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Chapter 819: Not Going to Yield

Translator: jinzeffect

In comparison, Li Fuchen was actually faster than the green-clothed man and the ugly man. After one hour, the distance between them had already reached a few hundred miles. This distance had already exceeded the range of spiritual awareness.

“One Shadow Fruit and one Bright Fruit. It is truly a great profit this time.” Li Fuchen’s face was filled with a smile.

To Li Fuchen, treasures that were worth a few dozen peak-grade spirit stones were enough to satisfy him, let alone top-cla.s.s treasures that were worth over 10,000 peak-grade spirit stones.

Of course, he required these two treasures too and unless it was absolutely necessary, he wouldn’t sell them.

Therefore, it would be good to obtain other treasures.

At the same moment, in a sunken land emitting a scorching qi presence on the Black Whirlpool Island, there was a battle happening.

The battle was between a saber dao saint and a fire dao saint.

The saber dao saint was a mid-level saint and was extremely powerful, not superior to the Ghost Sword Saint at all. But the fire dao saint wasn’t as formidable as the saber dao saint. However, he had an apex cardinal artifact that was superior and within a short period of time, he was actually able to suppress the saber dao saint.

“Flying Cloud Saber Saint, give my Zhu Clan a face. I, Zhu Hairong, must obtain this peak-grade fire energy crystal.” The fire dao saint said. He was wearing clothes that were embroidered with a special fire symbol.

If it was anyone else, Zhu Hairong wouldn’t talk so nicely, but the Flying Cloud Saber Saint was the upper echelon of the Sacred Saber Sect. The Sacred Saber Sect wasn’t much inferior to the Zhu Clan and was only lacking in foundation.

“Zhu Hairong, do you really think your Zhu Clan is still that half-G.o.d clan that it once was?” The gray-clothed Flying Cloud Saber Saint sneered.

The fire energy crystal wasn’t any ordinary item. A low-grade fire energy crystal would be worth 2 peak-grade spirit stones. A mid-grade fire energy crystal would be worth 10 peak-grade spirit stones. A high-grade fire energy crystal would be worth 100 peak-grade spirit stones. A single peak-grade fire energy crystal would be worth 2000 peak-grade spirit stones. Unless the Flying Cloud Saber Saint was a fool, he would never give the peak-grade fire energy crystal to Zhu Hairong.

“Flying Cloud Saber Saint, since you aren’t willing to give face, then don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

Zhu Hairong’s hand had a metal sphere and when it was thrown, it instantly expanded. A flaming sun emerged and it was like a small sun that blasted at the Flying Cloud Saber Saint.

The Flying Cloud Saber Saint squinted his eyes. The Zhu Clan was a half-G.o.d clan and had an immeasurable foundation. The Zhu Clan’s apex cardinal artifact, the Fierce Sun Bead, was renowned in the world.

But the Fierce Sun Bead also had its own grades. The Fierce Sun Bead used by Zhu Hairong was a 2nd rate apex cardinal artifact and was extremely powerful. It was comparable with a mid-level saint executing a rather flawless 2nd rate apex martial art.

“Flying Cloud Cleave!”

The Flying Cloud Saber Saint knew that he couldn’t dodge the Fierce Sun Bead, therefore, he gripped his saber with both hands and executed a vertical cleave.

A saber light that looked like the cloud and dragon had cleaved on the Fierce Sun Bead.


The saber light and the Fierce Sun Bead clashed, bursting out with an intense qi wave.


At the next moment, the Fierce Sun Bead shattered the saber light and it continued to fly towards the Flying Cloud Saber Saint.

“Cloud Sea Cleave!”

The Flying Cloud Saber Saint executed a single saber and produced ten thousand sabers. There were layers of saber lights that were like a sea of clouds. The Fierce Sun Bead was repelled with the cleave.

The Fierce Sun Bead landed back in Zhu Hairong’s hand. Zhu Hairong opened his mouth and spit out a yellow shield as he saw the saber light surging at him. The shield grew bigger and blocked at the front.

Clang Clang Clang…

There were thousands of sparks but the yellow shield didn’t move and forcefully blocked the saber light.

“Roaming Dragon Cleave!”

Using the Union of Man and Saber, the Flying Cloud Saber Saint turned into a silver dragon that circled around Zhu Hairong.

“Such an incredible saber art.”

Zhu Hairong was shocked. He was able to temporarily suppress the Flying Cloud Saber Saint earlier, because the opposition underestimated him. Now that the Flying Cloud Saber Saint was fighting at full strength, Zhu Hairong faced quite a huge pressure.

The yellow shield was also an apex cardinal artifact, but it was only a 3rd rate apex cardinal artifact. Apart from the tough defense, the yellow barrier couldn’t really resist the Flying Cloud Saber Saint’s attack. After a few breaths, there was a crack sound and the yellow barrier was broken.

With a grunt, Zhu Hairong flew backwards, but merely flew by a few dozen meters and stopped. From his qi presence, it was obvious that he wasn’t injured.

“Apex armor!” The Flying Cloud Saber Saint frowned.

The Zhu Clan’s foundation was too deep. This Zhu Hairong was just a regular mid-level saint, but the apex cardinal artifacts he had were much more than a high-level saint. Even peak level saints would have lesser numbers of apex cardinal artifacts.

Of course, an external strength was ultimately external. The usage of apex cardinal artifact was very exhausting to the qi, at least a few times more than executing a martial art. It was very normal for an incredible apex cardinal artifact to need 10 times or 100 times more qi than the execution of a martial art.

The silver dragon was extremely fast and would constantly clash with Zhu Hairong.

“d.a.m.n it.” Zhu Hairong had an extremely unpleasant expression.

With so many apex cardinal artifacts, Zhu Hairong felt that even if he couldn’t suppress the Flying Cloud Saber Saint, he would at least be equally matched. However, he didn’t expect the Flying Cloud Saber Saint to be so hard to handle. He admitted that he had underestimated the Flying Cloud Saber Saint.

As qi was gradually depleting, Zhu Hairong had the intention to retreat.

Zhu Hairong might have plenty of qi replenishing elixirs and some peak-grade spirit stones, but when fighting with such an overwhelming opponent, no number of elixirs would be enough.

“Flying Cloud Saber Saint, I shall remember this.” Zhu Hairong left.

The Flying Cloud Saber Saint didn’t chase, instead, he cleaved the sunken ground open. From underground, he extracted a peak-grade fire energy crystal.

After flying for a distance, the anger in Zhu Hairong’s heart had yet to disperse.

The peak-grade fire energy crystal had great benefits to him and it was even better than the Black Whirlpool Fruit.

The Black Whirlpool Fruit increased the perception and could allow his fire dao martial arts to reach a higher proficiency level.

A Black Whirlpool Fruit couldn’t increase his strength by a lot. But a single peak-grade fire energy crystal could increase his cultivation by a few levels.

He was now at 4th level Soul Merge Realm, if he had the peak-grade fire energy crystal, it was just a matter of time before he became a high-level saint.

It was a pity that everything had been destroyed by the Flying Cloud Saber Saint.

“Flying Cloud Saber Saint, don’t this matter has ended like this.” Zhu Hairong had a murderous intention towards the Flying Cloud Saber Saint.

From far away, Zhu Hairong saw a sword light flashing by.

“Die!” Zhu Hairong executed a palm strike over as though to vent his anger.

“What is going on?”

When Li Fuchen saw Zhu Hairong, he was planning to leave as quickly as possible. But he didn’t expect for Zhu Hairong to execute a palm strike without any warning.

The scorching palm felt like it was carved into the void and sealed up the entire area Li Fuchen was in.

“Sky Earth Roam!”

Li Fuchen forcefully sliced the void open and left the palm attack’s range.

“Mm!? Fierce Sun Bead, go!”

Seeing that the palm attack didn’t kill Li Fuchen, Zhu Hairong threw the Fierce Sun Bead over.

“This is truly the Zhu Clan’s tyrannical style.”

This was already the third time Li Fuchen encountered someone from the Zhu Clan. The first time was at the savage hidden domain, the second time was on the Fire Dragon Island. Every time, the Zhu Clan would give off a feeling of tyranny, overbearing, and condescending. It felt as though everyone was inferior to them.

Li Fuchen wasn’t going to yield to them. It didn’t matter if the Zhu Clan was a half-G.o.d clan or a G.o.d clan, if Li Fuchen was provoked, he didn’t care.

“Sky Man Desire Slash!”

Since Li Fuchen mastered the Skyline Sword Art’s sixth move, the Sky Man Desire Slash, he had never used it before. This was officially his first time executing it.

The sword light was like a mist that suddenly spread out. The instant it detoured around the Fierce Sun Bead, it slashed on Zhu Hairong’s body.


There was a burst of spark and Zhu Hairong’s chest felt heavy as he was sent flying.

“How is this possible?” Zhu Hairong’s eyes were wide open. He couldn’t believe what happened.

He couldn’t have known that the Sky Man Desire Slash wasn’t just powerful, the sword move’s profundity was the most important factor. The Fierce Sun Bead was only powerful, but had a direct approach, it couldn’t possibly contest with the Sky Man Desire Slash.

In terms of sword art proficiency, Li Fuchen wasn’t inferior to any mid-level saint, not even to the Mystic Deep Sword Saint who was considered to be at the pinnacle of mid-level saints.


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