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Age 1991

“Whoops. Sorry for crashing into you.” Hero laughed scratching the back of his head in a sheepish manner. 

The girl continued to look at him as her eyes slowly widened. “…Seraphin…”

Hero felt his eyes widen slightly as the girl stared down at him. ‘How does everyone seem to know what that is now!’ He thought with a small huff ‘Seriously! I was left out of the loop for sixteen years then once I find out what it’s called everyone seems to know! How is this fair!’ He jumped up to his feet and quickly dusted off his blue pants. “Well sorry again-“

“Where are you going!” The girl asked with a tiny bit of hostility flenching when she saw Hero move. 

“I’m leaving? Is that a problem?”

“Why are you here! You shouldn’t be outside of the boat!” 

“Boat?” Hero frowned staring down at her. His nose twitched slightly as he began to smell a familiar scent. “You smell like Eins?”

“You? You smell Eins on me?” The girl asked weirded out by him now. “Where did you get that outfit? Did you still them?”

“No their mine! You seem to think I’m part of some group? I’m not. The only group I’m a part of is the Enforcers!”

“Enforcers!” The girl sounded even more alarmed now as she jumped back a few feet. A small trickle of pink flames began to rise off of her as she held her arms up. “You’re an enemy then!”

“What?” Hero shook his head as his hand came out karate chopping the girl over the head. “Don’t be stupid. Wait? Are you part of the Organization?”

“Organi what now? Organization? That’s stupid group name.”

“I’ll take that as a no…”

Hero and the girl stared at each other both considering what they should do with the other one. They both stared at each other up and down for a moment.

“I’m Licht.” The girl finally said. “Daughter of Eins.”

“He has a daughter? Wait… You’re like fourteen, and he’s only in his twenties- Eww…” 

“Adopted Daughter of Eins…”

“Oh. That makes sense. Uhh. I’m Hero Otoko! Adoptive Grandson of Okami Otoko!”

“Never heard of him.”

“That’s a relief. People treat me differently when they find out I’m his grandson. His name alone almost made me a Squad One member.” Hero shrugged slightly still looking down at the girl. “So? What’s up with you?”


“You don’t smell human? What are you? No white hair or silver eyes so you aren’t a Seraphin? I’ve never smelled anyone like you.”’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Well. If you must know. I’m a Cherubim.”

“Never heard of that?”

“Not surprised. We’re new. Only three of us exist, me and my two siblings.” folded her arms slightly looking uncomfortable. “We were made by that creepy scientist guy… Doctor Hyde…”

“Of course he’s behind this…” Hero sighed shaking his head. “So what’s your deal? Can you heal? Multiple abilities. G.o.dlike stamina?”

“More like G.o.dlike attack potency.”


“Desatraillar. The Ultimate Unleashed power of an Attribute.” held her hand up as a small ball of pink flame formed on her fingers. “Seraphin is making someone with three Attributes in an attempt to make a homemade super Attribute. It uses the power of Monsterfication to power up themselves. Project Cherubim, uses another power. The Power of Asura. The UltrAttribute of some dead Squad Six Captain or something. Cherubim doesn’t worry about turning into a monster. Rather it is all about powering up their one Attribute. It focuses on a single power-boosting it to the state of being an UltrAttribute. Due to the intense power though we need to be careful otherwise we could accidentally wipe out a city…”

“That… Sounds illegal.” Hero said nodding. “Why the h.e.l.l does Doctor Hyde keep making these busted powers…”

“Probably.” shrugged. “Doctor Hyde doesn’t really care either way. And I’m rarely allowed outside of the boat. I’m only allowed out for three hours, every month.”

“That sounds awful.”

“Isn’t that normal for us?” questioned. “To stop us from hurting anyone? Because of how dangerous our powers are?”

“No? The Enforcers give me lots of walkies, and plenty of baths, and treats.” Hero said nodding. “It’s pretty cool.” 

“That… That sounds amazing. Wait so you can run around whenever you want?”


“And no one cares that you aren’t human.”






“I’ll admit… I’m kind of jealous of you.” said with a frown. “I’m not allowed to do that-“

“Wait.” Hero placed a hand on the girls head. “Serious time. So you know where Doctor Hyde is?”

“He’s in our lab. Him and Eins have teamed up to make us. So we can slay the Kings.” 

“What? Ahh, it’s not important. So tell me. Have you seen a girl with silver hair and silver eyes?” Hero asked. 

“Maybe once? I think I remember her? She isn’t kept at our lab though. I would have seen her more than once if she was.”

“d.a.m.n. Can you take me to your lab?”


“I need to talk to that a.s.shole Doctor Hyde! I need to question them.” Her announced. “It’s super important!”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. If you just strolled in… They don’t really like strangers… And Eins could…”

“I don’t care.” Hero said shaking his head. “I can handle myself. Besides. It sounds like your situation isn’t very good either. I’m an Enforcer. Getting into trouble, and b.u.t.ting in, is kind of my job.” Hero clenched his fist as he gave her a small smile. “Please?”’s cheeks lit up slightly as she moved his hand off of her head. “Whatever… I’ll take you to the lab I guess… But it isn’t because I need your help to save me or anything okay!” She stated puffing her cheeks out.

Hero let out a small laugh. “You remind me of my friend Ken. You’re her size as well.”

“Are you calling me short!”

“Definitely Ken.” Hero let out a small sigh as he smiled again. “Thanks though.” His tone grew serious as his smile became kinder. “Doctor Hyde. I’ve been looking for him ever since my memories came back. And that Eins guy. He smelled of Doctor Hyde. Those two have been near each other often. If I can just talk to him…” moved away from him as her from grew heavier. “Geez… Whatever. It’s not like I care or anything.”

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to ramble about myself.” Hero laughed slightly. “It looks like I got it lucky compared to you. I was left with my Grandfather, but you had to stay with the vile man… I promise. He’s gonna be arrested and sent straight to Nightshade!” stared at the strange boy for a few seconds. “An Enforcer saving me… That’s rich. As if. I know how you guys work… Besides. Don’t think it life was so had. I had Kaen. And Fenix, to keep me company. They’re my older siblings. The three of us are the Cherubim… Only we survived the experiments.”

“And just like that, its interest went from a nine to a ten. How many kids were put under these experiments.”

“I don’t know… A lot… I… I never asked. Felix and Kaen… They tried to get help and they got into big trouble… They aren’t allowed out now… If not for Fenix’s power I think they would have died. I never… I never tried to get help for any of us… That’s why I don’t think you should go… But! But it’s not because I’m scared for myself or anything! I’m just scared at what they’ll do to you!”

Hero nodded. “I get it. Fear I mean. It’s rid. I’m gonna save you. And after that, I’ll save your siblings. Then I’ll save Ava.”

“G… Geez… Spouting off about saving me.” The girlblet out a huff as she turned away from him still embarra.s.sed. “You’re such an idiot… Whatever… Fine. I’ll take you to the stupid lab… But… But only because I want to help you okay! I’m doing this for you. Not for me. I don’t need help.”

Hero smiled again giving the girl a nod. “Thank you.”



The city suddenly shook as a ball of heat pierced up towards the sky and screams rang out.

Hero’s eyes went wide as he looked up seeing a hill of flames. Flames and ice.

“Not again.”


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