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Chapter 529

ER – Chapter 529: Team of Pinnacle Masters

In the skies above the Flame Iron Mountains, the air distorted as layers of heat wave surged from below .

Swish Swish Swish…

A small team of three individuals were flying rapidly and didn’t seem to be worried about getting targeted by demonic beasts .

“With Junior Wu around this time, we will surely be able to eliminate that Fire Feather Wolf . ”

Among the three, there was a skinny and unattractive youth with a sharp mouth and thin cheeks that was smiling .

A youth with sallow appearance said, “Junior Wu has already pa.s.sed the third floor of the Master Tower and is also very formidable even among the pinnacle masters . ”

When strength was similar, body refinement martial artists had the superior advantage of tough defenses . In fact, it wouldn’t be exaggerating to treat body refinement martial artists as demonic beasts or demons .

Wu Tianlang said, “I have also heard of the Fire Feather Wolf and it isn’t easy to deal with . I have only pa.s.sed the third floor of the Master Tower recently and my strength probably isn’t superior to the Fire Feather Wolf . ”

“Junior Wu doesn’t have to worry . As long as you can hold the Fire Feather Wolf, everything will be fine . ”

The trio were all pinnacle masters and if they worked together, they were good enough to contest with a demonic beast at the pinnacle master level . Now that one of them was a pinnacle body refinement master, then it was very likely for them to kill the demonic beast .

Soon enough, the trio arrived at the center of the Flame Iron Mountains .

There was a 20,000 feet ‘beehive’ mountain that was filled with giant cavities .

Inside the Beehive Peak, flaming light would be glowing inside the cavities, like fire dragons wrecking havoc . When the flaming light scattered, a red and thick smoke would emerge from the top of the peak . The smoke would then be devoured by a demonic wolf that was close to 2000 feet in size and was covered with burning red feathers .

“We are very lucky, the Fire Feather Wolf is currently devouring the flaming essence qi from the lava . ” The unattractive youth’s eyes that lit up .

The Fire Feather Wolf wouldn’t be at the surface of the ground constantly . Most of the time, it would be inside the Beehive Peak .

The Beehive Peak was extremely special and not even great masters were able to destroy it .

When the trio discovered the Fire Feather Wolf, the Fire Feather Wolf had also discovered them .

Those scarlet eyes swept across the trio as the Fire Feather Wolf used its extremely sensitive awareness and determined that the trio weren’t as formidable as him .

Standing straight, the Fire Feather Wolf’s fiery red feathers spread out before the wolf howled towards the sky .


Since the trio were already here, they weren’t planning to return empty-handed .

Swish Swish Swish!

The trio flew towards the Fire Feather Wolf .

The Fire Feather Wolf’s eyes flashed with a ruthless light as it spread the fiery red wings on the back and flew towards the trio .

“Nine Dragons Claw!’

Wu Tianlang’s Blood Wolf Sky Stomp burst out and produced a blood wolf spirit . It wasn’t finished yet, as he executed an attack at the Fire Feather Wolf that was like a powerful nine-headed dragon spirit .


The Fire Feather Wolf paused after getting smashed by the nine-headed dragon spirit .

“Cold Fang Saber!”

The unattractive youth drew his curved saber and cleaved . Fangs appeared in the sky and it felt the same as entering a giant beast’s mouth .

“Snow Soul Sword Art!”

The sallow youth brandished his longsword that produced a heavy snowfall . The snow was flashing with cold white light and once they touched the Fire Feather Wolf’s body, it would immediately burst open and turn into a disarray of sword qi that would slice the Fire Feather Wolf’s body .


The feathers on the Fire Feather Wolf exploded and shattered the snow soul sword qi . A horrific stream of flames extended in all directions and was accompanied by illusory fire feathers .

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

The stream of flame made it hard for them to move . The power of the fire feathers were beyond the snow soul sword qi and if it touched the trio’s qi protection, it would explode violently and would set off a blaze .

Apart from Wu Tianlang, the sallow youth and unattractive youth staggered and retreated after getting blasted while their qi and blood were surging .

“This Fire Feather Wolf is much stronger than the rumors . ” The unattractive youth looked rather unhappy .

In terms of strength, the Fire Feather Wolf wasn’t inferior to pinnacle masters . The trio had only recently become pinnacle masters within the previous two years while Wu Tianlang had only become a pinnacle master in the recent month .

“Let me stall him . The two of you will attack when there are opportunities . ”

The fire feather attack was only a drizzle to Wu Tianlang as he could resist with his qi spirit .

Over a thousand miles away, Li Fuchen was surprised .

He had just released his spiritual awareness and noticed the trio battling with the beast .

From the strength of the trio, they were obviously beyond the illusory swordsman on the third floor of the Master Tower .

It also meant that the trio were all pinnacle masters .

If a demonic beast could contest with the trio, it naturally indicated that the demonic beast was at the pinnacle master level .

“It is fortunate that Senior Wu Tianlang is around to carry the load, otherwise, the two others will be in trouble . ”

Li Fuchen recognized Wu Tianliang .

Among the Red Rainbow Sect’s disciples, there were only a few that cultivated the Blood Wolf Sky Stomp and Wu Tianlang was a well-known person among them .

Li Fuchen didn’t plan to help and quietly observed .

This level of combat allowed Li Fuchen to understand more about the pinnacle master level and if he was to encounter a pinnacle master in the future, he wouldn’t make an error in judging their strength .

“Senior Wu Tianlang’s body refinement level is probably at the completion level of Battle Spirit Realm and is clearly superior to the third floor’s illusory swordsman . But in terms of defense, he is already superior to great masters . In a battle of life and death, a great master wouldn’t be able to kill Senior Wu Tianlang without a short period of time . ”

Li Fuchen who was also a body refinement martial artist knew deeply about how formidable body refinement martial artists were . Killing a body refinement martial artist was the same as killing a demonic beast or demon . Even if the opponent was one level superior, it would be hard to kill body refinement martial artists .

“That skinny senior’s saber art is extremely incredible . In terms of attack power, he is 30% stronger than Senior Wu Tianlang . The sallow senior is a swordsman like me and his ice dao sword art is extremely crafty . ”

Li Fuchen was observing with great pleasure .

His observation skills were very delicate and could see through the surface and look into the details . To a regular Battle Spirit Realm master, this was merely an intense battle, but to Li Fuchen, this battle’s offense and defense had been simulated countless times in his mind and after each cycle, accurate data would be recorded in the mind .

This was also why he was able to calculate his own strength with precision .

After all, his observation skills had also reached the Primary Sea Realm .

If a Primary Sea Realm monarch was to observe a battle between Battle Spirit Realm masters, the monarch would also be able to see through instantly .

“With Senior Wu Tianlang stalling the Fire Feather Wolf, the chances of victory is at 60% . I wonder if this Fire Feather Wolf has any trump card . ”


The Fire Feather Wolf’s wings flapped and a pair of giant fire wings appeared above its head .

The fire wings split up and turned into countless tiny fire wings that sliced at Wu Tianlang and the others .

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

There were sounds of explosions that echoed non stop . Apart from Wu Tianlang, the two others were injured and they were covered in wounds .

“Icebound Hundred Miles . ”

The sallow youth didn’t hesitate to burst out with his icy cold divine ability . In an instant, there was a horrific icy qi that surged and in the blink of the eye, the air was filled with fist-sized ice crystals . The Fire Feather Wolf’s body flames were instantly extinguished when it was in the icy qi . A layer of frost covered its body and in a few blinks of the eye, the Fire Feather Wolf was encased in a giant block of ice .

“Wind Blade Beheading!”

The unattractive youth yelled out and burst out with his nimble wind power before forming the nimble wind divine ability .

There was a pale green crescent wind blade that appeared in the air and was cleaving at the Fire Feather Wolf .

It was visible to the eye that a smooth cutting surface appeared in the air and it felt as though the void had been sliced apart .

The duo had experienced many battles together and were coordinating rather well .


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