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Chapter 708: Empress Countenance Technique

“You do have some strength, no wonder you dare to speak so deliriously.”

After seeing the scene, the Sky Horn Great Ruler’s eyes turned serious a little. But it was still far from making him apprehensive.

The demonic beasts might not be able to comprehend laws better than the humans, but the demonic beasts’ bloodlines and defense were far beyond the humans.

If Li Fuchen was only this capable, then it wasn’t enough to deal with him.

“Sky Horn Great Ruler, I wonder if you are satisfied with this sword?” Li Fuchen drew the Joint-Heaven Sword and slashed.

Powerful sword qi ignored the Rainbow Array’s power and cleaved open the pavilion where the Sky Horn Great Ruler sat in. He separated the Sky Horn Great Ruler and the Petrified Queen first. Subsequently, Li Fuchen used his left hand to pull the Petrified Queen over after he put a Sky Ring Sword Armor to protect her.

Everything happened with a spark. The Sky Horn Great Ruler and Qu Qingyan weren’t able to react in time. By the time they reacted, the Petrified Queen was already beside Li Fuchen.

“Heaven cla.s.s high-tier artifact sword!” Qu Qingyan’s brows raised up.

A heaven cla.s.s high-tier weapon might only contain heaven cla.s.s high-tier laws and might be similar to the laws comprehended by everyone present here, however, the laws within the weapons came from the heaven dao. The laws contained the essence of heaven and earth.

For laws of the same tier, the one with heaven and earth essence would certainly be superior.

Without any heaven cla.s.s high-tier artifact sword, even if Li Fuchen had overwhelming strength, even if he was a half-saint, he wouldn’t be able to execute such an attack. In order to stop the conflict between Li Fuchen and the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor, Qu Qingyan had already increased the circulation speed of the array.


The Sky Horn Great Ruler’s expression turned black. There was a ‘pfff’ sound as the Sky Horn Great Ruler pulled out the horn on his forehead. The horn enlarged and was about to attack at Li Fuchen.

“Sky Horn Great Ruler, please stay calm.” Qu Qingyan’s right hand pressed on the void and used concentrated rainbow radiance to suppress the Sky Horn Great Ruler.

The Sky Horn Great Ruler wasn’t resigned and forcefully broke free from the rainbow radiance.

But this time, Qu Qingyan was resolved and wouldn’t allow the Imperial Flower Feast to have anymore conflicts. She circulated the Rainbow Array to the extremity and a small rainbow descended. It locked up the spatial zone where the Sky Horn Great Ruler stood at.

“Qu Qingyan, what is the meaning of this?” The Sky Horn Great Ruler looked at Qu Qingyan with anger.

He finally knew that Qu Qingyan’s strength was at the level of a great emperor. Furthermore, she was a top-cla.s.s great empress. With the support of a superior cla.s.s 8 array, the Sky Horn Great Ruler couldn’t make a move easily.

The Sky Horn Great Ruler wasn’t the only person that could see that Qu Qingyan was a great empress, everyone else could see it too.

In other words, the Emperor Sky Continent wasn’t just a contest between seven of the first-rate emperor-cla.s.s factions. It was a contest between eight, first-rate emperor-cla.s.s factions. If the Clan of Darkness was included too, it would be the nine, first-rate emperor-cla.s.s factions.

Qu Qingyan turned stern as she said, “I have mentioned that this is the Imperial Flower Feast. Will everyone please give me some face?”

The Sky Horn Great Ruler was still enraged. “Then why didn’t you suppress him when he made his move? What? Do you think I, the Sky Horn Great Ruler, is easy to take advantage of?”

If Qu Qingyan didn’t give him an explanation, the Sky Horn Great Ruler decided to burst out his bloodline power. He didn’t believe that he wouldn’t be able to blast open this array.

Qu Qingyan took a glance at Li Fuchen and let out a bitter smile in her heart. With the heaven cla.s.s high-tier artifact sword, Li Fuchen wouldn’t receive much suppression from the Rainbow Array. Unless Qu Qingyan disregarded everything and turned hostile to stop Li Fuchen, she wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Furthermore, if Li Fuchen was enraged, she didn’t think that he would be easier to deal with than the Sky Horn Great Ruler.

In fact, among everyone, she felt the most danger from Li Fuchen first, the Soul Emperor second, and the Sky Horn Great Ruler third.

Of course, most importantly, she didn’t wish to make things stiff with Li Fuchen. Whether she was able to return to the Saint Spirit Continent might be up to Li Fuchen in the future.

She didn’t wish to stay another day longer on this mid-cla.s.s continent. Only by returning to the Saint Spirit Continent, she would then have the chance to become a half-saint or saint.

Qu Qingyan said, “Sky Horn Great Ruler, you should be most proud of your defense. I’m afraid that your defense wouldn’t be able to resist the heaven cla.s.s high-tier artifact sword. If you insist on fighting, I shall not stop you.”

At this moment, Li Fuchen said, “Sky Horn Great Ruler, if you wish to fight, let’s move outside.”

Li Fuchen might not be confident in killing the Sky Horn Great Ruler, but he was definitely able to severely injure the Sky Horn Great Ruler.

The Sky Horn Great Ruler’s eyes were filled with tyrannical intent and just as he was about to make a move, a voice suddenly echoed in his ears.

After a few changes in expressions, the Sky Horn Great Ruler found another pavilion to sit in. “Qu Qingyan, I am giving you face. Sword Emperor, you can keep your life for now.”

“Hehe, why try to mask your words with pretense?” Li Fuchen mocked.

This fight might not have taken place, but everyone had an impression.

The Sword Emperor was formidable for a reason and even the Sky Horn Great Ruler was suppressed.

However, this Sword Emperor seemed to be lecherous and actually seized the Sky Horn Great Ruler’s female servant who was a demonic beast queen.

Of course, these people came up with some ideas. If the Sword Emperor wasn’t lecherous, they wouldn’t have any method to get close. Since the Sword Emperor was lecherous, then they simply had to work in that way. Doing so might allow them to form a good relationship with the Sword Emperor and receive protection.


The Green Nacre Empress had to admit that she was moved earlier on. Li Fuchen possessed everything she desired in a dao companion.

Young, strong, and imperious.

But when the Green Nacre Empress thought of her own conditions, she was rather gloomy. As compared to others, she was still very young and was less than 300 years old. But as compared to Li Fuchen, she was rather old.

To a Law Phase Realm emperor, a few hundred years weren’t considered a huge gap. But after seeing Yan Qingwu who was standing beside Li Fuchen, the Green Nacre Empress knew that she didn’t have any chance.

She didn’t think that Li Fuchen was a lecherous fellow and there was probably a hidden motive.

“Young Master is too imperious.” Hu Ling’er had a face of worship.

Hu Hongxiu nodded and warned Hu Ling’er, “Young la.s.s, don’t indulge in wild imaginations. You do not belong to the same world that the Sword Emperor lives in.”

Hu Ling’er nodded but in her heart, she had decided that she was going to cultivate diligently. Only by becoming powerful enough was she able to walk into the world of Li Fuchen.

As the Imperial Flower Feast continued, the atmosphere became harmonious again.

At the side, the Safflower Empress said, “Sword Emperor, you have to be careful of the Soul Emperor and the Sky Horn Great Ruler. Earlier on, the Soul Emperor seemingly transmitted a message to the Sky Horn Great Ruler.”

“Since the Soul Emperor contacted the Sky Horn Great Ruler, it means that he didn’t care if he had to collude with outsiders to deal with Elder Li. You must be precautious.” The Vacant Mountain Emperor was rather worried.

Li Fuchen replied, “I noticed it too, but I don’t think they can achieve anything significant.”

Li Fuchen was confident in himself as he didn’t just have powerful strength. If he relied on just strength, he would have died countless times in this life.

After the 36 Famed Flowers finished their performance, it was time for the Imperial Flowers to perform.

The first Imperial Flower was wearing a long green dress and was an absolute beauty with sceneric features.

When this lady went up the stage, even great emperors were attracted.

“What an absolute beauty.”

Some of the Law Phase Realm emperors had hurried breaths. They believed that they were used to seeing beauties, but as compared to this green-dressed Imperial Flower, the rest of the women were pale in comparison.

“This Imperial Flower Pavilion has put in great effort and actually gave the Empress Countenance Technique for the Imperial Flowers to cultivate.” Yan Qingwu was astonished.

“Empress Countenance Technique?” Li Fuchen and the others looked at Yan Qingwu.

Yan Qingwu explained, “The Empress Countenance Technique is a cultivation technique that allowed the pract.i.tioner to change their looks and aura. On the Saint Spirit Continent, that is a sect called the Empress Countenance Sect. This Empress Countenance Technique is the sect-defining technique for the Empress Countenance Sect. But the Empress Countenance Technique cultivated by the Imperial Flowers isn’t completed. Only the Empress Countenance Sect Matriarch and the successor are qualified to cultivate the complete technique.”

“How can there be such a cultivation technique?” The Safflower Empress couldn’t understand.

She didn’t know what the Saint Spirit Continent was, but the Empress Countenance Technique seemed too useless. When pract.i.tioners cultivated it, their only objective was to keep their youth forever.

Becoming immortal, living for eternity, and becoming strong should be the things that martial artists must pursue.

Yan Qingwu shook her head. “Do not look down on the Empress Countenance Technique. This cultivation technique allows the pract.i.tioner to affect others with their aura.They can even affect the circulation of heaven and earth laws. If the Empress Countenance Sect Matriarch is present, not many people would be able to resist a smile from you. Perhaps you can resist it.”

Yan Qingwu was referring to Li Fuchen.

“That’s incredible.”

With the Cloud Emperor included, no one was able to understand how aura could be so powerful.

Was this any different from illusion arts?

“Why any path reaches the extremity, it will be immortal. There is nothing to be surprised about.” Li Fuchen didn’t really feel surprised.

The great dao contained everything, even emotions could be cultivated, why couldn’t aura be cultivated? For this point, Li Fuchen’s level of acceptance was far beyond others.

Yan Qingwu nodded. It was no wonder Li Fuchen could cultivate to this level. A person’s mentality determined the future of a person. If the mentality wasn’t open enough, it would be too restricted and one would only be able to cultivate bitterly.

After the green-dressed Imperial Flower, it was the yellow-dressed Imperial Flower. They had different looks and auras, however, in terms of attraction factor, they were evenly matched. Everyone felt another kind of extreme beauty.

“Sword Emperor, I wonder how you feel about these two Imperial Flowers?” Qu Qingyan transmitted a message to Li Fuchen.

“Not bad.” Li Fuchen replied.

“Since the Sword Emperor likes them, I can give them to the Sword Emperor, be it as dao companions or as concubines. The Sword Emperor can decide. But it is a pity that I only have two Imperial Flowers right now. If I can nurture more Imperial Flowers in the future, I can also give them to you.” Qu Qingyan was straightforward.

If Li Fuchen was someone else, they would have already agreed. It didn’t matter what was the request, as long as it wouldn’t be disadvantageous towards them, there was no reason why not to agree.

It was unfortunate that Li Fuchen wasn’t tempted. “Pavilion Mistress Qu, please speak of what is on your mind.”

Qu Qingyan muttered before replying, “I hope that the Sword Emperor can help me.”

“What kind of help?”

“I hope that the Sword Emperor can follow me into the Curse Temple.”

“Curse Temple?”

Li Fuchen replied, “The Curse Temple is the no.1 most dangerous place on the Emperor Sky Continent. Pavilion Mistress Qu is overestimating me.”

The Curse Temple wasn’t a regular place, even the borders were dangerous for great emperors. As for the core region, none had ever walked out before, not even great emperors.

Qu Qingyan said, “I don’t need you to follow me in now. We can enter after ten years. The Sword Emperor already has such strength at 40 years old. Ten years later, no one below the saint realm will be a match for the Sword Emperor.”


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