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Chapter 1131: That’s Quite The Peculiar Ma.s.sage!

[Day 439]

Today’s morning began with a delicious ma.s.sage session! Indeed, when I woke up, I felt like my divine body was sore, and my wives offered to ma.s.sage it for me.

They used essential oils extracted from fruits of their divine realms, as they began to ma.s.sage my nude body with their hands, they all wanted to do it, but I told them to not only do it three per turn, the turns were around twenty minutes each.

“Hmm~ Does it hurt here, dearie?” asked Nesiphae, as her big yet delicate hands squeezed by back with the oil, it was a bliss.

“Hahh… R-Right there…”

“We must also squeeze these beautiful legs…” said Zehe, using the oil to gently ma.s.sage my legs, and all the muscles on them. She also gave me a foot ma.s.sage.

“Guuu… Masta has a big b.u.t.t…”

Rimuru squeezed by b.u.t.t.

“Oi! That’s a ma.s.sage?” I asked.

“O-Of course guu! Don’t be insolent with the one giving you a ma.s.sage, masta!” said Rimuru, as she slapped my a.s.s.


It was giggly.

“Fuehehe… Cute…” she said.

I think Rimuru has developed some sort of love for my b.u.t.t.

After being covered in oil and being ma.s.saged by everyone while I also ma.s.saged those waiting for their turn using other bodies, we went to take a bath and take out all the oil in our bodies, and on the way, we ended having a little orgy in the bathroom, nothing too out of the ordinary there. It always happens, eventually.


However, Bubu greeted us today in the breakfast. It was a cute little cat-sized caterpillar with purple and pink colors. It was playing around the table and eating things with its long and sticky tongue. The creature was jumping around cutely.

“This caterpillar is really a handful, I wonder if that’s how Masta looked like, guu…” said Rimuru.

“Not really, I was smaller and green.” I said.

“How smaller? Like the size of a fist, an apple, or something else?” asked Zehe.

“Erm, I don’t know! But I was small enough to get inside little crevices.” I said.

“Hmm… Well, you were indeed very small then! I can’t believe it, now you’re so strong but you used to be a tiny caterpillar?” asked Nesiphae teasingly.

“I’ve already told you multiple times! And I do remember you girls understanding and growing interested, now you’re going to tease for my humble beginnings?” I asked sorrowfully.

“Bubuuu…” Bubu approached me and caressed my hand with his little head.

“Fufu, no, I am just surprised how far you’ve reached, dear. That’s all. Actually, I remember you as a b.u.t.terfly so you’re my little b.u.t.terfly.” Said Nesiphae.

“Oooh, that one, you don’t use it often.” I said.

“Fufu, I can always call you my little b.u.t.terfly if you want to then,” said Nesiphae, as she petted my head with her big hands.

“Brings me back… I used to really be a perverted b.u.t.terfly. Back then, I was very startled with your mother’s s.e.xy body, Amiphossia.” I said.

“Eh?! Why are you telling me this?” asked Amiphossia.

“Its just the story of how we met.” Said Nesiphae while nodding.

“Aahh, I remember guu! Nesiphae was trapped in the swamp and all, and Masta used magic to bring her out without risking her dry skin to damage her from the sunlight.” Said Rimuru.

“Oh yeah, I was there, awoo! It was fun times; we should go into adventures together sometime.” Said Wagyu, incidentally, he was here today although he has his own busy family life too, so he can’t be for breakfast every day.

“Oh yeah, I remember when Wagyu was way smaller than now! Like, you were just a puppy!” said Nesiphae, as she caressed the wolf.

“P-Puppy?! I was still rather big!” said Wagyu, he waved his tail as he was caressed.

“Well he was red furred, I remember…” said Rimuru.

“A-Anyways, let’s not go into things that might put our wolf uncomfortable.” I said.

“Thank you master, it makes me embarra.s.sed when I end up being the center of attention.” Said Wagyu. He was a ma.s.sive three-headed demonic wolf great G.o.d, so of course he brings a lot of attention…

“I wonder if Bubu can become a b.u.t.terfly.” Said Kjata.

“Oh? Like make a coc.o.o.n?” asked Nereid.

“It could do… Honestly I don’t know, the description said that Bubu was born as a caterpillar and imprisoned as one. As a caterpillar he was already almost leveling his entire Universe and all the old existences there had to gang on him and imprison him. When I summoned him, I pretty much freed him, but this also ended weakening him to my level of power.” I said.

“A-As strong as a universe?!” asked Sofelaia.

“I see. Our Maxima Summons are not as powerful in such regard. Also, I am fairly sure no other person has gotten a Chaos Caterpillar, so Bubu was the only one of its kind…” said Sofarpia.

“Interesting…” said Sofelaia.


Bubu didn’t seem to know what we were talking about.

“So this means that it can keep growing stronger? Maybe if he grows stronger than Universe-level, he can become a Coc.o.o.n and then a b.u.t.terfly!” said Vudia while flapping her wings.

“Hm… Would it become a small Kireina after a b.u.t.terfly? A cute little fairy like Vudia-chan…” said Brontes, imagining some interesting things.

I looked at Bubu, I couldn’t really imagine him like this. He might be perma-locked into a Caterpillar for G.o.d knows how long, I don’t know.

Maybe he could? I mean, he’s evolving in power as I grow stronger, our progression is apparently shared somehow, so I don’t think it is too doubtful for him to grow stronger this way, but I don’t know what else could he become. Perhaps something truly frightening, a being of darkness and chaos and- Ah, never mind, he fell asleep.

“He’s cute…” said Kjata, her little hand caressed Bubu’s soft exterior. Caterpillars usually have a soft body and not really a hard exoskeleton like the one b.u.t.terflies develop.

We continued our leisure slow life for today, as I planned to do big things tomorrow.


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