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Chapter 1480: Kunlun Barrier

Translator: Legge

Although the skeleton malevolent ghost seemed like he was suppressed by Su Zimo with ease, in reality, his cultivation was top-tier even in Tianhuang Mainland!

Neither Extreme Fire nor Nian Qi were its match.

If Su Zimo did not have the support of the cultivation techniques of the Buddhist monasteries, he would have to spend a lot of effort to suppress the skeleton completely.

“Let’s go. Be careful,”

Su Zimo said and the three of them continued forward.

The three of them walked through the Kunlun Ruins for an entire day and encountered countless battles along the way. Thankfully, they got out unharmed.

The existences in the Kunlun Ruins did not care what sort of paragons or monster incarnates they were; they did not know Desolate Martial at all.

In their eyes, Su Zimo and the other two were nothing but fresh meat that could be consumed and be of great help to their cultivation!

Even with Su Zimo’s immense stamina, he was tired after battling for an entire day.

Extreme Fire and Nian Qi were even more exhausted and their faces turned pale.

“Where are we now?”

Su Zimo had just killed a pure-blooded ferocious beast when he stopped in his tracks and asked.

Extreme Fire panted slightly. “We’re still at the outer perimeter of the Kunlun Ruins.”

The Kunlun Ruins was way too huge!

The three of them had walked for an entire day and were still lingering around the outer perimeter.

“Look over there,”

Extreme Fire pointed to the purple-gold light in the distance and said in a deep voice, “That’s the Kunlun Barrier. You only truly get to the core of the Kunlun Ruins after entering that barrier!”

“However, with the existence of the Kunlun Barrier, cultivators outside can’t enter at all! Over the years, some cultivators who enter the Kunlun Ruins to search for opportunities have merely loitered around the outer perimeter.”

Su Zimo gazed at the aurora-like light in the distance thoughtfully.

“Let’s go take a look!”

He said and let the way with Extreme Fire and Nian Qi right behind.

Both of them consumed elixirs while recovering their blood qi and stamina.

The Kunlun Barrier did not seem like it was far.

However, Su Zimo and the other two walked for another three days before they truly arrived at the foot of the Kunlun Barrier!

Naturally, the journey was another ma.s.sacre.

All three of them were the strongest paragons of the Conjoint Body realm.

Given Su Zimo’s current cultivation, the living beings and malevolent ghosts at the outer perimeter of the Kunlun Ruins were even less of a threat to him!

Half-Martial Ancestor Qing Ze of Enigma Palace had once said that Desolate Martial’s status was already established and no one could threaten him unless a Patriarch attacked!

He was not exaggerating at all!

Su Zimo looked at the Kunlun Barrier before him.

As long as he pa.s.sed through this barrier, he would be able to come into contact with the true secrets of the Kunlun Ruins and see another world and the legendary Kunlun race!

The power of the barrier was extremely mysterious and cold.

Extreme Fire led the way and attempted to cross the Kunlun Barrier.

The moment his body touched the barrier, it met with immense resistance. Although he pushed his bloodline to its limits, he could not cross it!

After a moment of stalemate, Extreme Fire could only retreat.

“I still can’t do it,”

Extreme Fire laughed bitterly. “Back then, I tried it. To think that I still can’t cross it after entering the Conjoint Body realm.”

“Let me try too,”

Su Zimo said as he walked towards the Kunlun Barrier.

The moment he touched the barrier, he felt a tremendous resistance as well.

Su Zimo channeled his bloodline slowly and the sound of a tsunami burst forth from his body. His Green Lotus True Body exuded a divine light and his organs shone brightly!

Against the obstruction of the barrier, the Green Lotus True Body turned transparent and transformed into the shape of a Creation Green Lotus!

Under the gazes of Extreme Fire and Nian Qi, Su Zimo’s figure gradually entered the Kunlun Barrier and vanished.

“He managed to get in?”

Extreme Fire’s eyes were widened in disbelief.


Nian Qi nodded.

The two of them waited silently and not long after, Su Zimo’s figure appeared once more and he walked back from the Kunlun Barrier!

“How is it?”

Extreme Fire asked hurriedly.

“I crossed it,”

Su Zimo said in a deep voice, “This Kunlun Barrier is two-way. Not only can it prevent cultivators from entering, it’s also impossible for living beings inside to come out.”

“No wonder,”

Extreme Fire murmured softly, “For so many years, there has never been a Kunlun race being in Tianhuang Mainland because of this Kunlun Barrier.”

Mahayana Patriarchs could naturally pa.s.s through this barrier with their power. However, none of them dared to come for fear of triggering a Divine Power Storm that might result in death.

As for Half-Martial Ancestor experts and Conjoint Body Mighty Figures, none of them could pa.s.s through the Kunlun Barrier.

The Kunlun Barrier isolated the Kunlun Ruins from Tianhuang Mainland completely, forming two different worlds!

There was a huge reason why the Kunlun Ruins was so mysterious and n.o.body had been able to unveil it for so many years!

“Let me try too,”

After Su Zimo and Extreme Fire tried it, Nian Qi was eager as well and walked forward, heading towards the Kunlun Barrier.

However, the moment Nian Qi touched the Kunlun Barrier, a change happened!

A blinding light burst forth from the Kunlun Barrier!

As though a gigantic rock was tossed into the middle of a lake, ma.s.sive waves were created on the calm barrier!

An extremely terrifying power burst forth from the Kunlun Barrier and smashed towards Nian Qi!

That power was so terrifying that even Su Zimo’s expression changed slightly!


Caught off guard, Nian Qi was struck in the chest by the power of the Kunlun Barrier and the bones in her chest shattered instantly!

The bloodline of the G.o.d race was extremely strong.

However, Nian Qi’s body was almost torn apart by the impact of the Kunlun Barrier!

Everything had happened too quickly!

Even Su Zimo was unprepared and could not react in time.

Nian Qi fell out with a pale expression and spat out a huge mouthful of blood—her organs were ruptured!


As though it was sentient, the Kunlun Barrier gathered its strength once more upon realizing that Nian Qi was not dead. A gigantic, menacing claw appeared in midair and grabbed towards Nian Qi!


Frowning slightly, Su Zimo’s figure flashed and he grabbed Nian Qi. Turning into a golden streak of light, he retreated rapidly and fled far from the Kunlun Barrier.

As the distance between them increased, the menacing claw could not hold on any longer and dissipated gradually.

The Kunlun Barrier returned to normal once more, as though everything that happened earlier was an illusion.

“How could this be?”

Extreme Fire chased over with a bewildered expression.

Both Su Zimo and he merely encountered resistance when they tried to cross the Kunlun Barrier.

However, Nian Qi nearly lost her life!

Su Zimo fed Nian Qi an elixir before asking with a frown, “Who set up this barrier?”

“I’m not sure,”

Extreme Fire shook his head.

Even Enigma Palace might not know the origin of that Kunlun Barrier, let alone him.

Su Zimo’s gaze flickered. Recalling that menacing claw earlier on, he had a vague guess.

He was extremely familiar with that claw.

That was the claw that Night Spirit would only reveal when he reverted to his true form!

If this Kunlun Barrier had existed for countless years, it meant that there was a high chance it was set up by the Hou of the primordial era!

If that was the case, new doubts would arise.

What was the use of that barrier?

Why was there such a huge reaction when Nian Qi tried to cross the Kunlun Barrier—a killing intent from it was triggered!

This could not be a coincidence!

It must be some sort of will left behind by the primordial Hou that caused such a change to the Kunlun Barrier!


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