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Chapter 749: Third Phenomenon!

In midair.

Chaos Ocean churned still and stirred ma.s.sive waves without any signs of letting up!

However, Di Yin’s eyes no longer had a mocking look in them. He narrowed his gaze and glared at the depths of the ocean, as though he had spotted something.

All of a sudden!

In the depths of that dark ocean, streaks of red light could be faintly seen.

They grew brighter and clearer as they tore through layers of chaos and the ocean surface. A brilliant glow was released that illuminated the entire ocean surface scarlet!


Flames had appeared at the bottom of Chaos Ocean!

Immediately after, a ma.s.sive figure floated up from the depths of the ocean with a puffed chest and a bright gaze – it was the sacred beast, the Black Tortoise, that was devoured by Chaos Ocean earlier on!


“The Black Tortoise phenomenon did not get dispersed by Chaos Ocean!”

“Eh, where is Su Zimo?”

“No idea, but that Black Tortoise phenomenon seems different from earlier on.”

Su Zimo’s figure had vanished entirely. Instead, raring flames blazed on the sh.e.l.l of the Black Tortoise, ma.s.sive and fiery.

The flames were so immense that even Chaos Ocean could not extinguish them!

All of a sudden!

A bedazzling glow that intensified flashed from the right side of the skies.

In that dark night, a blazing sun appeared and released a scorching heat. It illuminated the entire Myriad Phenomenon City like daylight!

The skies on the left were still ink-black and silently cold.

It was as though the skies had been split into two entirely different worlds!

Day and night appeared at the same time.

It was dark on the left side and bright on the right!

Between the two worlds where darkness and light intersected, lightning flashed and thunder howled, releasing endless electric arcs that spread through the voids like spirit snakes!

The appearance of day and night together released two distinct l.u.s.ters of Yin and Yang that coincidentally converged on the sh.e.l.l of the Black Tortoise.

Yin and Yang were interweaving!

The mysterious patterns on the Black Tortoise’s sh.e.l.l seemed as though they were triggered and released streams of resplendent lights!


A blaze surged!

All the cultivators present, including the 17 Nascent Souls above the clouds, were watching the battlefield fixedly with bated breath.


Di Yin channeled his spirit energy and the green lotus swayed. Chaos Ocean howled as waves rose one after another to crash against the Black Tortoise.

However, the Black Tortoise was unyielding and the flames did not extinguis.h.!.+

Perfected Lord Hun Yi frowned and asked deeply, “What are those flames? How are they not extinguished by Chaos Ocean?”

Monk Yuan Kong mulled with a bright gaze. “The flames seem as though they possess the aura of the Dao of Buddhism!”

Before his words were finished…

Sanskrit sounded in midair.

Someone was chanting sutras and prostrating to Buddha in that intense battle with a voice that resounded like a bell. It was loud and reverberated through one’s ears.

Every single word possessed a mysterious, n.o.ble power!

The voids trembled!

“That’s mister’s voice!”

Little Fox broke out in tears with joy.

She had been by Su Zimo’s side for 20 years at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, coiled up in his ankles. She would often fall into slumber listening to Su Zimo’s voice as he recited sutras.

Little Fox could not be more familiar with those Sanskrit words.

“Su Zimo isn’t dead!”

“It seems like things are going to change once more!”

Cries of surprises came from the crowd.

“But, where is he?”

More than shock, the eyes of the hundred thousand cultivators were filled with questions.

Above the battlefield, the green lotus swayed and Chaos Ocean churned. The Black Tortoise stood steady in the ocean with its limbs as a flaming light burst into the air on its sh.e.l.l, but there was no trace of Su Zimo!

The Sanskrit became louder as time pa.s.sed!

Right in front of everyone’s eyes, a jade-like pristine green lotus grew from the blazing flames – it was flawless and shone with a pure glow!

“It’s the World Cleansing Green Lotus again!”

“Su Zimo has also comprehended the World Cleansing Green Lotus!”

Even without the reminder of the 17 Nascent Souls above the clouds, the hundred thousand Golden Cores present recognized that phenomenon right away.

Just then, the Sanskrit stopped.

A calm voice sounded from the sh.e.l.l of the Black Tortoise.

“Di Yin, sorry to disappoint you. I don’t possess a double phenomenon!”

Many cultivators were agape.

As they looked at the green lotus on the Black Tortoise’s sh.e.l.l, everyone came to a realization.

With that World Cleansing Green Lotus, Su Zimo had already cultivated three Golden Core phenomenons!

No matter who it was — Di Yin or Su Zimo — that won the fight today, both of them had accomplished unprecedented attainments!

Although Di Yin’s expression was grim, he sneered still, “So what if you have three phenomenons? All three of them are tras.h.!.+ There’s now ay you can compete against my Chaos Green Lotus!”


Su Zimo smiled lightly, not reb.u.t.ting his words.

His three phenomenons represented the Daos of immortal, Buddhism and fiends. Furthermore, all of them were the top Golden Core phenomenons of their respective Daos!

In reality, back when Su Zimo left the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, he had already cultivated the World Cleansing Green Lotus.

Di Yin was able to realize that phenomenon after browsing through the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra for a month.

How could Su Zimo possibly gain nothing after spending 20 years laying dormant?

Initially, the Divine Turtle and Soaring Serpent phenomenons were irreconcilable with their fire and water natures and were in constant conflict.

The reason why the two phenomenons were able to fuse to become the Black Tortoise phenomenon later on was because Su Zimo had cultivated Buddhism at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley and accomplished the World Cleansing Green Lotus.

However, Su Zimo was unable to fuse the three phenomenons together.

It was only after he ascended the Myriad Phenomenon Peak that he obtained a true resolution.

Su Zimo experienced the marks and auras of many ancient phenomenons on the Myriad Phenomenon Peak.

Those phenomenons were a representation of the ancient era, the most glorious civilization period of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend Daos!

Although Su Zimo could not comprehend the thousands of ancient phenomenons, he could appreciate the intent of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend Daos behind them.

The turtle and snake intertwined, fire and water fused while pa.s.sive and activeness were harmonized!

Day appeared with night, light stacked upon darkness and Yin and Yang intersected!

When the multiple sources of power were used on the back of the Black Tortoise, the obscure and mysterious runes on its back were activated and the true power of the Black Tortoise was released!

The existence of that power was the reason why the Black Tortoise was not drowned by Chaos Ocean.

The flames on the back of its sh.e.l.l were left behind by the Saraca Flower.

That was a divine flame of the Buddhist Dao.

Chaos Ocean was not able to extinguish it!

The Saraca Flower possessed the power of life.

With the help of the Saraca Flower, Su Zimo fused the World Cleansing Green Lotus into the Black Tortoise phenomenon perfectly and an eternal green lotus blossomed from the blazing flames!

In fact, the green color of the lotus was purged away by the raging flames and dazzling streaks of golden light were gradually released!

Within the terrifying flame ocean, an indestructible golden lotus was born and shone brilliantly!

One after another, golden petals blossomed and gradually revealed a golden lotus seat within.

A figure sat on the lotus seat with his palms clasped together. His head was lowered in a dignified manner and he was shrouded by an endless golden glow, resembling a Buddha that sat on the lotus seat with absolute authority!

Everyone focused their attention – it was Su Zimo who had vanished earlier on!

Within Chaos Ocean, the Black Tortoise broke out. Day and night appeared together and lightning flashed as thunder crackled. The sea of flames was ma.s.sive and shone with a golden glow as the entire world shook!


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