i.+ng, creating a terrifying zone of destruction within three hundred meters. At this moment, no one could sense what was happening inside.

And this wasn’t over, the Spell Wheel’s elemental storms and Syudos flood of flames already rushed to the zone of destruction.

The berserk power fiercely tore through everything and made everything within five hundred meters turn into a zone of death.

All of the Heaven Rank powerhouses were watching as this inconceivably fierce battle was just getting started.

On the edge of the battlefield, the solid ground was continuously being torn apart and fragments were sent flying before being torn into pieces in the air.

They couldn’t see what was happening inside the zone of destruction, but they could see that the ground was continuously collapsing over a hundred meters from the edge of that zone. Runes even started to appear in the distant fog.

The aftermath alone made runes appear within a kilometer of the dense fog to suppress that destruction power.

The group of mages watching the battle raised their s.h.i.+elds before evading towards the Mage Tower in horror. This place was no longer safe. Only the defenses of the Mage Tower could resist this destructive impact.

“d.a.m.n, if someone told me that a 9th Rank Archmage could display this kind of strength, I would have definitely told him he was crazy. Sh*t, am I crazy?

“A 9th Rank Archmage can actually display that kind of strength? d.a.m.n, even that monster Santon wasn’t that powerful as a 1st Rank Heaven Mage, right?”

Labard let out a startled cry, he looked as if he had seen a ghost.

Reedman berated him without looking back, “Labard, shut your d.a.m.ned mouth and watch. With the battle being like that, that lunatic Blakeman will definitely forget about everything and go crazy…”

On the battlefield, Lin Yun had a solemn expression. The others felt that it was terrifying, but Lin Yun could clearly sense that even the destruction zone created by the flood of Four Element Bombs didn’t break through Blakeman’s defenses. There was even a terrifying power rus.h.i.+ng out of the destruction zone.

It firmly took on the Spell Wheel’s elemental storms, the Book of Mantras’ flood of flames, and Lin Yun flood of Four Element Bombs and slowly charged out.

‘Heaven Rank Battlemages are truly terrifying…’

Lin Yun gave up on the flood of Four Element Bombs and law runes of the four elements rapidly appeared before him. These law runes rapidly condensed according to the matrix of the Four Element Bomb and formed a huge Law Runic Bomb.

As Lin Yun’s Law Runic Bomb condensed, a thick lightning blade-like shadow emitting a glaring brilliance pierced through the destruction zone.

Then, a second blade of lightning came out, followed by a third,…

After a dozen thick lightning blades flashed and tore through the zone of destruction, Blakeman appeared. His now three-meter-tall body was covered in blade-like lightning bolts that frantically tore through everything in the surroundings.

They tore through the destructive power continuously attacking his body, and the sphere of lightning at the tip of the spear had already turned three-meter-big.

As Blakeman tore through the spatial pressure, that deep blue lightning sphere was ruthlessly whipped by Blakeman spear-like staff.

It flew towards Lin Yun, leaving a lightning trail behind as the Extraordinary Power shook the s.p.a.ce here.

As for Lin Yun, he also shot his Law Runic Bomb.

The Law Runic Bomb made purely out of law runes was the strongest researched version of the Four Element Bomb that Lin Yun could use.

The pure law runes were all connected, and as it shot, the Extraordinary Power they emitted started rising dramatically!

Unless one reached the Heaven Rank, they couldn’t control Extraordinary Power. Lin Yun also couldn’t grasp Extraordinary Power. But he was able to grasp the Heaven Rank’s law runes.

And using the power of law runes, he was able to forcibly draw a huge power from the void. It was uncontrollable Extraordinary Power that could only act as destructive power!

Lin Yun had gotten the inspiration from those Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts’ Destruction Energy Spheres. Since they couldn’t control and manipulate Extraordinary Power, they used it as destructive power.

The power borrowed from the void by that Law Runic Bomb fused with the runic matrix and ruthlessly collided with Blakeman’s lightning sphere.

A loud explosion instantly echoed, and then all sounds disappeared.

At the center of the collision between the Law Runic Bomb and the lightning sphere, a terrifying explosive power not only didn’t burst out, their power instead collapsed towards the center.

The energies colliding within several dozen meters seemed to have been devoured by a black hole. In an instant, everything within several dozen meters was engulfed in the center and formed a four-meter-big sphere.

Then, the sphere exploded.

The shockwave of the explosion instantly swept over a kilometer and kept spreading.

The ground that had been reinforced countless times was like a patch of dead leaves blown away by the wind as it instantly shattered into countless fragments. And these countless fragments were floating in the sky.

A kilometer away, all those Mage Towers were swept by the shockwave and lit up, s.h.i.+ning like lighthouses in the dark.

Every Mage Tower within three kilometers had their magic defenses activated. As for the dense fog, it kept churning as several unclear runes appeared within it. Runes appeared in the dense fog within three kilometers.

Blurry runes could even be seen jumping about in the depths of that dense fog.

And within this destructive attack, lightning light flickered and the terrifying Extraordinary aura roamed.

Lin Yun’s Magic Array was roused to its pinnacle, his law runes were continuously a.s.sembling themselves according to the construction method of law runes.

Then, three huge law runes matrices once again moved in the shape of the construction method of law runes.

Double Structure!

If the construction was a success, it would be equivalent to using several hundred runes to form a law rune!

This was simply impossible. But Lin Yun only needed to use the little bit of power contained within that matrix. That was all he needed.

Following the matrix of that three-meter-tall law rune construct, a terrifying power filled the atmosphere, and a hair-thin spatial tear was torn open in this stable and terrifying s.p.a.ce.

The law runes transformed into a pitch-black Wind Blade that tore through the fierce shockwave and flew towards Blakeman!

The terrifying shockwave meeting with the sharp Wind Blade, was like a river facing a sharp blade, it was easily cut through.

On the other side, Blakeman was already thoroughly wrapped in lightning, and his fighting intent was even more frightening than some Heaven Rank Sword Saints. His spear-staff had already turned into lightning.

A loud shout echoed as Blakeman held his staff and slashed forward fiercely. In an instant, a crescent dark blue light blade tore through the shockwave and rushed towards Lin Yun.

If one looked closely, they would find out that the dark blue light blade was made of countless small lightning bolts squeezed together. They didn’t seem to flicker like lightning and they were compressed to a terrifying degree.

In the Mage Tower, Reedman instantly turned into a fireball and burst out.

‘I knew that lunatic Blakeman would forget everything when he started fighting and would use the Dark Blue Moonblade. d.a.m.nit, does he plan to get rid of Mafa?

‘Sh*t, I hope Mafa can resist a bit. That f*cker! How is that something a 2nd Rank Heaven powerhouse can use?’

“Blakeman, you d.a.m.n moron! Do you have no shame!? You actually used the power of a 3rd Rank Heaven powerhouse! Are you trying to get rid of Mafa!?”

Reedman roared crazily, but his red-colored flaming body charged towards Lin Yun like a ray of light.

In the Mage Tower, the group of mages had strange expressions. No one thought that this would have turned like this.

Labard’s face was green as he watched the two fighting fiercely. Everything in the battlefield seemed to have become a lot slower, but Labard understood that it wasn’t time slowing down, but rather the destructive power being so high that it was making the screen lag. Light was twisted and the emission speed was slowed down by at least 50%.

They might already be looking at something that happened a second earlier. At this time, they all knew that they didn’t have the power to be involved in this kind of battle.

‘Heavens, I thought that Sir Blakeman would obviously beat up that monster Mafa, but who would have thought that this monster would be able to fight Blakeman to a standstill while the latter only used the power of a 2nd Rank Heaven powerhouse.

‘He even made Sir Blakeman’s fighting intent burst out. Oh no, he is finished now. Sir Blakeman is a complete lunatic, once his fighting intent is roused, he would be unable to stop fighting.

‘Mafa is screwed, even Sir Reedman might not be able to save him. Sir Blakeman’s Dark Blue Moonblade is said to have once pierced through a plane’s spatial barrier, allowing him to forcibly enter that plane.

‘Sir Reedman once said that he didn’t have the a.s.surance of taking on Sir Blakeman’s Dark Blue Moonblade head on and had no other choice but to dodge.

‘This is too troublesome. Sir Balakra specifically mentioned Sir Mafa before, and he mentioned him twice, even giving him a higher a.s.sessment than that monster Santon. He was even likened to the 2nd Santon of the Merlin Family.

‘Sir Balakra would definitely go into a rage if he was killed by Sir Blakeman here.’

As he recalled that matter, Labard became unable to sit still. They had so many Heaven Rank powerhouses here, even Reedman who was as strong as Blakeman was here. They would definitely not have a good time if they let Lin Yun die here.

Labard rushed out of the Mage Tower. The other Heaven Rank powerhouses also thought of this and rushed out of the Mage Tower with no regards for the intense destructive energy fluctuations. They had to come out and intervene to save Lin Yun.

“I hope Sir Reedman will be fast enough and gain some time or this might become really troublesome…”

Labard sighed with a bitter expression as he followed the group of mages into the chaotic energy fluctuations with a Fusion s.h.i.+eld.

And over there, the flame-shaped Reedman still couldn’t catch up to that Dark Blue Moonblade. Seeing as he couldn’t catch up to that Dark Blue Moonblade, Reedman’s heart sank.

‘I can’t catch up! Idiot Blakeman! What h.e.l.l are you doing! d.a.m.n, could it be that you want me to say in my report that you used the Dark Blue Moonblade which could instantly get rid of a 1st Rank Heaven powerhouse and could even kill more than half of the 2nd Rank Heaven powerhouses, against a 9th Rank Archmage?’

Reedman turned into a red ray of light that chased relentlessly. But his speed couldn’t compare to the Dark Blue Moonblade.

‘It’s over, it’s really over now, even I would use a huge amount of power to resist Blakeman’s Dark Blue Moonblade, and three in a row might even kill me. Sir Mafa still doesn’t have Extraordinary Power, how could he resist?

‘A genius finally appeared in our Family, a talented child even stronger than that monster Santon, but he is about to be killed by a member of the family, he is about to be killed by that fool Blakeman. d.a.m.nit…

‘Has fate given up on our Merlin Family?’

Reedman thoroughly despaired. In this kind of battle, when facing this kind of attack, dodging was almost impossible. Mostly because dodging might make them die faster. They might expose even more flaws while they dodged. And dodging while being locked on by this kind of power was simply courting death.

Reedman was thoroughly despairing. He didn’t think that Lin Yun could survive, he only kept going because he was hoping for a miracle.

But then, Reedman saw a strange black Wind Blade, formed with law runes, rapidly fly out. A spatial crack as thin as a hair was attached to the edge of the Wind Blade.

As the Wind Blade rapidly flew out, the surrounding s.p.a.ce seemed to have been frozen. The Wind Blade tore through s.p.a.ce like a hot knife cutting through b.u.t.ter, and left spatial tears behind.

But Reedman knew that there was a spatial tear at the edge of the Wind Blade, and that it was continuously tearing the s.p.a.ce apart.

As this seemingly not-so special Wind Blade appeared, Reedman saw that a storm seemed to be set off behind it. The vibrating ripples transformed into waves that spread out from behind this Wind Blade.

It was as if the Wind Blade was dragging the s.p.a.ce behind it and suppressing it together.

“Eh, d.a.m.n, what is that, spatial tear, spatial shake, d.a.m.n, what is that thing. Heavens…”

Reedman’s silhouette suddenly flashed out of the red ray and looked at that pitch-black Wind Blade clas.h.i.+ng with the Dark Blue Moonblade with a shocked expression.

Then, Reedman immediately fled without even thinking about it. He was a bit too close to the point of impact.

The pitch-black Wind Blade and the Dark Blue Moonblade’s collision felt like the clash of two sharp weapons. The pitch-black Wind Blade was formed when slicing power was condensed to the extreme.

As for the Dark Blue Moonblade, it was formed when countless small lightning bolts were condensed to the extreme, forming a dark blue crescent moon blade. It was also a form of power condensed to its peak.

After the two powers collided, a head-sized s.p.a.ce in the very center collapsed into pieces. Then, the spatial ripples spread towards the surroundings.

When faced with this kind of power, all other kinds of power lost their effects. These seemingly slow spatial shockwaves were expanding like a transparent sphere. Wherever they swept, all destructive power was swept clean and all other powers instantly shook into pieces.

A crimson orb appeared around Reedman’s body, wrapping him inside. But after being swept by that slowly moving spatial shockwave, mana fluctuations crazily flickered on his Fusion s.h.i.+eld and countless law runes filled the surface of his Fusion s.h.i.+eld.

He was even sent flying out.

And on the other side, those Heaven Mages, that had hurriedly rushed to the battlefield to try and protect Lin Yun with their own power, suddenly paled as they saw the slowly spreading spatial shockwaves.

“d.a.m.n, spatial shockwaves?! How could there be such a d.a.m.n thing?! Hurry up and fall back…”

“Hurry up and fall back! Has Sir Blakeman gone crazy?! How much power did he use?!”

“What a monster…”


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