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Chapter 140: Spirit Storm

Translator: s.h.i.+rais.h.i.+ Editor: TheAlliance

Allen Watson slowly stood up, his face pale, his steps heavy, and doubt in his eyes.

“As you wish, High Mage Hogg. I’ll immediately leave Thousand Sails City, but that Nether Iron Vein didn’t only attract the attention of the Watson Family. You won’t always remain in Thousand Sails City.”

“Allen Watson, you should take care of yourself.” A faint smile appeared on Hogg’s face, but after saying that he, couldn’t help glancing at Lin Yun with worry.

Allen Watson’s words were clear.

‘Indeed, I am nothing in front of you, but don’t you forget that behind me is the Watson Family. Even if the Watson Family doesn’t appear, other forces might come forward. Unless you, Hogg, remain in Thousand Sails City at all times, I’ll find an opportunity sooner or later.’

At that time, it would be very difficult for a Great Mage to be able to keep hold of a Nether Iron Vein.

Hogg was indeed worried.

If they had a normal relations.h.i.+p, then Hogg’s actions would be considered extremely benevolent. In order to help Lin Yun, he hadn’t even hesitated to offend a major force like the Watson Family. Just this was enough to be considered a huge favor from Hogg. Not to mention, Hogg could wash his hands of this afterwards and leave, allowing the Watson Family could look for another way to make a move. The Great Mage wouldn’t be able to keep his Nether Iron Vein and none of it would have anything to do with Hogg.

The problem was that he didn’t have a simple relations.h.i.+p with this young Great Mage.

He was someone that could become the disciple of an Archmage whenever he wanted.

There was not enough time to curry favor with that person, so how could he afford to do anything that would arouse dislike?

Thus, when Allen said this, Hogg clenched his teeth. If it seemed that the situation wasn’t good, then Hogg would straightforwardly request for Jouyi to let him stay in Thousand Sails City for the long term. In any case, as long as he was able to form a decent relations.h.i.+p with this young Great Mage, he wouldn’t have to worry about his future.

Not to mention the fact that that the three Archmages would remember his help, even this Great Mage would bring him boundless benefits. After all, that young Great Mage’s knowledge of magic could only be described as terrifying. If he could get his help, Hogg might be able to become successful in Thousand Sails City and reach the Archmage realm.

“Merlin…” With this in mind, Hogg opened his mouth, wanting to take advantage of Allen Watson having yet to leave to straightforwardly announce his decision to remain behind and completely shut down the Watson Family’s intentions.

But he hadn’t expected Lin Yun to slowly stand up.

“High Mage Allen Watson, didn’t Raven tell you that I’m not one to suffer a loss?”

“What?” Allen was stumped. He then remembered that when Raven came back, he did tell him that this young Great Mage was very petty. When Raven chose to leave, that young Great Mage still didn’t agree to let him go before Raven received a Flame Imprint in return.

At the time, that young Great Mage seemed unwilling to take any sort of loss.

‘Then what does that mean now? Could it be that because I used a Spirit Impact on William, he wants also to also return one to me?’

The thought was so amusing that Allen couldn’t stop himself from chuckling.

This young Great mage was very interesting.

‘He wants to deal with a High Mage as a Great Mage? The ignorant know no fear. A mere Great Mage challenging a High Mage in vain! How cute.’

Allen truly felt that the other side would have already died ten times over if not for Hogg’s presence. He wouldn’t have had the chance to say such ridiculous things then.

Allen shook his head, and with a mocking expression, he said, “Great Mage Merlin, no one likes to take a loss, it only depends on your strength.”

“Is that so?” Lin Yun smiled as he glanced at Allen.

Right, just a glance!

But with that glance, fierce mana fluctuations rose up. It was like a storm had filled the reception room. It was the same Spirit Impact, but its momentum was far superior to Allen’s. No, this already couldn’t be described as a Spirit Impact, this was simply a Spirit Storm.

The Watson Family’s six Great Mages’ let out some blood-curdling screeches as blood flowed from the corners of their mouths. Although Faleau and William were outside of the range of the Spirit Storm, they also showed frightened expressions.

As for Allen Watson…

Just as Lin Yun released his Spirit Storm, he landed on the wall with a “bang”.

“You…” Allen struggled up with difficulty, his face pale as a sheet of paper. His lifeless eyes were filled with fear. He pointed at Lin Yun, wanting to say something, but before he could say anything, he stopped, his finger already trembling fiercely.

Allen had been at the center of the Spirit Storm. Of all the people in the Spirit Storm, Allen could feel it the most, he could feel how powerful that storm was.

This time, Allen Watson found out…

This young Great Mage that he hadn’t paid much attention to was actually far more powerful than he’d imagined. Allen Watson could feel endless power surging out the instant the Spirit Storm was released. He couldn’t fight it, he couldn’t resist. And in contrast, his Spirit Impact from earlier was just as ridiculous as a child’s toy.

It could be said that as long as the young Great Mage wanted, he could turn him in an idiot even if he chose not to kill him.

This was power far above his own rank.

Allen sat on the ground and thought for a long time, but he couldn’t understand. How could this person be a Great Mage?

No wonder he dared to reject him, rejecting the entire Watson Family…

Allen Watson finally understood. Hogg’s arrival hadn’t saved that young Great Mage, it actually saved himself. If Hogg had been ten seconds later, Allen might have truly cast his spell… And he would have ended up as a corpse.

The might of Lin Yun’s Spirit Storm was too terrible, almost instantly destroying Allen’s self-confidence. This High Mage who had been aloof ever since he entered the Gilded Rose finally understood that the young Great Mage that he’ thought he could kill anytime was actually a frightening existence that could kill him anytime.

“Ha… Ha… Unexpected… Truly unexpected…” Facing the huge difference, Allen let out an unpleasant, sorrowful laugh while using his hands to support himself against the wall. Along with the six limping Great Mages and a dazed High Mage, he hobbled out of the Gilded Rose.

Lin Yun smiled, but didn’t reach out to stop them.

This wasn’t Lin Yun being soft-hearted…

His heart had already turned stone cold after spending more than twenty years at the end of the magic era. It could be said that as long as he could reach his goal, Lin Yun wouldn’t hesitate to start a slaughter. One thousand people, ten thousand people, that wouldn’t make Lin Yun feel any guilt at all.

But at the same time, Lin Yun wouldn’t make a move if it was meaningless.

Now, for example, he had already destroyed Allen Watson’s self-confidence. Even if he returned to the Watson Family, he would forever remain a 1st Rank High Mage. Why would Lin Yun need to do anything more?

Moreover, Allen Watson was a member of the Watson Family, one of the major forces of Okland. He had no plan to fight a major force to the bitter end just in order to satisfy some killing intent.

In any case, he could be described as practical and utilitarian. That’s how he had survived during harsh those times.

“Merlin, this is the Magic Tool that Sir Jouyi had me deliver.” After Allen left, Hogg thought no further about the Watson Family as he took out a sealed magic box with a smile on his face. This was the most common storage method used by mages and alchemists. An alchemy array was carved on the magic box. It was used to stop mana fluctuations from spreading and mana from scattering. Such boxes were usually used for very expensive alchemy items and magic materials.

Icy mana fluctuations spread when the magic box opened, making the room feel frigid. Lin Yun took a deep breath and reached out toward the box in Hogg’s hands. Within the magic box was a black ring. The ring didn’t have any gem embedded within… Only a strange symbol.

Even Lin Yun hadn’t seen the symbol before. It didn’t make any sense, but when it touched Lin Yun’s hand, it felt as if the symbol had come alive, constantly releasing stifling mana fluctuations. Lin Yun even felt that these fluctuations carried the feeling of hunger.

Lin Yun knew that this was the power of the True Spirit Magic Tool.

Although the Magic Tool Incarnation wasn’t present, the True Spirit Magic Tool itself was already an existence that possessed life of sorts. The feeling of hunger truly came from the True Spirit Magic Tool, this was the Black Death Rune’s thirst for Soul Fire.

“Thanks, High Mage Hogg.”

“Merlin, you are too polite…” Hogg didn’t dare to accept his thanks easily and promptly humbled himself. He then anxiously asked, “Oh right, Merlin, the Watson Family most likely won’t give up so easily, so how about I remain in Thousand Sails City for a while?”


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