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Chapter 757: s.h.i.+fting Tides

Perfected Lord Tian Ming released Zephyr Thunder Escape and Dharmic powers surged. Like a thunderbolt, he sprinted away from Myriad Phenomenon City without stopping!

In fact, he was not even bothered about the disciples in his sect!

Perfected Lord Tian Ming was not a Sealer in his twilight years.

He was a Nascent Soul that was in his prime – there was no way he was going to sacrifice his life to protect the disciples of his sect!

His expression was panicked with a deep hint of fear in his eyes.

He did not make the decision out of a moment of foolishness – it was a decisive choice judging from the situation!

The Primordial Nine Races was way too terrifying.

His fear towards the Primordial Nine Races was already rooted and stemmed from the depths of his bloodline – there was no way to resist it!

It was the same way how a mortal would feel fearful upon encountering a ferocious beast even without fighting it!

Furthermore, Perfected Lord Tian Ming knew that he was no match for the Rakshasa leader after witnessing the latter’s terrifying capabilities. If he lingered in Myriad Phenomenon City, he would definitely die!

Right now, they might have a shot at survival if they chose to escape.

In truth, Perfected Lord Tian Ming was not the only one – even Perfected Lord Bei Dou, Monk Yuan Kong and most of the other Perfected Lords had the same thoughts.

Myriad Phenomenon City was in chaos!

Figures danced in midair one after another.

Sinister laughters echoed through the entire city.

The Rakshasa clansmen bared their mouths and revealed bloodied fangs as they gazed at the cultivators scurrying in escape. Their gazes were fervent as though they were looking at a delicious feast!


A Purple Firmament Sect cultivator had barely moved when he found his chest punctured by a dark light, causing fresh blood to spurt.

The person’s gaze froze and gradually dimmed. His body paused momentarily before exploding suddenly – he died right on the spot!


A nun from Clear Heart Nunnery was overcast by a shadow the moment she soared into the air.

Before she could release her Golden Core phenomenon, she nearly fainted from a sharp pain in her abdomen!

Instinctively, she looked down.

She saw a bloodied claw protruding from her abdomen wielding a round Golden Core in its palm!

Her head slanted to the side and she fainted.


The Rakshasa clansmen tore out her Golden Core and tossed it into his mouth, swallowing it.

Immediately after, he dug out the nun’s heart and stuffed it into his mouth as well, chewing it with blood splas.h.i.+ng everywhere!

Similar scenes were repeated elsewhere constantly.

Although they were all at Golden Core realm, human paragons could not withstand a single attack against a Rakshasa clansmen; even ordinary Golden Core phenomenons were shattered with ease by the Rakshasa race!

Only paragons on the Phenomenon Ranking could hold out briefly when they released their Golden Core phenomenons.

However, the Rakshasa race specialized in speed and movement techniques!

The paragons of the Phenomenon Ranking could only struggle and defend upon release of their Golden Core phenomenons. Once the power of their phenomenon was depleted, they would be nothing more than fish on a chopping board!

More than a hundred Rakshasa clansmen shuttled through the crowd wildly wielding sabers in their hands – blood and corpse was left in the wake of everywhere they pa.s.sed!

The streams of dark light were like scythes of the reaper that collected the lives of human paragons.

There were more than a hundred thousand cultivators fleeing in all directions. Little Fatty and the others were gathered together and their small group had yet to attract the attention of the Rakshasa race.

“What should we do?”

Little Fatty’s forehead was filled with sweat as he asked softly.

The group of them was gathered purely because of Su Zimo.

Now that he wasn’t around, none of them had any plans.

They had various expressions and different thoughts.

“What’s there to be afraid of?”

Monkey’s eyes were bright and bloodshot as he glared at the Rakshasa dark lights that streaked through the air one after another. With a fierce gaze, he said in a chilling voice, “We’ll just kill the h.e.l.l out of them no matter what race they are!”


Ji Chengtian sighed. “While that may be the case, t-the Rakshasa race is simply way too terrifying!”

Although he had a pained expression when he looked at cultivators in the city dying one after another with their heads severed, he felt a sense of helplessness.

Xiaoning pursed her lips tightly and was about to tear up.

Even with Leng Rou’s cold personality, her heart wrenched at the sight of her fellow sect mates from Thousand Crane Sect dying and she had a bitter expression.

The spirit tiger gulped and his eyes shone as he whispered, “Brother Monkey, the Rakshasa race has yet to provoke us. Let’s avoid their brutality for the time being.”

Lin Xuanji sighed at the sight of this.

Even within their group, everyone had varied opinions, let alone a hundred thousand cultivators that came from all over Tianhuang Mainland from different sects and factions.

It was completely unrealistic for the hundred thousand cultivators to band together.

Their cohesiveness was gone!

It was going to be difficult for the human paragons to escape from today’s calamity!

Notwithstanding Little Fatty and the others, even the demon beasts on Su Zimo’s side such as Little Fox, Qing Qing, the Golden Lion and the spirit tiger were fl.u.s.tered with fear in their eyes.

Monkey was the only one with a prideful gaze and sustained ferocity.

Night Spirit was expressionless as he followed behind everyone with a cool gaze – n.o.body could read his thoughts.

“Night Spirit, what do you think?”

Monkey turned to ask.

“We’ll take advantage of the chaos to escape,”

Night Spirit spoke with a deep voice, “If we get into a fight, it’ll be difficult for us to escape unscathed.”

Monkey calmed down and gathered his thoughts.

Even if he was confident in his unparalleled combat strength, he would only be able to take on up to two Rakshasa clansmen at best.

The group of them merely consisted of slightly more than ten people.

However, there were more than a hundred from the Rakshasa race.

Furthermore, there was an even more terrifying Rakshasa leader who could kill Nascent Souls. If a fight were to break out, the majority of them would not be able to avoid the slaughter of the Rakshasa race!

“Let’s flee from Myriad Phenomenon City first, the tides are no longer on our side.”

Right then, Lin Xuanji’s voice sounded with a hint of fatigue and exasperation.

Since they had a decision, the group of them no longer hesitated.

“Let’s leave too!”

Monkey beckoned and the group of them followed the crowd to flee out of Myriad Phenomenon City.

In midair, Perfected Lord Tian Ming sprinted the entire way with lightning speed.

Hot on his tails was a sword light that traveled at an extremely fast speed!

“Yue Hua, get lost!”

Perfected Lord Tian Ming caught sight of the sword light from the corner of his eyes and his expression changed as he hollered.

The sword light was Perfected Lord Yue Hua from Sword Sect who had released Sword Escape.

Perfected Lord Tian Ming knew that if two Nascent Souls were gathered together, they would become a greater target and attract the attention of the Rakshasa race more easily!

“Why don’t you scram further instead?!”

Perfected Lord Yue Hua was not willing to relent and reb.u.t.ted instead.

Before his sentence was finished, both Perfected Lord Tian Ming and Perfected Lord Yue Hua felt a chill down their spines.

An evil gust of wind blew and a dark light tore through the air!

It was too fast!

The Rakshasa leader had actually caught up to them in a flas.h.!.+


Perfected Lord Yue Hua was fully focused on escaping and reacted a tad too late. A blood light flashed and the next moment, his head was severed from his body.

A tiny man that glowed flew out of Perfected Lord Yue Hua’s glabella with a fl.u.s.tered expression. After leaving the body, it trembled all over, clearly unable to withstand the killing intent and blood l.u.s.t shrouding around Myriad Phenomenon City.

The Essence Spirits of Nascent Souls were way too fragile.

The moment the Essence Spirit of a Perfected Lord leaves his body, it is extremely susceptible to irrecoverable damage and might even die.

However, at that moment, Perfected Lord Yue Hua could not afford that many considerations.

Yet, the moment his Essence Spirit escaped, it was gripped by a pitch-black muscular palm!

“Caw, caw!”

The Rakshasa leader’s laughter sounded. “I’ve yet to experience the taste of a Perfected Lord’s Essence Spirit. I’ll savor it today!”


He stuffed Perfected Lord Yue Hua’s Essence Spirit into his mouth and crushed it within a few chomps!

Perfected Lord Tian Ming felt chills run down his spine at the sight of that. His limbs went cold and he almost fell from midair.


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