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Chapter 752 – [Scripted Event: War Against G.o.ds] 34/?: Kiroid’s Outstanding Support!


“Through G.o.d Devour packed into your Bodysuits, any of you guys should be able to damage these G.o.ds, even if by a little, no matter how weak you are! However, I will not separate you guys, I will actually help you gang into the weakest guys first, devour them, and then get stronger, and we will repeat this process until you can fight the G.o.ds!” said Kiroid through all of the mech bodysuits, she was something akin to a super AI that was connected to all the technology Kireina had ever made!

As the Dark Moon G.o.ds roared in affirmation, the Demon G.o.ds were still rather puzzled, although only less than a minute has gone by since the disappearance of the Dark Moon G.o.ds.

“Can you see anything, Oculus? At least Agatheina should be here, this is her Divine Realm after all!” said Jozrath.

“I am trying! But somehow, there is… something that is not letting my vision go through!” said Oculus in anger!

However, out of nowhere, he sensed it!

s.p.a.ce distorted, and the Spatial Layers that he was able to see even without being a Spatial G.o.d dilated, opening portals for a group of… giant mechs to appear!

“Spatial Magic! There is a s.p.a.ce Attribute G.o.d with them!” said Oculus.

“What?! But who?! Kireina is not here, we already know that the clones she made are fighting Hephaestus and his children! There is a third one, but that one went away elsewhere… Could it be that one?!” asked Jozrath.

“It could be…! I don’t know, I cannot even see it properly, it is using an immense amount of Illusion magic to make my vision dizzy!” said Oculus.

The other Demon DemiG.o.ds who were slower at reacting glanced in surprise at the group of mechanized G.o.ds!

Although they were rather far away from them, as they had appeared near one of their peers that were particularly far away from them!

“He’s our first prey, kill him!” roared Agatheina, her giant, crimson-colored bat beast mech released a loud shriek, as a large quant.i.ty of crimson Divinity of Blood acc.u.mulated on its chest Cannon!

They were aiming at Cathtac.u.mb, the Demon DemiG.o.d of Cursed Fortresses!

However, Cathtac.u.mb was not impressed, as he was very confident in his defenses, after all, he was a gigantic fortress, a literal fortress!

He was even capable of taking hits from Jozrath, how could he possibly think that he could be defeated?

Even if he were to, his regeneration abilities were amazing, albeit his speed was very low…

“Hehe, come at me! Guys, kill them while they attack me!” laughed Cathtac.u.mb.


Suddenly an enormous cannon of crimson light fell over the giant dark fortress G.o.d, as he laughed!

“Hahaha! That was nothing- Eh?”

Cathtac.u.mb glanced at its own body, as large chunks of it began to fall apart, alongside that, a giant gaping hole was left all over his brick-based body!

“W-What?! O-Oi… This gotta be a joke! Divine Technique: Grand Divine Fortress, Super Defense, Super Resistance, Health Enlargement, Damage Reduction!” cried Cathtac.u.mb, as he infused on his own body countless defensive Skills!

Indeed, he did not have any offensive Skill!

This was because he always specialized in defense, and always was with a partner to fight, working as a living s.h.i.+eld for them!

Using the knowledge that Kiroid acquired from Agatheina when she explained some of the G.o.ds of Thanatos to Kireina, she deducted that this DemiG.o.d was the best one to kill first!

G.o.d Devourer was an evolved form of Divinity Devouring, dealing even more damage against G.o.ds, and bypa.s.sing most of their defenses to deal direct damage into their Primordial Essence, the energy that made up their very souls!

Although G.o.ds like Hephaestus knew this and were able to employ defensive techniques that protected his Primordial Essence and also healed it constantly (this is how he survived so many hits from Kireina in the Dark Steppes), these DemiG.o.ds did not know at all the details of how Divinity Devouring even worked and was left completely hopeless!

“Roaring Black Thunder Claws!!!” roared Nezhit, forced to fight against his will, he decided to go all out, his enormous mech covered his body and made him look like a fearful gigantic metallic, purple-colored dragon covered in yellow thunder.

The powerful Black Thunder Claws impacted the gigantic defenses of Cathtac.u.mb, tearing apart a large piece of its enormous body!


“UNNGRAAAAH…! W-What the… what the h.e.l.l?! Why are my defenses not working! H-Help! You useless pieces of s.h.i.+t, come help me!” cried Cathtac.u.mb, crying like a little girl despite being a frightening Demon G.o.d!

“You will be long gone before that! Divine Technique: Divine Strength, Great Draconic Palm!” roared Merveim, his gigantic black-colored mech body reached Cathtac.u.mb in an instant, as he covered his draconic claws with enormous quant.i.ties of concentrated Divine Aura, clas.h.i.+ng against the entire body of Cathtac.u.mb, tearing it apart from more and more!

However, he and Nezhit were not the only ones, as all of the G.o.ds ganged on Cathtac.u.mb like vicious monsters, they did not care about honor or whatever, they were out for blood, they wanted to survive, nothing else!

“Why is my…! Why is my soul shattering?! No way… No waaaaaayy…! UNNGRRYAAAAAHHH…!”


The Demon DemiG.o.ds rushed towards Cathtac.u.mb, but he was killed so brutally fast, that his entire body exploded into pieces before the Demon G.o.ds’ eyes!

“Gab the soul piece and eat them, quick! You should be able to do so now that you’ve fused with the mech bodysuits!” said Kiroid, as the G.o.ds quickly grabbed the pieces of the Demon G.o.d of Cursed Fortresses and disappeared through Spatial Magic before the Demon G.o.ds could reach them in time!

“Cathtac.u.mb was just killed?!”

“H-Hey, they’re way too strong, we didn’t sign for this!”

“And they have Spatial Magic! How can we fight against that?!”

“Oculus-sama, do something!”


The Demon DemiG.o.ds cried to their leaders, but Jozrath and Oculus seemed baffled!

Cathtac.u.mb had just died in front of their very eyes (many eyes for Oculus), and it was so insanely fast that they could do absolutely nothing!

The worst part was that none of the G.o.ds in here specialized in speed, and the Dark Moon G.o.ds seemed oddly speedy with those mechs!

Jozrath was good at physical fighting but his immense body was too heavy to move and react fast, Oculus was good at using curses with his eyes, but he did not have any curses to instantly stop someone from moving, and his speed was subpar even as a G.o.d!

And if these two were not good… then the other Demon DemiG.o.ds were nothing much either, after all, they were ‘fodder’ that served the Pantheon but never partic.i.p.ated in the meetings or were known for being particularly strong.

However, Thanatos had told them that by combining their strength with these soldiers and by using the large quant.i.ties of Divine Energy given, they should be capable of defeating all of the Dark Moon G.o.ds eventually, as they lacked as many resources and ‘fuel’ as them!

It seemed that Thanatos had underestimated everything quite a bit for his perfect plan!

“This is… Oculus, Thanatos wasn’t right, these guys are way too strong, and the unpredictability of Spatial Magic is something we were not prepared for!” said Jozrath.

“I know you brute! Let me prepare my curses and then I can-“

However, right before Oculus could finish his sentence, not even a minute has pa.s.sed since the group of Dark Moon G.o.ds disappeared, but they were already back at it, appearing right behind another Demon DemiG.o.d who was particularly far away from the main group due to his shock and fear!

Their next prey was the beautiful angelic maiden, Gratelqueth, Demon DemiG.o.d of Two-Faced Grotesqueness!

“Kill her!” roared Agatheina, leading her army of G.o.ds as they fell and began to tear apart Gratelqueth before she could even react in time!

“GRRYAARRR…! Let me goooo! You won’t… go away with your s.h.i.+t!” roared Gratelqueth, as she began to mutate, showing her second face, as a gigantic ma.s.s of purple tentacles filled with crimson eyes and an enormous and deformed jaw with razor-sharp teeth!

Her enormous tentacles attacked the other G.o.ds fiercely, but the G.o.ds used their Divine Techniques and the enormous power granted by the mech bodysuits, tearing them apart as the grotesque G.o.ddess screamed in agony!

The other Demon G.o.ds rushed to her help, and some even managed to pull out some Divine Techniques over the Dark Moon G.o.ds!

However, Agatheina, Merveim, and Hodhyl used their combined strength, combining their Divine Techniques and creating giant barriers that transformed into enormous, long-ranged spear-shaped projectiles, exploding and making the Demon G.o.ds retreat for a few seconds until the other G.o.ds finished killing Gratelqueth and grabbing her soul fragments!

“We are done here, let’s go back!” said Morpheus, as Kiroid quickly began to generate a spatial rift for them to escape into!

“You’re not getting anywhere! Twisted Evil Eye! Abnormal Evil Eye! Anti-Magic Evil Eye!” roared Oculus, inflicting several evil eye curses over the Dark Moon G.o.ds!

s.p.a.ce itself began to twist around them, and then an abnormal atmosphere took a hold of the group, lastly, the rifts in s.p.a.ce were suddenly canceled!

“Oh? Well, I am not as good at Spatial Magic as the main body… but this should do it, Spatial Isolation, Spatial Sever, Void Absorption, Attribute Negation,” said Kiroid nonchalantly, conjuring several Spatial, Void, and Chaos Attribute Magic Spells combined with G.o.d Devouring!


Suddenly, all of Oculus Evil Eye effects… were canceled masterfully!

“W-What?!” roared Oculus in surprise, as the Dark Moon G.o.ds managed to escape in a new rift in s.p.a.ce before they could be caught!

“Whoever is behind this spatial magic is canceling your evil eyes?! Then it should surely be Kireina! How can she be so strong as a mortal?! Even after everything we investigated, a clone shouldn’t be as strong as the main body!” said Jozrath in anger.

“There is something wrong going on in here…! Why?! Should we… retreat?” thought Oculus.

“Retreat?! What are you talking about?! We shall never retreat, Oculus! How can we pathetically tell Thanatos that we were defeated by a bunch of n.o.bodies?!” roared Jozrath.

“Tch…! You are right… All of you, gather around us, quickly!” said Oculus.

The Demon DemiG.o.ds quickly flew towards Oculus as they were happy to receive their leader’s protection, however, s.p.a.ce distorted once more behind the gigantic bird-like Demon DemiG.o.d, Lacrupete, Demon DemiG.o.d of Feathered Beasts!

“Eh?!” cried Lacrupete in complete surprise, as he tried to unleash several Divine Techniques to fend off the upcoming enemies, however, s.p.a.ce itself distorted behind him, pus.h.i.+ng him towards the opened rift!


The Dark Moon G.o.ds then grabbed his wings tightly and pulled him inside a pocket dimension in less than ten seconds, the other G.o.ds glanced with tremendous fear!

This was no longer a fight, this was already becoming a hunting ground for them!

“They got Lacrupete, boss!”

“We have to charge our Divine Techniques and attack them when they appear!”

“Their spatial magic mastery is too high, how could it use s.p.a.ce itself to push the body of a DemiG.o.d?! That’s ridiculous!”

Within the Pocket Dimension, Lacrupete struggled to survive, screaming like a raging bird, unleas.h.i.+ng thousands of explosive feathers, and using his strong talons to tear apart the armor of his enemies!

However, Agatheina used her enormous jaws to munch his neck, while Merveim pulverized his wings, and Hodhyl generated large quant.i.ties of wood, entangling its entire body!

“Kill him now!” said Agatheina, as the other DemiG.o.ds gnashed their teeth, many of them not used to fighting so brutally were being forced for survival!

“Crrrryaaa! You b.a.s.t.a.r.dssssss…! Curse all of you! Curse all youuuuu…! UUGGYYAAAA…!”

Lacrupete was attacked by all of the G.o.ds combined efforts, as his entire body was torn apart into fleshy pieces alongside his soul, and then completely devoured!

Having already eaten three Demon DemiG.o.ds, all of them G.o.ds clearly felt an immense rush of strength coursing through their whole beings!

Although they distributed the pieces, the power was still there, and it was slowly stacking!

“It is a pity that we can’t offer these G.o.ds to Kireina-sama…! But we’ll make up for it!” said Agatheina.

“My soul feels strange…! But this power, I have to use it to survive and fight!” said Morpheus.

“Everyone, focus!” said Kiroid, as she started to open more rifts in s.p.a.ce!



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