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Chapter 1445: Reneging

Translator: Legge


Heavenly Secrets raised his brow slightly and asked, “Who do you want to take away?”

“The Asura!”

Demoness Ji pointed at the Asura who was covered in injuries in the Exquisite Killing Formation.

The smile in Heavenly Secrets’s eyes intensified as he shook his head gently. “The Asura doesn’t care about relations.h.i.+ps and can no longer be considered as someone of the fiend sects. You don’t seem to have any ties with him either. Why do you want to get involved?”

“I naturally have my plans,”

Demoness Ji bowed to Heavenly Secrets from afar and smiled. “Fellow Daoist Heavenly Secrets, please give me some face. I’ll definitely remember this favor.”

“From now on, as long as you have any requests, as long as it’s not overboard, I’ll definitely agree to them,”

Her words were flirtatiously ambiguous.

Many Mighty Figures of Enigma Palace wished that they could agree on behalf of Heavenly Secrets!


The smile on Heavenly Secrets’s face did not reduce and his eyes remained clear. “Alright, if you can bring the Asura away, I naturally won’t stop you.”

“Are you serious?”

Demoness Ji asked with a smile.

“Of course,”

Heavenly Secrets said with a smile, “I won’t stop you if you can bring the Asura out of the Exquisite Killing Formation. However, out of goodwill, I have to remind you about something.”

“It’s easy to enter the Exquisite Killing Formation, but it’s difficult to come out.”

“Thank you for the reminder,”

Smiling, Demoness Ji’s figure flashed and she entered the Exquisite Killing Formation without hesitation!

“Are all the paragons of this generation so ignorant?”

Half-Martial Ancestor Divine Turtle-Dove sneered.

Half-Martial Ancestor Li Heng frowned. “I heard that the Pure Maiden obtained Fairy Ling Long’s inheritance in the Human Emperor’s Palace. It’s better not to kill her.”

“She has a death wis.h.!.+”

Half-Martial Ancestor Qian Tian pouted. “The Exquisite Killing Formation is right there and we didn’t ask her to get in. She was the one who insisted on barging in. It has nothing to do with us!”

As everyone discussed, Demoness Ji had already entered the Exquisite Killing Formation.

“The Asura has taken 209 steps. Let’s see how many steps this demoness can take!”

Half-Martial Ancestor Divine Turtle-Dove sneered.

The moment he said that, Demoness Ji had already taken a step in the Exquisite Killing Formation.

It was an extremely beautiful step that seemed to exude an indescribable mysteriousness.

The attacks of the Exquisite Killing Formation did not descend.

Everyone from Enigma Palace frowned slightly.

However, n.o.body minded it since it was just a single step.

Immediately after, Demoness Ji advanced through the Exquisite Killing Formation with mysterious steps towards Yan Beichen.

The distance between the two of them shortened rapidly!

Right from the beginning, the Exquisite Killing Formation had not attacked Demoness Ji once!


“How could this be?”

“Her footwork is completely different from the steps required to dispel the Exquisite Killing Formation. They’re completely wrong, but why isn’t the Exquisite Killing Formation reacting at all?”

The Mighty Figures of Enigma Palace were shocked and puzzled.

“That footwork…”

The Half-Martial Ancestors of Enigma Palace were bewildered, as though they had thought of something but were unsure.

“It’s the Exquisite Steps!”

Right then, Heavenly Secrets said slowly.


Everyone from Enigma Palace was shocked!

Heavenly Secrets said in a deep voice, “Demoness Ji used the Exquisite Steps just like Founder Master Ling Long in the past. With the aura of Founder Master Ling Long, there’s naturally no way this killing formation would attack her.”

“The inheritance that Demoness Ji obtained in the Human Emperor’s Palace was clearly the Heaven Fiend Dance. How could it be the Exquisite Steps?” Someone asked in disbelief.

“I’m not sure about that,”

Heavenly Secrets shook his head.

This Exquisite Steps was the ultimate technique that brought Fairy Ling Long to fame!

Back that, with that footwork, at her peak, Fairy Ling Long could even match the Emperors of the primordial races!

However, although Fairy Ling Long established Enigma Palace, she did not leave the legacy of the Exquisite Steps in Enigma Palace.

To think that the Exquisite Steps would reappear on the Pure Maiden of the fiend sects!

“Stop her!”

Heavenly Secrets suddenly said, “We can’t let her take away the Asura. Otherwise, Enigma Palace will never have peace!”

Some of the Mighty Figures of Enigma Palace did not hesitate when they received Heavenly Secrets’s orders. Dharmic arts were released one towards Demoness Ji who was inside the Exquisite Killing Formation!


Sensing danger, Demoness Ji could not help but chuckle with a mocking expression. “To think that the young master of Enigma Palace would renege on his words. What a joke!”

“You’re wrong,”

Heavenly Secrets smiled indifferently. “I only promised you that I won’t stop you. However, I didn’t say that the others of Enigma Palace won’t stop you.”


Demoness Ji laughed. “To think that the young master of Enigma Palace would resort to such a trick. How despicable! Enigma Palace is a sacred place of the human race. Since when have we been reduced to such a state? Even I feel embarra.s.sed for you!”

Although the attacks of many Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were ferocious, Demoness Ji could avoid danger each time with the use of her Exquisite Steps.

When he heard Demoness Ji’s mockery, the smile on Heavenly Secrets’s face disappeared as he glanced sideways. “Elders, please kill her!”

“No, this won’t do!”

Half-Martial Ancestor Li Heng’s expression changed as he frowned. “She obtained the inheritance of Founder Master Ling Long. Even for the sake of the Founder Master, we can’t kill her!”

Heavenly Secrets glanced sideways and asked coldly, “If she takes the Asura away, he’ll probably be at the Mahayana realm by the time he returns! At that time, there’ll be rivers of blood in Enigma Palace. Who will take responsibility for that?”


Half-Martial Ancestor Li Heng wanted to argue still.

However, Heavenly Secrets waved his hand. “There’s no need to argue about this. As the young master of Enigma Palace, I have the right to give this order. Strike.”

The other Half-Martial Ancestors frowned slightly and were hesitant.

Demoness Ji had obtained the inheritance of Founder Master Ling Long and it was the most important inheritance. If they attacked her, it would be a great disrespect to Founder Master Ling Long!

Half-Martial Ancestor Qian Tian and Half-Martial Ancestor Divine Turtle-Dove exchanged glances—both of them could see a fleeting, strange blood glint in the depths of the other’s eyes!

Bang! Bang!

The two Half-Martial Ancestors attacked at the same time without any reservations.

The might of a Half-Martial Ancestor descended. Although Demoness Ji had the Exquisite Steps, her movement speed was still greatly affected.

“How dare you!”

Demoness Ji hollered softly, “I’ve obtained Fairy Ling Long’s inheritance and yet you guys dare to try and kill me!”

“Hmph, a demoness that bewitches the entire world deserves to die!”

Half-Martial Ancestor Qian Tian hollered and was unmoved.

“A fiend and a demoness barging into Enigma Palace is a crime punishable by death!” Half-Martial Ancestor Divine Turtle-Dove said coldly.

Pshew! Pshew!

Two flying swords slashed down.

They slashed down almost at Demoness Ji’s head!

A wisp of black hair fell.

It was a close shave!

Demoness Ji broke out in cold sweat.

Normally speaking, given the fact that she inherited the Exquisite Steps, Enigma Palace would not harm her even if she committed a grave mistake on account of Founder Master Ling Long!

However, she had not expected Enigma Palace to be so ruthless!

Poof! Poof!

In her moment of distraction, two wounds appeared on her body!

Even with the Exquisite Steps, she could not last long against the pursuit of two Half-Martial Ancestors!

“Am I going to be buried in the Exquisite Killing Formation today?”

Demoness Ji laughed bitterly.

All of a sudden!

A long howl sounded from afar, as loud as the clouds and approaching rapidly like a thunderbolt!

Demoness Ji’s eyes lit up when she heard that howl.


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