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Chapter 73 – Demi-Human Children Parenting Encyclopedia

[Day 48]

Today I woke up quite early in the morning, and noticed that the cooldown of my [Human Male Psyche] has finished I was able to change my s.e.x once again for three hours. I decided to save this for now, I don’t think I will be having s.e.x any time soon. My wives haven’t been in the mood and I can easily contain myself with my skills.

For example, I can even negate my entire l.u.s.t by hypnotizing myself, making my libido nonexistent. Funny for someone who is qualified as the Sin of l.u.s.t…

Anyways, I used [Mystic Eyes] and began to inspect my sleepy wives’ bodies to see if anything changed.

Inside Rimuru, the strange ma.s.s of slime on her womb area became some more centimeters bigger, having the size of around one and a half apple, it was also slowly generating a very hard Core that resembled a rainbow pearl. This was quite interesting, as Rimuru doesn’t possess a Slime Core, but our children will.

On Nesiphae, I could clearly see a tiny white egg on her belly, it was smaller than a chicken egg from Earth, but I could notice a small being growing inside.

In Gaby, I noticed two very small beings moving around her womb, they were too tiny, tinier than my former Caterpillar form, but very energetic. It seems that they will be twins…

Zehe’s also contained a small fetus, it was around the size of an ant, but it was growing quickly, I wonder if he will be a boy or a girl, I will be happy with either way.

Last but not least, Brontes also had a small pale lump of light silently resting inside her womb, it seems that it was a semi-corporeal spirit fetus. It was quite interesting, and I thought that this is probably the first time that a Spirit becomes pregnant from a Mortal.

Counting Gaby having twins, I will end up having six children!

W-Will I be able to handle all of them? Sigh, I’m starting to worry, I really need to read something about parenting and babies… Does our Library have anything?

I silently flew outside my room and browsed through the small library we had, most of the books were brought from Redgaria Library, others were brought from the Aquarian Kingdon and others were from the Monkey Emperor.

“Hmmm… Ah Here!”

The name of the book was named [Demi-Human Children Parenting], it was quite the encyclopedia, and showed different kinds of demi-human races, there were even ill.u.s.trations, I quickly browsed through the pages and found the Lamia section.

“A Lamia Children will be very energetic when born… They can eat meat right away, but its recommended to feed them eggs instead, as these are easier to digest and can be more nutritious for their growing bodies…”

I will make sure to get the highest quality eggs that my Kingdom can obtain!

I tried looking for slimes but I didn’t find anything, it seems that Slimes aren’t considered a Demi-Human race on this world, that’s quite lame.

I quickly found the Troll Section.

“Baby Trolls are usually three times bigger than a Human child, if the baby is born on a normal Human woman, the woman belly might explode from the sheer size of the baby, a Caesarean section is needed to save the woman life when the children is close to being born… Ugh, that’s terrible, thankfully Zehe is an Asura, so she’s even bigger than a normal Troll… Wait, will her children be an Asura or a Troll?”

I tried to look for Asura children, but there wasn’t anything at all. It seems to be a very rare race or even long forgotten, probably extinct.

There wasn’t anything for Spirit Children but there was for Cyclops.

“Baby Cyclops are blind when being born, as they need to develop its eye while growing up… Due to being blind, they need their parent’s support all the time. Some children have been reported to be born with functional eyes right away, but it’s very rare… Baby Cyclops possesses a ferocious appet.i.te and herculean strength, so they need to be taken care of all the time if you don’t want them to eat everything on your storage and destroy your entire house…”

Whenever I’m not present, I’ll make sure to leave tons of flesh and slime minions taking care of it.

Lastly, I found another book especially showing different kinds of merfolk and even mixed races, this book was originally from the Aquarian Kingdom, so it’s full of their knowledge and experience.

I wonder that what if Gaby’s twins end up being of an ancient lineage that has been on her family tree? Or if they end up being mixed with some genes that I a.s.similated. So, I ended up browsing almost every type of Shark Related merfolk baby.

Although most of the descriptions varied, every variant had something terrifying without exception…

“If more than one Baby Sharkmaid is on the same womb when they reach a certain size, the biggest and strongest one will predate on the weakest, this usually cannot be stopped as they are too young to be taken outside of their mother’s womb yet, so a Sharkmaid mother must always be prepared to accept the death of their children…”


“There’s no way I’m letting that happen! I’ll make sure to use every magic and tool in my disposition so both of them don’t predate each other!”

I decided to leave several small slime minions around Gaby’s, they will constantly monitor the children using [Mystic Eyes] and will alert me of an anomaly on the two growing babies.

“Phew… Having Monster Children is really something else completely, you can’t even compare this to being a parent in Earth”

I saved all the books I found that had some information and saved them on my Item Box. I quickly went to my room and had a nice bath with my wives, I ended up talking about the books I read and they all seemed interested and looked at me with admiration overtaking my time on looking for things they found unnecessary.

Most of them “naturally” knew what to do, but I still talked about what I understood and even asked them some question, it was quite the enlightening bath time




Afterward, we had a nice breakfast were Wagyu joined us alongside Herbell and Redgaria. Nesiphae was especially hungry today, eating three times what she would usually eat.

Gaby also took outside her Thunder Slime [Pet], which began to snack on her food, I noticed that it has gotten stronger and has reached quite the high affinity with Gaby, becoming very protective of her.

I wondered how it could taste, would I be able to get the skills it has if I eat it? Well, I would certainly break Gaby’s heart so I better not… But if I ever get one, I may eat it.

Anyways, after eating to my heart’s content, I was told by the Arachne Maids that two exploration teams were back from their respective dungeons. It was the Slime Family Team and the Wolf and Monkeys 2 Team.

When the entire Slime Family entered the room, they seemed different. It seems that the entire group evolved on their adventure. Their auras seemed more dense and powerful, while each one seemed to have a higher affinity over a certain element.

Milim was the first one to come rus.h.i.+ng towards me, jumping all over my body while entangling me with her slime.

“Maaaaaaaasteeeer! I missed you!”

Milim used to resemble a young flat-chested girl with pink hair, after evolving, her humanoid body seemed to have matured more. Her size was way taller and her face was more mature and refined, her horns grew larger alongside her demon tail. She evolved into a super rare variant named [Illusion Succubus Slime Empress], which was a mix between the Demon lineage and the Slime lineage. She also received a Demi-G.o.d Blessing aside from Blooia, from the Demi-G.o.ddess of Illusions and Trickery Laverna, this blessing came with her own Slime Core named [Conjuring Orb of Illusions and Trickery].

While Milim hugged and rubbed her face on mine, the rest of the family came rus.h.i.+ng and jumped over me too. Without realizing it, I found myself inside a big ball of differently colored slimes, fighting for my attention.

I noticed Ranga first, she became even taller, and her wild looks increased, she was covered on the fur on her arms and legs with some on the area of her genitals. Her hips became wider and her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were incredibly big. Her eyes became golden colored. Just like Milim, Ranga was a mix between Wolf Demi-Human and Slime. She became a [Blue Moon Werewolf Slime Empress] and was able to shapes.h.i.+ft into a powerful Wolf Form similar to Wagyu. This was thanks to her new Slime Core named [Werewolf Essence Orb], which was granted to her by the blessing of the Demon Demi-G.o.d of Wolves Fenrir.

Benimaru and s.h.i.+on were twins, however, one specialized in support magic while the other was a good physical attacker.

After evolving again, s.h.i.+on became way taller and matured more, but she still had that cute smile. Her skin was red just like her original slime form, with long dark red hair, she had two tiny horns on her forehead and was wearing a beautiful Shrine Maiden j.a.panese dress alongside a golden wand. She evolved into a [Oni Shrine Maiden Slime Princess] and specialized in healing support magic that had the fire element. Her power increased even further after obtaining a Slime Core named [Sacred Fire Princess…o…b..of Benevolence], which was granted by the blessing of the Oni Demi-G.o.d of the Sacred Fire Kagu-tsuchi.

Meanwhile, after evolving for the third time, Benimaru became taller and more muscular, but her womanly curves still showed her natural beauty, her breast became almost of ma.s.sive size, alongside two beautiful horn on her forehead. She became a [Slaughtering Flaming Oni Slime Empress] and specialized in using different weapons like Clubs and Long Swords. Due to this, she obtained a Slime Core named [Flaming Oni Empress…o…b..of Blazing Weapons], which gave her the power to summon different weapons from her orb, that will be able to evolve alongside her. She received the same Demi-G.o.d Blessing as s.h.i.+on.

After these two blazing red slime girls, there was the pale and delicate Luminous, after evolving she didn’t change much but became way stronger. Luminous resembled a beautiful young girl with blonde hair and golden eyes, she specialized in Holy and Light magic, both supportive and offensive. She was always rather shy and calm but was hugging me quite tightly. She evolved into a [Celestial Guardian Slime Princess] and increased the power of her specialization even more. This came alongside a beautiful Slime Core named [Divine Pearl Orb of Holy Light], which after activating its power, granted her with a beautiful angelic dress and wings, giving her the ability to fly on the skies with incredible speed, supporting her teammates away from danger. She was blessed by the Demi-G.o.ddess of Holy Wings Aurora.

Lastly, there was the latest addition to the Slime Family, she was purple colored Living Armor Slime, which I named Aloysius. After evolving into a [Living Cursed Armor Slime Empress], her beautiful figure became eve more alluring, if it wasn’t for her armor that covered her entire body, I would already tell how beautiful she was. Her purple skin became way lighter and her eyes became red-colored, with a cute smile. Her armor evolved alongside her and resembled an intimidating Death Knight Armor, with spiky shoulders and a helmet with demonic horns, she even had a red cape. Aloy obtained her own Slime Core named [Cursing Death Orb of Doom], which had the power to summon her armor alongside a new sword that would grow with her. She was blessed by the Demi-G.o.d of Cursed Equipment Daemis.

After the Slime Family let go of me, Milim reported the results of the dungeon.

They successfully defeated the last boss on the Ice Shrine Dungeon, a dungeon filled with a cold atmosphere and powerful monsters made of Ice. The last boss of this dungeon was the [Freezing Tundra Ice Golem Emperor], a ma.s.sive golem made of ice that packed powerful freezing spells and strength. After defeating it, they obtained several [Unique+++] Reward Gifts, obtaining new weapons for all of them.

Aside from monsters, they only found a special race of intelligent ghosts named [Yukionna] alongside [Wendigos], these semi-corporeal ghosts were amicable and welcomed the Slime Family, even giving them food. After defeating the boss of the dungeon, they rewarded them with Ice-Related equipment that these tribes of ghosts’ craft. They couldn’t come outside the dungeon because the higher temperatures of the forest would melt them away. I may go look for them in the future.

Because most of the time, the Slime Family is thinking about me, they all bought me several pieces of each monster on the dungeon, alongside some [Ice Spirit Gem] which I will devour later.

On the other side, Kekensha team also came back from the Moon Shrine Dungeon, a dungeon filled with monster that had Dark and Shadow Affinity. His team was commanded by him and two other veteran wolves; Kurimo and Jinsoku, with the rest being of rookie monkeys and wolves that recently received a name.

The final boss of this dungeon was the [Eldritch Specter of the Dark Moon], a horrible and deformed being with infinite tentacles made of pure dark magic, it extended almost infinitely and was a very tough fight for the entire team. If it wasn’t for Kekensha and his strong Light Magic and s.h.i.+elds, the team would have most likely loose.

Although no one evolved this time, everyone gained quite some levels and Kekensha was very close to evolve too. On the Reward Gifts of the boss, he obtained a majestic and intimidating Black Armor, which contrasted greatly with his golden appearance.

He told me that after consuming so many dark beings, he gained many Dark and Shadow Skills, which complemented well with his own Holy and Light Magic. I already imagined him evolving into some kind of Ying and Yang wolf that was proficient in both Dark and Light Magic. He gave tons of this dungeon monster pieces and meat, alongside [Dark Shadow Spirit Stones].

He told me that there wasn’t any spirit on this shrine either, I a.s.sumed that they probably die long ago.

Having inspected on everyone, I decided to make them spar between each other on the Training Grounds, I will also introduce the new Demi-Humans and Humans to the monsters.





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