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Chapter 253: Pity

Ordinary flying swords could be purchased in the Sky Treasure Pavilion.

However, if one wanted a flying sword that was the most suited for themselves where the measurements, weight and materials used were according to their specifications, they would have to come to custom weapon workshops.

It was even more so for defensive spirit weapons such as vests and inner armors.

Everyone had different figures so they naturally had to customize their cuttings.

Su Zimo spent his time queuing to observe many things.

Typically, middle-grade spirit weapons would require three to five thousand middle-grade spirit stones to customize. Furthermore, the clients would have to provide at least three sets of materials!

Superior-grade spirit weapons would require three to five thousand superior-grade spirit stones and ten sets of materials!

After a long time, it was finally Su Zimo’s turn.

He pondered for a moment before asking, “Fellow Daoist, I can understand why I need to provide my own materials to order a customized spirit weapon. However, why do I need three sets or even ten sets for superior-grade spirit weapons?”

When he heard that, a disciple of True Fire Sect scoffed, “Are you acting stupid with me? Which Weapon Refinement Master would dare guarantee that he would be able to produce a graded spirit weapon with 100% certainty? Do you think that spirit gathering works with a 100% success rate?”

“The higher the grade of the spirit weapon, the lower the chances of success for the spirit gathering. As such, there’s naturally a need for more sets of materials. Even then, we’re still taking on a risk.”

Everyone from True Fire Sect in the weapon workshop looked at Su Zimo with obvious sarcasm.

“This guy wants to custom order spirit weapons without knowing anything at all?”

“I wonder where this country b.u.mpkin came from. He’s truly ignorant.”

“I reckon that this lad’s poor and useless. He’s probably here to join the crowd.”

When he heard those comments, Su Zimo chuckled without refuting and continued asking, “What’s the price of customizing a supreme-grade spirit weapon?”


A series of laughter broke out both inside and outside True Fire Weapon Workshop.

“I told you, this guy’s here to join the crowd! He’s even acting like he knows everything!”

“Customizing supreme-grade spirit weapons. To think he could say something like that. I’m dying of laughter here!”

Someone lamented, “Truly ignorant.”

Su Zimo looked at the snickering disciples of True Fire Sect with a faint smile on his lips.

A cultivator standing behind Su Zimo could not bear to see how things were and explained softly, “Fellow Daoist, supreme-grade spirit weapons can’t be customized. Even if someone prepares 100 sets of materials, no Weapon Refinement Master would dare take on the job. Refinement of a supreme-grade spirit weapon requires fate and luck and the chances of failure are way too high.”

“I see,” Su Zimo nodded.

That person continued, “If a Weapon Refinement Master can refine a single supreme-grade spirit weapon in his lifetime, that’s enough for him to make a name for himself! Furthermore, the prices of supreme-grade spirit weapons are not fixed. In the auction house, the cheapest ones are sold at 500,000 superior-grade spirit stones at least. If there’s compet.i.tion for it, the price can even go up to millions!”

Superior-grade spirit weapons with three spirit patterns could be sold for 5,000 superior-grade spirit stones at most.

However, supreme-grade spirit weapons that merely had an additional spirit pattern could be sold for a hundred times more!

The gap between them was obvious.

“Stop wasting time here, get lost!”

The shopkeeper of the True Fire Weapon Workshop walked over and waved off Su Zimo, not hiding the disgust in his eyes.

Su Zimo was not angered as well, merely smiling. “Shopkeeper, I think you will regret this one day.”

With that said, Su Zimo turned to leave.

After checking out the market price, Su Zimo already made his plans.

Furthermore, Su Zimo was confident that his weapon workshop would definitely become the biggest one in the capital, crus.h.i.+ng even True Fire Weapon Workshop under his foot!

Su Zimo had not walked far when he felt his heart stir as he looked to a corner not far away.

There was a girl around 15 years old curled up and sitting on the ground. Dirty all over with tattered clothes, her yellowed hair was disheveled and her face was covered in dirt – only her eyes were clear and bright.

A cold gust of wind blew and the little girl s.h.i.+rked her neck, pursing her lips and breaking out into s.h.i.+vers.

For some reason, Su Zimo was reminded of Xiaoning when he saw that girl.

Back when Xiaoning left, she was around the age of that girl.

Su Zimo sighed to himself and bought a few buns nearby. Wrapping them in oilpaper, he handed them to the girl and said gently, “Have some food.”

A trace of fear flashed across the little girl’s eyes as she hesitated and did not take the oilpaper.

Su Zimo did not insist further and placed the oilpaper beside the little girl. He took a set of green robes out from his storage bag and draped it gently around the little girl before standing up.

This action caused the little girl to be less wary of Su Zimo.

She extended her dirty hands and tried to pick up a bun.

Su Zimo was about to leave when Night Spirit suddenly moved, popping its black little head out of his robes to look at the girl.

Before Su Zimo could say anything, Night Spirit leaped out and ran to the little girl, sniffing something on her body.


The little girl was startled and dropped the bun she had just picked up.

Frowning, Su Zimo pulled Night Spirit back hurriedly and stuffed it into his robes.

Unlike normally, Night Spirit did not hide and instead looked at the little girl constantly with its head popped out.

Su Zimo whispered apologetically, “Don’t be afraid, it won’t hurt you.”

The little girl did not say anything, merely watching Su Zimo warily with widened eyes.

Chuckling bitterly, Su Zimo shook his head and turned to leave.

The two of them did not know each other and merely met by chance. It was already benevolent and kind enough of Su Zimo to give her a meal and a set of clothes on account of his feelings for Xiaoning.

He continued walking towards his residence.

Before he walked far, Su Zimo felt his heart stir and glanced slightly sideways.

From the corner of his eyes, he caught sight of the little girl draped in his green robes wolfing down the buns. She was following behind him, maintaining a fixed distance.

Smiling, Su Zimo was not bothered by it.

Before long, he arrived at the entrance of Yongxing City.

On one side of Yongxing City’s entrance gate, a large group of people gathered. Despite their numbers, they were extremely quiet and the only sound came from the middle of the crowd.

“And it was said that the ma.s.sive battle continued for two days and nights and finally, the divine dragon was slain by that man! That battle was so intense that the skies went dark and the earth shattered. Corpses were strewn all over the ground as fresh blood flowed in an extremely tragic manner!”

In the middle of the crowd, a Confucian-looking old man with long robes was telling a story.

This was a storyteller, someone that traveled among common folk and specialized in fictional stories of the supernatural – Su Zimo had heard many of them.

However, for some reason, when he heard those words of the old man, an image of the terrible sea of bones in the perimeter of the primordial ruin flashed in front of Su Zimo’s eyes uncontrollably!

Su Zimo shrugged his head and did not think too much about it, merely lamenting internally, “A divine dragon has just appeared and someone’s already making up tales of divine dragons as though it’s real.”

Right then, someone raised his voice and said, “Storyteller, you’ve already told us this part in the afternoon!”

“I did, but some people didn’t get to hear it,” The old man chuckled.

Su Zimo paused and turned around slowly, looking at the old man in the crowd.

Did that old man say that on a whim… or was he implying something?


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