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Chapter 291: Ma.s.s Gathering

Mo Ling, Su Zimo…

The emperor furrowed his brows as he fell into deep thought.

How was that possible?

Even though the truth was seemingly out, the emperor was still unwilling to accept it.

In his heart, he could not comprehend how the two completely different people became one!

After some thought, he ordered in a deep voice, “Men!”

Before long, two guards appeared and knelt on one knee. They had respectful expressions as they awaited the emperor’s orders.

“Summon the Imperial Army vice commander, Dai Xu.”

The emperor did not know much about the Su family’s situation and intended to summon Dai Xu to ask the latter once more.

Upon hearing the emperor’s order, the two guards froze up and exchanged glances. Looking troubled, they did not leave immediately.

“What’s wrong?” The emperor’s gaze turned cold.

The two guards shuddered and one of them replied hurriedly, “Your Majesty, Vice Commander Dai died about ten days ago and his corpse was discovered in the forest tens of kilometers outside the capital.”

“He’s dead?”

The emperor narrowed his eyes and a cold light flashed.

The other guard said, “Vice Commander Dai’s throat was shattered. From the looks of it, the claws of a demon beast should have ripped it apart. Our preliminary guess is that he was attacked by a spirit demon.”

The emperor asked expressionlessly, “Is his storage bag still there?”


The emperor scoffed coldly. “If his storage bag is not there, it means that he was murdered by someone!”

While spirit demons possessed intelligence, they were unable to open the storage bags of cultivators and as such, it would be meaningless for them to take the storage bags away.

Generally speaking, the death of an Imperial Army vice commander was nothing much in the palace and news of it would not reach the ears of the emperor.

Even if he heard about this news, the emperor would not be bothered about the death of a Foundation Establishment Cultivator either.

However, the emperor felt that something was amiss right now.

Things were way too coincidental!

Pondering for a moment, the emperor said in a deep voice, “Summon the Imperial Army soldiers who accompanied the third princess to Ping Yang Town of Yan Country a couple of years ago. Also, summon the soldiers that were patrolling with Dai Xu in the palace before his death!”


The two guards retreated.

People came and went on the long streets.

Among the crowd, two cultivators attracted the attention of many other cultivators who looked on with awe and fear.

“See that? The emblem on their sleeves and the sect badges on their waists indicate that they’re from one of the five major sects, Southern Mountains Sect!”

“The one in front should be Perfected Being Yun Shan and the young man behind him should be the number one of all Foundation Establishment Cultivators in Southern Mountains Sect, s.h.i.+ Jian.”

“I heard that s.h.i.+ Jian is extremely strong and has already unlocked five meridians. He should be able to get a spot on the Spirit Ranking.”

Before long, the two of them were submerged in the crowd.

Soon, another female cultivator arrived in the crowd that caused another commotion.

“Look, that seems to be Perfected Being Yi Ning from Azure Frost Sect!”

“Yes, it’s really her. Although she’s a little old, she still looks ravis.h.i.+ng as ever.”

“Seems like Perfected Being Yi Ning must be the one leading the group from Azure Frost Sect for the sect compet.i.tion.”

Before long, Perfected Being Yi Ning left in front of everyone’s gazes.

Not long later, another three cultivators arrived.

Their leader was dressed in aquamarine robes and was at Golden Core realm. With one hand behind his back, his eyes were long and narrow as he walked over slowly with a cold, sharp gaze.

That man was accompanied by a man and woman walking side by side behind him – they were both Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

The man was extraordinarily handsome and his eyes were like stars. Smiling, he was chatting with the woman beside him.

She wore a faint green dress and looked to be in her twenties, exuding a gentle temperament with skin as fair as snow.

“Look, those three are from Iridescent Clouds Palace!”

“If I’m not wrong, the aquamarine-robed cultivator at the front should be Perfected Being Cang Lang. It’s said that he’s immensely strong and has even cultivated an extremely powerful Golden Core phenomenon! He’s one of the top experts among Golden Cores!”

“The handsome man behind him is Si Yutang and he should be here for a spot on the Spirit Ranking! It’s said that he has already unlocked five meridians and is a genius of the Iridescent Clouds Palace Foundation Establishment Cultivators!”

“That woman’s name is Mengqi or something. She is rather comfortable to look at.”

“To be able to be brought by Perfected Being Cang Lang and stand on Si Yutang’s side, she’s probably rather capable.”

As everyone discussed, the three of them gradually walked away.

“Eh? Look at the cultivators from Southern Mountains Sect, Azure Frost Sect and Iridescent Clouds Palace. They seem to be walking in the same direction. Could something big be happening over there?” Right then, someone suddenly realized and asked aloud.

“Don’t you know?”

“Today is the day for Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop’s monthly auction! Those cultivators must be heading there to customize supreme-grade spirit weapons.”

Listening to the discussions around them, the handsome man from Iridescent Clouds Palace, Si Yutang, smiled. “Junior sister, look. The auction that’s held at Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop at the start of every month is a rare event in the capital.”


Shen Mengqi nodded and a trace of shock flickered through her eyes.

Along the way, almost all the cultivators were discussing about the auction at Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop today.

Furthermore, they were not the only ones – even Southern Mountains Sect and Azure Frost Sect were taking part as well!

The fact that a Weapon Refinement Master could command such immense influence in the capital where he could almost have anything he wanted was something that Shen Mengqi was completely impressed with.

Even with the strength of her master, Perfected Being Cang Lang, he was not able to achieve some influence!

Shen Mengqi was looking forward to it as she said, “I wonder how Mr. Mo looks like. It’ll be great if we have a chance of befriending him.”

“That’s going to be difficult.”

Si Yutang shook his head. “It’s said that only a few people had the chance to see Mr. Mo in the three years that Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop had been open. Let alone befriending, even the chance to catch sight of Mr. Mo would be something worth bragging about.”

Shen Mengqi pursed her lips, feeling a little disappointed.

Si Yutang comforted her, “However, don’t worry too much, junior sister. Master’s purpose for heading there is to auction for a supreme-grade spirit weapon! If he succeeds, we might be able to bask in his glory and have a chance to meet Mr. Mo.”

Shen Mengqi nodded.

“I’ll definitely succeed!”

Right then, Perfected Being Cang Lang remarked indifferently with certainty without looking back.

He had prepared for three years just for this auction and was confident that he would be able to bid for the chance to customize a supreme-grade spirit weapon!

Before long, the three of them arrived in the vicinity of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

Looking over, all three of them could not conceal the shock in their eyes and were dumbfounded.

Even Perfected Being Cang Lang’s expression changed slightly.

There were way too many people at the entrance of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop!

A single glance over could tell that there were tens of thousands of cultivators gathered in the area. It was so densely crowded that it was like a sea of people – it looked extremely majestic!

A rough scan of the crowd showed that just Golden Cores alone amounted to more than a thousand people!

It was rare to see so many Golden Cores gathered.

However, all of them were now gathered in front of this seemingly ordinary residence, looking at it from time to time with expectant expressions.


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