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Chapter 1224 – Olga Marie Animusphere

Though the order of things had been skewed due to doc.u.ments provided by Marisbury, Vahn found himself alone with Olga after a series of long discussions about how the children would be cared for. It was decided that all of the children would receive at least a basic education and, as they may be involved with the Court in the future, they would also be taught things like etiquette, manners, and dance. Other than that, they were free to live their lives how they pleased, so long as they did not endanger themselves and others.

The only exceptions to this were Juliet and Alex, the latter needing a bit of discipline to guide him back on the correct path while the former needed to be treated with special care. Not only was she the youngest amongst the girls, but her trauma seemed to be especially deep. She was responsive to questions and did what was asked of her but, much like how Preasia had been in the past, it was as if her body was on auto-pilot.

For the time being, Juliet would be attended by a group of six Homunculi on rotation, making sure there was always at least one person nearby while her Companion covered any gaps. As for girls like Zoë and Astrid, they were a lot easier to deal with as the former simply desired freedom, something that wasn’t difficult to arrange, while the latter seemed content just to have a few extra Companions. Though they weren’t the ‘animals’ she had wished for, this didn’t seem to matter too much as, after laying eyes on them the first time, Astrid was quite taken with the adorable and fluffy creatures.

With the Empire about to enter a period of rapid change, followed by a temporary lull, it was a good time for the children to have arrived in Avalon. Vahn was hoping that, by the time his children were born, they would already be well on their way to recovery. It only took them realizing that the castle was a safe place for them to begin opening up and, with the care and concern of a veritable army of Homunculi, Vahn was confident they would bounce back and find happiness.

Now, there was one last loose string Vahn needed to deal with as, for the most part, the care of the children would be left to others. After all, he was the Emperor and, though he would care for them when necessary, having direct involvement in their growth would lead to complications. Thus, while they were getting settled in, Vahn was tending to Olga. She had taken quite an impact after learning what had happened to the children but, as their fate was out of her hands, Vahn was trying to cheer her up.

At first, Olga had been too distracted to think clearly but, after a few minutes of being alone with him, her awareness of the situation returned. She now sat at his side with a red face, gripping the hem of her dress in silence. He had previously been coaxing her and explaining that it was neither her nor her father’s, fault. Rather than beating herself up over something she had no control over, he wanted her to look toward the future by focusing on the present.

Having grown accustomed to listening to his advice, it wasn’t that long before Olga began focusing on her current situation. Her memories from the lunch discussion hit her like a loaded truck and, now that there was virtually nothing standing between her and Vahn, she was both scared and excited for what was to come. Despite this, Vahn just kept holding her hand, gently stroking it with his thumb as he remained just as silent as her. This made Olga progressively more nervous as, with the silence, she could hear her own heart beating furiously in her ears.

Feeling that the tensions had increased enough, as he didn’t want Olga to pa.s.s out on him, Vahn let go of her hand, startling her a bit as he lifted her chin so that their eyes met. Then, after a few tense seconds, Olga began to close her eyes as she pursed her lips in an awkward, albeit adorable, fas.h.i.+on. Since he didn’t want to torment her, Vahn dutifully gave her a kiss and, as time pa.s.sed, Olga slowly s.h.i.+fted her body until she was no longer sitting next to, but leaning against, him. Vahn also hugged her waist with his left hand, allowing Olga to go at her own pace so that she didn’t get spooked by any of his actions.

With Olga having no experience leading others, despite her rampant delusions, things developed in a rather interesting direction where Vahn had his head craned back, forcing Olga to slowly climb his body as she chased after his lips. Now, she was half standing on the sofa, kissing him from above as she held his head in place to keep him from ‘running’ further. This was rather amusing but, with her b.u.t.t poking out, Vahn ultimately lost his patience, giving her plump posterior a gentle squeeze that caused her to nearly knee him in the face when she jerked her body.

Now redder than he had ever seen her before, Vahn smiled at the heavily panting Olga, asking, “You really enjoy kissing, don’t you~?” Since they had already been making out for over twenty minutes, his words seemed to deal critical damage to Olga as she squatted down on the sofa, hands covering her face as she released a girlish squeal. Afterward, staring through the gaps between her fingers, she answered, “I don’t know what else I should do…this is all new to me…aren’t you supposed to be the one to take the lead…?”

Hearing the blaming tone in her final few words, Vahn just smiled back at Olga before reaching out to stroke her head as he said, “Sorry, Olga. I was enjoying your reactions. You were doing well and I shouldn’t have teased you…”

Having mixed in a compliment alongside his apology, it wasn’t long before Olga dropped her hands, releasing a hot sigh as she leaned against him once again and said, “It’s not like I’m blaming you or anything…you don’t have to apologize.” Then, after swallowing hard, she seemed to have mustered up her courage as she added, “You can just tell me what to do…okay?”

Though he knew Olga was just fis.h.i.+ng for more praise, this was one of the things he found charming about her, at least after getting used to her quirky nature. Thus, for the better part of an hour, Vahn taught Olga quite a bit, building up her experience and courage further through proper guidance and ample praise. Eventually, even without him telling her what to do, she began experimenting on her own, most of her fear having been forgotten due to the mixture of euphoria, intrigue, and a fair amount of pleasure.

While it wasn’t the most stimulating experience he had gone through, there was something about seeing an intellectual woman work hard to please you that brought a smile to his face. There was even a moment when she was talking to herself while kneeling between his knees, apparently going through some kind of step-by-step process she had learned through dubious sources. Though her efforts would have been fruitless in a normal situation, Vahn rewarded her by giving the ‘expected’ reaction, causing Olga’s eyes to widen before she began to panic in a futile attempt to stymy the flow with her hands and mouth.

After that rather unique experience, Vahn helped to wipe her down before giving her a very long and deep kiss. Then, as it was only fair to do so, he returned the favor in kind, causing Olga to nearly tear a few holes in the sofa as her fingers dug into the material. This was all she could manage as, with Vahn holding her h.i.p.s in his inescapable grip, she was fated to ride the waves until he felt her body was properly prepared. By then, Olga’s body had become limp against the sofa and, with eyes that could see into eternity, she m.o.a.ned for the umpteenth time, “Thaa.s.s enough…haafuuu…staaaahp~”

Using a hand towel to wipe his face, Vahn gazed back at Olga, causing her glazed eyes to turn in his direction, looking both at and beyond him. He smiled back at her before lightly pressing his finger against the slightly puffy mound, causing Olga to instantly release a nasally m.o.a.n before adopting a pouting expression. This was only for a brief moment, however, as he picked her body up in the next moment, carrying her like a princess toward her bed. Though it would have been better to move to her room, Olga spent most of her time in the Magus Tower and, knowing some of the things she had done in his absence, Vahn didn’t feel guilty about making use of the small yet comfortable bed.

By the time he set her down on the bed, a bit of clarity had returned to Olga’s eyes, causing her to bite her lip anxiously as her legs instinctually remained shut. Vahn knew better than to rush things so, rather than pressure her unnecessarily, he just sat down next to her before leaning down and giving her a kiss. It wasn’t until she began to relax her body, largely due to his persistent stroking of her abdomen, that he sn.a.k.e.d his hand between her already steamy and moist thighs. This caused her to tense up again but, as he kept her mind distracted, it wasn’t long before Olga’s legs were splayed apart like a frog on a dissection table, her h.i.p.s moving with his movements…

Due to the extended foreplay, Olga’s body was more than ready to receive him so, after she arched her back one last time, Vahn deftly moved to a position where her thighs were propped up against his. This allowed him to look down at her indescribably beautiful figure, her body deep in the throes of pa.s.sion as she stared back at him with her glazed golden eyes. With well-shaped b.r.e.a.s.ts, parted lips, and a veritable furnace awaiting his intrusion, Vahn couldn’t help but whisper in a hot and heavy tone, “Breathtaking…”

Despite the state she was in, Olga managed to roll her eyes when she heard his remark but, with an almost goofy smile on her face, it was clear she appreciated the compliment. Then, after settling her breathing, she looked back at him and said, “I’m ready…” Though she was momentarily tempted to ask him to be gentle, Olga felt that Vahn had already shown more than the appropriate amount of consideration for her. Thus, even if she was a little scared of the pain, Olga was looking forward to the moment more than anything else.

Not keeping her waiting any longer, Vahn lubricated his glans, tracing it along her slightly parted v.u.l.v.a and running it pa.s.sed her c.l.i.t.o.r.i.s which, nearly an hour prior, had come out to play. This action caused Olga’s body to tremble but, now ready to explore the uncharted depths of her sacred cavern, Vahn pulled back his h.i.p.s, this time using his glans to probe into the steaming folds before settling at a tender and palpitating entrance. For a brief moment, Vahn felt like her v.a.g.i.n.a was suckling his glans, much like she had been earlier, but he ignored the wayward thought as his dauntless charge into unclaimed territory began.

Though there was certainly a twinge of pain, Olga was surprised by the ease in which Vahn pierced into her body, despite her eyes rolling back for a brief moment as the air escaped her lungs. She had seen it up close previously and, no matter how she thought about it, the idea of such a large object entering her relatively small insides seemed impossible. In the past, even a single finger caused her a bit of pain so, feeling something unbelievably hot poking at her deepest parts was quite a shock for the young Magus.

Seeing the shock and confused intermixed in Olga’s pleasured expression, Vahn had an urge to issue a light chuckle but, considering the situation, he resisted. Instead, to give her body time to adapt, he began to thumb the tiny bead that seemed to be begging for his attention while lightly stroking the tuft of curiously white hairs decorating her mons pubis. Though the majority of women he slept with seemed to take grooming very seriously, he found the tuft of delicate, down-like, hairs to increase Olga’s charm. Generally, even if a woman had a lighter hair color, their would be dark brown or black so finding the tiny mound of white hairs was a pleasant surprise…

After recovering her senses, Olga began to feel an ache in her body that made her feel extremely anxious so, with Vahn not moving, she began to wiggle her h.i.p.s experimentally. Immediately after that, she felt a warmth pressed against her that caused her eyes to peel open as Vahn embraced her body and began a slow and steady piston. Each of his movements caused a s.h.i.+ver to run up her back as she clung to his body by instinct. Though she had the feeling that Vahn was literally gouging out her insides, Olga didn’t care about such things at the present moment as, with the ache fading away, an overwhelming wave of pleasure began to run through her body.

Since it was her first time, Vahn didn’t push Olga too far as, in the back of his mind, he was still a little worried she would become an addict. He already had to worry about the aftermath of Luvia’s lockpicking so, this time around, he placed more emphasis on foreplay and other intimate actions, rather than the s.e.x itself. This seemed to be the correct choice in the end as, by the time he had released himself inside of her, Olga was already nearing her limits.

Now, though her body was covered in a layer of sweat, Olga was curled up in his arms as they shared the small bed together. She was still breathing heavily but, rather than panting, Olga was drawing in air through her nose in a pattern indicating she had already fallen asleep. Since she had a happy smile on her face, Vahn couldn’t help but emulate her as he absentmindedly watched her sleep, periodically picking aside a few stray hairs clinging to her brow. Then, though his own body was still a little tense, Vahn just kissed Olga’s forehead before wrapping her in his arms and going to sleep himself…

(A/N: Short chapter because writing s.e.x scenes makes my brain melt xD…’)

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