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Chapter 544

ER – Chapter 544: Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique Intent

Purple Mist Mountain’s martial contest stage .

At this moment, there were two figures that were in an intense battle as their qi forces were like blades that were cutting the surface of the ground .


When the ground in front of Li Fuchen had split open, he didn’t even move an inch .

‘The Emperor Sky Continent’s heaven and earth suppression is actually so high . The qi force has already lost so much power after flying over one mile . ’ Li Fuchen sighed silently .

The Seven Color Continent and the Emperor Sky Continent were both mid-cla.s.s continents, but they were entirely different .

However, it was rather understandable . If the heaven and earth suppression wasn’t powerful enough, the Emperor Sky Continent willpower wouldn’t allow Law Phase Realm emperors to move freely and would have restricted their strength .

It was because Law Phase Realm emperors weren’t able to destroy the environment in a wide range, that’s why the Emperor Sky Continent willpower didn’t restrict them .

There were two pinnacle masters fighting on the martial contest stage .

Right now, there were only six or seven pinnacle masters staying on the Purple Mist Mountain . The rest had either ventured out or were carrying out missions on the Seven Color Continent .

Soon enough, the spar ended and the victor was a youth with broad shoulders and a thin waist .

“Junior Fuchen, are you interested to come up for a spar?”

The youth with the broad shoulders was called Situ Jun . Among the pinnacle masters, cultivation strength was only inferior to w.a.n.g Zongchao and Huo Tiancheng .

But that ranking was a few years ago . In fact, the pinnacle masters seldom sparred with each other as everyone was busy with their own matters . In order to advance further, they would either be diligently cultivating in seclusion or busy venturing outside, they couldn’t possibly have spare time to exchange pointers .

Even if they were going to spar, it would definitely be after they made significant progress .

Situ Jun heard about Li Fuchen and he was apprehensive of Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack . But Situ Jun had recently increased his cultivation technique rank and his overall strength had increased quite a bit .

The higher the cultivation technique rank, the stronger the true spirit .

The strength of the true spirit was related to cultivation level, technique rank, and martial art proficiency .

Apart from that, Situ Jun’s spiritual awareness mastery was superior to Huo Tiancheng . A few years ago, Situ Jun had already cultivated the Armor of Spiritual Awareness to the perfection rank .

“In terms of combat strength, Fuchen doesn’t believe I am comparable with Senior Situ . Fuchen is only confident with my spiritual awareness attack . ” Li Fuchen replied .

“It doesn’t matter, you can simply use your spiritual awareness attack . ” Situ Jun revealed a smile .

If Li Fuchen wasn’t going to use his spiritual awareness attack, Situ Jun wouldn’t be interested at all . No matter how powerful Li Fuchen’s combat strength was, he was only a normal pinnacle master .

Situ Jun wanted to spar with Li Fuchen to find out if his true spirit would be able to resist Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack . After all, in his future ventures, he would be encountering different experts and might just encounter a foe with incredible spiritual awareness attack .

“Sure . ”

Li Fuchen leaped onto the martial contest stage .

“Snow Moon Saber Art!”

Situ Jun didn’t hold back and immediately executed his most proficient earth cla.s.s peak-tier saber art, Snow Moon Saber Art .

Snow started to fall on the martial contest stage while a hazy moonlight illuminated the stage .

Before the saber was brandished, Situ Jun’s saber field was projected first .

Li Fuchen smiled and shot out the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness .

Immediately after, Situ Jun’s face turned pale . His mind felt as though it was struck by a thunderbolt and it made his Snow Moon Saber Art sluggish, resulting in a failed execution .

“Such a powerful spiritual awareness attack . ”

In his mind, a layer of armor outside his true spirit was filled with cracks . Traces of spiritual awareness presence were rushing in through the cracks . His true spirit might not have been damaged but he was still in extreme suffering .

‘No wonder he dares to spar with me . ’ Li Fuchen raised his brows while his doubts were cleared up .

“Avian Thorn . ”

Before Situ Jun could react, Li Fuchen shot out the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness’s signature move, Avian Thorn .


Situ Jun could vaguely hear a chirping sound and immediately after, his mind turned blank .

“Senior, it is your loss . ”

Li Fuchen drew his Flaming Snake Sword and pointed the tip of the sword at Situ Jun’s throat .

After regaining his senses, Situ Jun had a reddish and pale expression .

“I shall have a taste of junior’s great moves next time . ”

How could Situ Jun have the face to stay? He turned and flew off .

“Senior Fuchen, your reputation precedes you . Today, this junior finally understands what is called a spiritual awareness attack . ” There were two youths observing by the side of the martial contest stage . They cupped their fists and walked over while speaking in a very polite manner .

They had no choice but to be polite . Li Fuchen’s regular strength might only be a normal pinnacle master, but his overall strength was probably at the great master level .

The difference between a pinnacle master and a great master was extreme . Most of the 7-star bone frames would only have the highest achievement of pinnacle master . It was harder to become a great master than ascending to heaven . It was several times harder than reaching the Primary Sea Realm .

After having a short conversation, Li Fuchen returned to his courtyard and continued to cultivate in seclusion .

Li Fuchen’s perception was far superior than normal individuals . Even emperor-cla.s.s disciples might not be able to compete with Li Fuchen’s perception . At the current juncture, he was in a rapid progress stage and cultivating more in seclusion would only do him more good than bad .

It wouldn’t be too late to do something else after he reached his bottleneck .

Another month pa.s.sed by quickly .


The sky above Purple Mist Mountain, there was a streak of flame shifting and flickering with unbelievable speed .

“The Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique is finally at the highest 33rd rank . ”

After the flames scattered, Li Fuchen’s figure appeared .

After arriving at the Emperor Sky Continent for around two months, he had finally reached the highest rank of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique and had control of the complete Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique Intent .

The Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique Intent had increased Li Fuchen’s strength in three aspects .

First was the quality of the qi .

Second was the concentration of the qi when released .

Third was the significant increase in speed, be it attack speed or movement speed .

The current him had regular combat strength was only slightly inferior to Huo Tiancheng and Situ Jun .

According to what Li Fuchen knew, Huo Tiancheng and Situ Jun had yet to reach the highest rank of their earth cla.s.s peak-tier cultivation technique and were still at the 32nd rank .

The 32nd rank and the 33rd rank might only have a difference of one rank, but during actual combat, the difference was immense .

Of course, it was only in terms of regular strength .

Looking only at regular strength, Huo Tiancheng and Situ Jun were only considered normal pinnacle masters . They would become formidable pinnacle masters after activating their divine abilities .

Without a heaven cla.s.s manual, everyone’s combat strength limit depended on their divine abilities . It was the same for Li Fuchen too .

However, when dealing with pinnacle masters like Huo Tiancheng and Situ Jun, even if Li Fuchen burst out with his divine ability, it would be useless . He would only be able to suppress them with his spiritual awareness attack . But once he used his spiritual awareness attack, it didn’t matter if Li Fuchen executed his divine ability or not . He would be able to defeat Huo Tiancheng and Situ Jun with his regular strength and his spiritual awareness attack .

“The blazing flame bone frame pattern has also been comprehended to 5 . 8 segments . ”

When thinking about the blazing flame bone frame pattern, Li Fuchen sighed with sorrow .

When his blazing flame bone frame pattern was comprehended to all 6 segments, his divine ability would be at the limits .

It was unlike those 7-star prodigies who could continue to comprehend their bone frame pattern until it reached 7 segments .


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