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Chapter 411: Ground Dragon

There were too many Ancient Blood Mosquitoes as they filled the skies and swarmed over like locusts.

Even though they knew the weakness of the Ancient Blood Mosquitoes, it was inevitable for them to have openings in their defense, allowing the Ancient Blood Mosquitoes to close in!

Those bloodstained, thin and long mouthparts were extremely sharp. Once a cultivator was pierced by them, b.l.o.o.d.y holes would be formed and they would be sucked dry in the blink of an eye, leaving behind nothing but a skeleton!

Initially, cultivators died as the group continued ahead, causing gaps in the formation.

Under Tang Yu’s lead, the group gathered even more closely and tightly, covering the gaps so that the formation wouldn’t be destroyed and torn apart.

Although they were similarly at six meridian Foundation Establishment, Su Zimo’s spirit energy was much richer than the Battle Hall cultivators of Elixir Yang Sect and was comparable to that of a seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator!

Coupled with his supreme-grade flying swords and Ethereal Sword, Su Zimo’s 18 flying swords created an immense amount of damage ahead and were unbeatable!

No Ancient Blood Mosquito could reach him as blood mists appeared continuously ahead along with the tragic cries of the former.

With Su Zimo taking over most of the attacks, the pressure on Ji Chengtian and Yan Jun lessened significantly and the group continued pus.h.i.+ng forward.

Even without turning back to look, Su Zimo could sense cultivators falling to the ground repeatedly, unable to get up.

In that Fog Valley, one was as good as dead if they suffered serious injuries.

Since those cultivators chose to enter the valley in pursuit of Elixir Pool Sect’s treasures, they had to accept the dangers they were currently facing!

Su Zimo was not a saint and did not have the energy or will to save everyone. All he could do was ensure that the front of the formation was preserved as much as possible and lead the group through the obstacles ahead.

An hour later, the group of them broke out from the encirclement of the Ancient Blood Mosquitoes.

The surrounding Ancient Blood Mosquitoes were gradually minced by the flying swords and fell.

“Everyone, take a rest and treat your wounds. Use elixirs to recover your energy,”

Tang Yu declared with a heave of relief after breaking out from the Ancient Blood Mosquitoes.

Su Zimo frowned and did not comment when he heard her decision.

The cultivators stopped in their tracks and started bandaging their wounds while consuming elixirs, panting heavily with pale faces.

Everyone looked towards Su Zimo at the front with complicated expressions.

Previously, none of them could understand why Tang Yu was willing to offend the Four Mounted Bandits just to recruit Su Zimo.

But now, all of them realized how terrifying Su Zimo was!

After that battle, he was calm and composed as usual. Compared to them, he was worlds apart.

People like Tang Yu and Uncle Liang understood everything even better. If Su Zimo had not paved the b.l.o.o.d.y path in front of them, they would have lost at least half of their group of cultivators!

But now, they had only lost slightly more than a hundred cultivators after breaking free from the Ancient Blood Mosquitoes.

Not long after, when Su Zimo saw that everyone had consumed elixirs and treated their wounds, he came before Tang Yu and said softly, “Let’s hurry and leave. This is not a good place to linger.”

There was less than an hour before nightfall.

Time was extremely pressing for the group from Elixir Yang Sect – the longer they lingered in the valley, the more danger they would face!

Furthermore, what they faced earlier was just a group of Ancient Blood Mosquitoes.

There were many remnant and variant beasts that had yet to appear.

Su Zimo had a feeling that pure-blooded ferocious beasts would definitely appear once night fell!

At that time, the valley would be a nightmare for all the sects and cultivators!

Tang Yu nodded.

Just as she was about to speak, Yan Jun sneered, “Su Zimo, you have a strong physique and can continue on the road. However, you’ve got to consider the feelings of others!”

His voice was very loud, as if he was intentionally speaking to others.

Many cultivators looked towards Su Zimo with displeasure upon hearing that.

Tang Yu hesitated when she caught sight of their expressions.

Loudly, Yan Jun declared, “Everyone, there’s no need to be anxious! Resting a little more won’t make a difference!”

Su Zimo smiled and did not say anything more.


Suddenly, he sensed something and a cold glint flashed through his eyes. Spinning around, he looked towards the back of the formation.

“What’s wrong?”

Tang Yu asked hurriedly when she saw Su Zimo’s strange expression.

Before she finished speaking, the ground at the back of the cone-shaped formation began to tremble. Gradually, it turned soft and weak, showing signs of sinking in!

It was as if some terrifying creature was about to break out of the soil!

“Hurry, let’s go!”

Su Zimo shouted.

Tang Yu also sensed that something was amiss and yelled, “Everyone, follow me! Let’s leave this place quickly!”

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The ground at the back collapsed suddenly and dark red tentacles as thick as a water bucket extended from beneath, yanking the cultivators underneath!

“Ground Dragons! It’s Ground Dragons!”

Uncle Liang exclaimed in shock.

Ground Dragons were not dragons and usually lived underground. Although they were shaped like anacondas, they had no scales and their bodies were filled with spiral patterns instead. They were dark red in color with no eyes and were extremely sensitive to light and trembles on the ground.

There was a huge circular mouth on their heads with rims of sharp fangs within and they could grind any living beings into mincemeat with every squirm!

The most terrifying thing was that Ground Dragons had an exceptional regeneration capability!

Even if they were cut into several pieces, they could recover to their original states as long as they dug back underground and rested!

Any living being that was dragged underground by a Ground Dragon was most likely doomed and even ancient remnant beasts were no exception!

Although Su Zimo had warned them, most cultivators at the back took it lightly and were completely defenseless; some of them even a.s.sumed lotus positions on the ground.

The moment the ground caved in, those cultivators were dragged underground by the Ground Dragons with only time for a single tragic cry for help.

Some cultivators soared into the air hurriedly but they were devoured by the Ground Dragons in a single mouthful they could react, causing blood to spray everywhere in a miserable manner!

Some cultivators summoned their flying swords hurriedly to cut the Ground Dragons into two.

However, the Ground Dragons did not die and still possessed extremely powerful killing power even with half their bodies left!

The ground was stained scarlet with blood.

“Hurry, run!”

“We have to get out of here quickly!”

A series of shouts sounded within the chaos.

The cone-shaped formation was created once more, albeit somewhat scattered, and they rushed towards the valley under Su Zimo’s lead.

The cultivators only managed to shake off the Ground Dragons after a full 15 minutes of escaping and slowed down.

Most of them were drenched in sweat with fear and unease.

This escape had too much of a toll on everyone’s mental state and energy; even Ji Chengtian’s forehead was covered with a layer of sweat.

Su Zimo looked as per normal.

His eyes were bright, his breathing was steady and his physique seemed unlimited like the vast skies and bottomless seas.

It seemed like everything that happened was insignificant to him!

Tang Yu looked down at the remaining Elixir Yang Sect cultivators with a sorrowful expression.

Elixir Yang Sect only lost slightly more than a hundred people after breaking free from the Ancient Blood Mosquitoes.

However, they had only lingered for a moment longer at that place and almost two hundred cultivators were dead!

Recalling Su Zimo’s suggestion, Tang Yu felt even more guilty!

She bore at least half the responsibility for the deaths of over two hundred cultivators!

If only she had been more decisive, perhaps…


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