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A month later, Li Fuchen cultivated six yellow cla.s.s, low-tier sword arts to the trance stage.

This pace was enough to shock the world.

Even though yellow cla.s.s, low-tier sword arts were the most basic form of sword arts, it still contained some sword dao. Like the Willow Sword Style which was a soft sword style. Or the Instant Cleave Sword Style which was meant for executing a cleave with high firepower within a limited s.p.a.ce.

It wasn’t difficult to cultivate a yellow cla.s.s, low-tier sword art to the perfection stage. But to blend it with one’s own sword dao understanding and achieve the trance stage, raises the difficulty by at least ten fold.

Those without exceptional attributes would need a month, a year, or even years to reach the trance stage for a yellow cla.s.s, low-tier sword art.

Those that did not have any exceptional attributes, could forget about reaching the trance stage for a mere yellow cla.s.s, low-tier sword art.

This wasn’t something that could be solved with time.

In the first month, Li Fuchen achieved the trance stage for six sword arts. In the second month it became seven, third month was nine, and the four month was twelve

As time pa.s.sed, Li Fuchen’s speed in perceiving sword styles became faster.


A figure flashed towards the fine iron ore. As he pa.s.sed by the ore, Li Fuchen drew his black iron sword and slashed the ore with a reverse stance. This blade was so fast that the naked eye couldn’t even detect it.

This blade was much stronger than any average blade. A cut, broke out on the fine iron ore, as shards flew around.

Landing, he moved back into stance and sheathed his sword.

Li Fuchen let out a breath of air and thought, ‘There are tens of thousands of sword styles. But the core belief is all the same. To achieve the limits of speed, skill, and power.”

Another month pa.s.sed.

This month, Li Fuchen cultivated a total of eighteen sword arts, six more than last month.

At the same time, Li Fuchen’s cultivation had a breakthrough and he had reached the fifth level of the Origin Realm.

But Li Fuchen knew that his cultivation pace wasn’t considered fast.

Most of the prodigies in his generation had already attained the fifth level of the Origin Realm. Especially Yu Wen Tian who already broke through to the sixth level of the Origin Realm, two months ago.

The superiority of bone frame became even more prominent as one progressed further in the martial world.

Using his exceptional perception, Li Fuchen could still manage to be on par with a 4 star bone frame individual. But when compared to a 5 star bone frame, there was still quite a gap.

According to the records of the Cang Lan Sect history, a 5 star bone frame disciple would typically breakthrough to the Earth Realm at the age of 22. A 4 star bone frame disciple would breakthrough at around 25.

Of course, if the disciple who had a 4 star bone frame, had great perception as well, the disciple could very well breakthrough at the age of 22 too.

But the fastest record was at the age of 18 by a 5 star bone frame disciple, a record that hasn’t been broken for dozens of years.

The road of cultivation was a long one. Li Fuchen had a great mindset and didn’t need to compare with anyone else but himself.

As long as he continued surpa.s.sing each limit he hit, he believed he was on the way to the peak of the martial world.

=Inner Sect Food Hall=

“Yu Wen shixiong, congrats on defeating Tie Feng shixiong.”

“Tie Feng shixiong is at the eighth level of the Origin Realm, but still isn’t a match for Yu Wen shixiong under a hundred moves. Perhaps within a year, Yu Wen shixiong can become one of the inner sect 10 Prodigies.”

On one of the dinning tables, two inner sect disciples were having a meal with Yu Wen Tian while trying to bootlick him.

Yu Wen Tian’s expression remain unchanged, “It is nothing to defeat Tie Feng. He is just a third grade inner sect disciple.”

“That isn’t the truth, skipping two levels to defeat Tie Feng shixiong isn’t something anyone can achieve. Within the inner sect, there should be less than ten who can do it.”

“That’s right. After all, Tie Feng shixiong has been an inner sect disciple for a dozen years and acc.u.mulated a large amount of experience. He can’t be considered an average eighth level Origin Realm martial artist.”

“Oh right. Yu Wen shixiong, have you heard of an inner sect disciple named Li Fuchen? I heard he has an one year promise with Liao Tianjun.”

“Overestimating himself.” After mentioning Li Fuchen, Yu Wen Tian’s eyes flashed with a cold light.

He was a proud man, and losing to Li Fuchen would always be a thorn in his heart. Everytime he thought back to it, it would cause him to lose control.

Two of them noticed and knew Yu Wen Tian wasn’t feeling happy. One of them began to criticize, “Overestimated indeed. Liao Tianjun shixiong is a second grade inner sect disciple and four levels above Li Fuchen. Who does he think he is? Even Sword Maniac shixiong couldn’t exceed four levels to defeat a second grade inner sect disciple during his Origin Realm days.”

“Arrogance will be his downfall. The Feng Yun stage isn’t such a merciful place.”

The two took the chance to devalue Li Fuchen.

“I wish he doesn’t suffer a grave injury on the Feng Yun stage. It would reduce a lot of the pleasure.”

Even though he once lost to Li Fuchen, Yu Wen Tian still didn’t put Li Fuchen in his sight.

He who had a 5 star bone frame, had a huge progress in cultivation.

This gap between him and Li Fuchen would only become larger. In a few years time, the gap will be so huge, they would never ever cross paths.

What’s more, in a few years, he would advance to the Earth Realm. Would an Earth Realm get involved with an Origin Realm?


Seventh month.

Li Fuchen perceived a total of 26 yellow cla.s.s, low-tier sword arts. Close to one sword style per day.

On the eighth month, Li Fuchen achieved the trance stage for all 100 yellow cla.s.s, low-tier sword arts that he redeemed.

100 sword styles created by 100 individuals. It can now be called the Hundred Clan Sword Style.

In this precise moment, Li Fuchen felt as though a hundred individuals were executing their own sword styles in his mind. A single ent.i.ty was slowly growing and getting stronger.


In the courtyard, Li Fuchen wielded his black iron sword and executed a simple thrust towards the fine iron ore.


A mystical qi presence radiated. Li Fuchen’s thrust was just a simple thrusting action, but it gave off the feeling of countless variations. Had there been someone fending off against Li Fuchen, the opponent would most likely have been caught off guard.


Fine shards flew out in a spiral direction. A near flawless hole appeared on the two meter tall ore.

“The sword moves with the heart, as the heart moves with the sword. When sword and heart becomes one, there is no obstacle that cannot be overcomed.”

A flash of enlightenment appeared in the heart of Li Fuchen.

As the days past, Li Fuchen engrossed himself in this mystical state of mind.

During the first week of the ninth month, Li Fuchen began executing the Meteor Sword Style.

Li Fuchen thought he had an hallucination. He felt that the Meteor Sword Style had become alive as it contained his own breath.

A straightforward Meteor Fall sword move could now actually be full of possibilities.

Just like a meteor shower, which had countless meteors. Every meteor may look alike, but their destinations were all different.

Pfff pfff pfff pfff……

On the fine iron ore, countless streams of light penetrated the ore as multiple pits opened up.


After countless streams of light, a final ray of light appeared.

The speed of this ray of light, reached its limit. It was as if time stopped.


A delightful shocking sound resonated as the sword pierced through the ore. Due to the extreme speed, powder instead of shards flew.

Everything that obstructed this blade had been turned into dust.


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