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Chapter 720: Entering the Temple

Translator: jinzeffect

At Floating Sky Mountain, there was a metallic statue that represented Li Fuchen.

The statue might look like regular metal, but it was forged with heaven cla.s.s low-tier metal. The value was shockingly high, after all, heaven cla.s.s metals could be used to forge heaven cla.s.s weapons. The amount of metal used for this statue was more than enough to forge a thousand heaven cla.s.s weapons.

The metallic statue wasn’t erected to commemorate Li Fuchen, it was to inherit Li Fuchen’s intents.

The metallic statue contained the Hand of Star intent and the Void Heaven Sword intent. If an enemy attacked and activated the metallic statue, it would burst with either the Hand of Star intent or the Void Heaven Sword intent to eliminate the enemy.

According to Li Fuchen’s calculation, even if a demonic beast half-overlord attacked, it would be blasted into a blood mist by the Hand of Star intent or get cleaved into two by the Void Heaven Sword intent.

Furthermore, the intents wouldn’t be used up with a single use. It could be used multiple times, but with a limit.

As such, even if a large number of half-overlords attacked the Floating Sky Mountain, they would all have to suffer miserable deaths.

In any case, there wouldn’t be that many half-overlords specifically looking for trouble with the Floating Sky Mountain.

In the blink of the eye, the ten years agreement was up.

On this day, the Curse Temple emitted a weak wave.

This wave wasn’t easy to detect if one didn’t pay attention.

According to what Qu Qingyan said, the Curse Temple could only produce a wave every 49 years.

When the wave was emitted, the Curse Array inside would be activated, opening a large opening in the spatial zone. Those who entered the opening would be able to enter the Saint Spirit Continent.

“It is time to leave.”

When the communication token was shaking, Li Fuchen knew that this was the day to enter the Curse Temple.

With a flash, Li Fuchen appeared outside the Floating Sky Mountain.

Yan Qingwu and the Vacant Mountain Emperor appeared by Li Fuchen’s side, while the Thunder Beast was following too.

The Curse Temple was extremely dangerous, if one wasn’t a great emperor, it would be certain death.

“I wonder how many will enter the Curse Temple this time?” The Vacant Mountain Emperor asked.

Yan Qingwu responded, “Probably all. After all, this is a chance to travel to the Saint Spirit Continent.”

“It is unfortunate that we didn’t find the Soul Emperor and the others.” The Vacant Mountain Emperor wasn’t really at ease to leave the Floating Sky Mountain.

Li Fuchen stated, “Don’t worry, with the intent statue around, even the Soul Emperor would be extinguished.”

Li Fuchen was even more worried for the Li Clan and Azure Water Sect than the Vacant Mountain Emperor. Therefore, he made thorough preparations. The intent statue was only the first level of defense. He still left behind a second and third layer of defense.

However, it was best not to use any.

After turning around to glance at the Floating Sky Mountain, Li Fuchen and the others flew towards the Curse Temple.

“They are actually all here?” The Vacant Mountain Emperor was rather surprised.

Outside the Curse Temple, the great emperors from the Emperor Sky Continent and the great emperors from the Heaven Pillar Continent had all arrived. There were even three demonic beast great rulers that came.

There was even a black-masked man and he was probably the most mysterious Dark Night Emperor.

If Li Fuchen encountered the Dark Night Emperor before this, he would have made a move to kill.

He was the one that created the Clan of Darkness and it wasn’t any better than the Blood Sift Union. However, the Clan of Darkness did things in a discreet manner.

The Dark Night Emperor had been constantly observing Li Fuchen. As soon as Li Fuchen made an abnormal move, he would immediately escape.

It was fortunate that Li Fuchen didn’t even look at him, allowing him to let out a breath of relief. At the same time, his heart was filled with hatred and decided to vent his anger at Li Fuchen when he reached the Saint Spirit Continent.

Qu Qingyan looked at everyone and said, “The Curse Temple is extremely dangerous. I hope that everyone can work together and put down the past feuds.”

There were plenty of feuds between the people here, therefore, Qu Qingyan had to give a reminder.

Pavilion Mistress Qu, we know what to do.”

Qu Qingyan didn’t have to say a thing, as everyone wouldn’t go against each other at this moment. After all, what else was more important than their martial dao future.

“Alright, everyone enter!” Qu Qingyan led the way and entered the Curse Temple.

Everyone was rather familiar with the outer region of the Curse Temple. Even if they encountered any cursed warriors, they would work together and eliminate them quickly.

But when they got closer to the inner region of the Curse Temple, the number of cursed warriors increased.

No one else apart from Li Fuchen was the only person that could eliminare a cursed warrior in a single move.

Those who had yet to witness Li Fuchen’s strength had no choice but to admit that they were far inferior to Li Fuchen.

Unknowingly, everyone arrived at the inner region of the Curse Temple.


There was a miserable shriek, the Heaven Pillar Continent’s Five River Great Emperor suddenly turned crazy. He rushed out from between the others and vanished after running far away.

“Such an incredible curse.” The Celestial Eye Emperor had a grave expression.

Qu Qingyan said, “When inside the inner region of the Curse Temple, if the true spirit isn’t at the great emperor’s level, one would be easily affected by the curse.”

The Iron Sword Great Emperor frowned and said, “The Five River Great Emperor’s spirit soul has once been injured by the Soul Emperor. His spirit soul and true spirit are flawed.”

When the Five River Great Emperor turned insane, everyone was in a serious mood. It was truly outside of everyone’s expectations for a great emperor to go crazy so suddenly. If they were not already inside the inner region, some might have backed away from the Curse Temple.

No matter how great the Saint Spirit Continent was, one would need a life to enjoy the benefits.


Following the Five River Great Emperor, another great emperor became the victim.

This time, it was the Poison Dragon Great Emperor.

The Poison Dragon Great Emperor was among the top ten great emperors in the Heaven Pillar Continent. He was at least top eight or even top six. His Poison Dragon Transformation Technique allowed him to transform into a poison dragon.

However, the cursed warrior that killed him was too powerful. A pull with two hands immediately ripped the Poison Dragon Great Emperor into two.

Originally, even if the Poison Dragon Great Emperor was ripped into two, he would be able to recover. But this was the Curse Temple, once the Poison Dragon Great Emperor was ripped apart, he was immediately invaded by the curse law. His consciousness and vitality instantly vanished, only concentrated curse qi presence was emitted.

From the looks of it, the Poison Dragon Great Emperor would turn into a cursed warrior after a period of time.

Seeing the situation, the rest of the great emperors had a change of expression.

How could they not know that they must not get injured in the Curse Temple. Once they were injured, the curse law would invade their bodies and turn them into cursed warriors.

Earlier on, the Five River Great Emperor only went crazy, but still had some consciousness.


All of the great emperors worked together to attack this cursed warrior.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

But no matter how others attacked, this cursed warrior was still uninjured. As compared to the previous few cursed warriors, it was several times stronger.


There was a sword light that flashed by and cleaved the cursed warrior apart with ease.

It was none other than Li Fuchen who made the move. Only Li Fuchen was able to cleave this cursed warrior apart.

But this time, Li Fuchen didn’t manage to kill the cursed warrior.

The cursed warrior instantly healed.

There were multiple flashes of sword lights. They were so fast that everyone had no choice but to close their eyes. They suspected if they stared directly at the sword lights, their eyes might go blind.


Finally, this powerful cursed warrior was turned into ashes.

Qu Qingyan looked at Li Fuchen and explained while feeling impressed, “This cursed warrior should be a great emperor when it is still alive. Otherwise, it isn’t possible for it to be this powerful.”

“Then what if it is a half-saint when it is still alive?” The Mystic Dark Emperor had lingering fears.

The Celestial Eye Emperor said, “It is impossible for the Heaven Pillar Continent and the Emperor Sky Continent to have any half-saints.”

Qu Qingyan nodded. “In order to become a half-saint, one must possess a heaven cla.s.s high-tier cultivation technique. I think everyone should understand how rare a heaven cla.s.s high-tier cultivation technique is.”

Heaven cla.s.s high-tier cultivation techniques were too rare. Even though Qu Qingyan came from the Saint Spirit Continent, she didn’t have any heaven cla.s.s high-tier cultivation techniques too. If she had any, she wouldn’t be stranded on the Emperor Sky Continent.

Qu Qingyan added on, “Of course, if there is any cursed warriors at the half-saint level, apart from the Sword Emperor, the rest of us will be killed.”

“I hope our luck isn’t that bad.” The Mystic Dark Emperor gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

No one knew how big the Curse Temple was. After every period of time, everyone would feel as though there was a change in scenery.

“Something is wrong, the Mystic Dark Emperor is missing.” The Celestial Eye Emperor suddenly said.

Everyone looked around in response. As expected, the Mystic Dark Emperor was missing. He was just talking earlier and had gone missing all of a sudden.

Li Fuchen’s eyes narrowed. His spiritual awareness had been constantly extended. If something happened to the Mystic Dark Emperor, it wasn’t possible to escape from his spiritual awareness. The only explanation would be a swap of spatial zone, swapping the Mystic Dark Emperor to another spatial zone.

But why was the Mystic Dark Emperor the only person that got swapped?

It was a little strange.

All of a sudden, there was a strange figure that appeared behind the Heaven Fire Doyen.

The strange figure was nearly able to conceal itself from Li Fuchen.

“Dodge!” Li Fuchen cleaved at the strange figure.


The sword light slashed through and the strange figure reacted like a water ripple before vanishing.

With vigilance, Li Fuchen immediately noticed that the strange figure was now behind the Purple Bamboo Great Emperor.

A grayish-white jade talisman from Qu Qingyan was shining brightly. This jade talisman was called an evil-warding jade talisman. It was an artifact refined by the Evil-Warding Saint. If it was shining brightly, it meant that evil was around, but she didn’t discover it yet.

After taking a deep glance at Li Fuchen, Qu Qingyan understood that Li Fuchen was much stronger than her imagination.

Before Li Fuchen continued to attack the strange figure, a huge number of cursed warriors surrounded them from all directions.

All of a sudden, everyone was in a chaotic melee.

“Void Heaven Sword World.”

A blinding sword light extended out and froze everyone in place. Accurately saying, the speed was slowed down by over a hundred times. At the same time, the cursed warriors were moving at a speed that was several times slower.


In the next instant, most of the cursed warriors were turned into ashes and the strange figure had vanished too.

Once the sword light vanished, everyone felt that only a second had pa.s.sed and wasn’t clear of what had happened.

The sword light continued to flash and slay the rest of the surviving cursed warriors.

“Go!” Li Fuchen increased his pace.

The Curse Temple was too dangerous. If he was alone, he didn’t have to fear, but there were too many individuals here. If he wanted to protect the people he valued, he wasn’t that confident.

Unknowingly, they arrived deep into the Curse Temple. Inside here, the place was ma.s.sive and majestic, at the same time, it was eerie and sinister. Even though everyone was a great emperor, they still felt chilly and their teeth were chattering.

“I can’t take it, I have to leave.”

One of the demonic beast great rulers was about to collapse, thus it turned around and escaped with haste.

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness sensed that the great ruler lost its consciousness shortly after it escaped and was muddleheaded.

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