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Chapter 974: Extreme Fire Emerges

There were not many cultivators in the cultivation world who would dare to speak to Dao Lord Immortal Sword in that tone!

This was the number one of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking and a t.i.tular disciple!

That reputation meant that Dao Lord Immortal Sword was an existence that could sweep through all beings of the same level and fight against ordinary Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!

Above Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were Mahayana Patriarchs.

Mahayana realm experts would almost never appear in Tianhuang Mainland unless something major happened.

Therefore, Conjoint Body Mighty Figures included, not many people would dare to claim that they could kill Dao Lord Immortal Sword!

Furthermore, he was backed by Sword Sect.

Throughout history, some immortal sects were destroyed, some rose and some declined. However, Sword Sect stood strong and its strength was always ranked in the top three!

In other words, who would dare to kill him?!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s gaze turned cold.

Everyone turned to look.

Outside the main hall, two people strolled in.

The leader wore a long, fiery red Daoist robe and seemed to be burning with flames. His black hair draped over his shoulders and he had three long whiskers. His face was rosy and his eyes were bright, exuding a violent and blazing aura!

The temperature of the entire hall rose rapidly after that person entered!

There were more than ten Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords in the hall with mixed auras and unrestrained might.

However, after this person entered, the mixed auras and pressure of many Dao Lords seemed to be incinerated into nothingness instantly!

His aura was even more domineering than his words!

“Extreme Fire, you’re indeed still alive!”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain looked at that person and said slowly with bright eyes.

The person smiled indifferently and surveyed his surroundings before saying slowly, “I’m Extreme Fire. Everyone, you’ve come from afar. The journey must have been tough on you.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire!

All the cultivators present were shocked when they heard that name.

Many gazes landed on Dao Lord Extreme Fire as they sized up this expert from 5,000 years ago.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword looked at Dao Lord Extreme Fire expressionlessly as streaks of sword light flashed through his eyes before vanis.h.i.+ng.


When Dao Lord Scarlet Star saw Dao Lord Extreme Fire return unharmed after reconstructing his body, he was delighted and excited.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was exactly the same as the way he had remembered his grandmaster to be.

After 5,000 years, time seemed to have not left a single mark on Dao Lord Extreme Fire.

Furthermore, Dao Lord Extreme Fire looked even scarier than he was 5,000 years ago!

Everyone turned to look at the cultivator behind Dao Lord Extreme Fire.

It was a Nascent Soul. He wore green robes and had a refined appearance. His eyes were clear and he had one hand behind his back, looking like a frail scholar.

For some unknown reason, the scholar gave off a strange feeling.

Everyone took a few more glances at him before turning back to Dao Lord Extreme Fire.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire led the delicate scholar behind him through the hall towards the main seat and said in a seemingly casual manner, “Everyone, you’ve arrived at the right moment. Let me introduce to all of you, this is my disciple, Su Zimo.”


The Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords present were shocked!

Su Zimo!

To a certain extent, that name shocked many Dao Lords even more!

The top of the Phenomenon Ranking a hundred years ago.

He defeated Di Yin in Myriad Phenomenon City, ma.s.sacred two different foreign races and was invincible among his peers!

After laying dormant for a hundred years, he returned in a domineering manner and killed many paragons such as Ye Tiancheng and Perfected Lord Pang Lan. Even Void Reversions were not his match and he was conferred the t.i.tle of number one Perfected Lord at the Thousand Crane Tea Party!

This person had risen way too quickly!

n.o.body knew what level this person would reach in another hundred years.

If Dao Lord Extreme Fire had not said it personally, none of the cultivators present would have imagined that the scholarly man before them was the infamous number one Perfected Lord!

Was this scholar a demon?

The gazes of many Dao Lords landed on Su Zimo once more as they surveyed him.

Everyone frowned slightly.

They could not sense any aura of the demon race from Su Zimo!

Or rather, even the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords present could not see through Su Zimo!

Naturally, the reason why the Dao Lords were shocked was not because they were fearful of Su Zimo’s strength.

It was because Su Zimo was a huge treasure in their eyes!

Nominally, many immortal sects came to seek revenge under the guise of slaying demons.

However, in reality, many of the Dao Lords were more concerned about how to split the treasures on Su Zimo!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword was thinking about the Heaven Slaying Sword Art.

The two Buddhist monks were concerned about the Creation Green Lotus and lost secret skills such as the Daming True Sutra.

Dao Lord Fire Cloud of Zephyr Thunder Palace wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the Purple Thunder Manual from Su Zimo.

There was also the legendary Divine Phoenix Bone!

“You’re Su Zimo?”

Dao Lord Red Tiger of Tyrant Emperor Mountain grinned and without any warning, he suddenly attacked and roared, “Since you dare to cripple a paragon of Tyrant Emperor Mountain, I’ll cripple you!”

Among the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords present, only Dao Lord Cloud Rain came from the same generation as Dao Lord Extreme Fire. The others did not have a strong impression of Dao Lord Extreme Fire and naturally would not feel much fear.

Su Zimo had merely gone missing for a hundred years before countless paragons after him underestimated and questioned him. What more, Dao Lord Extreme Fire had gone missing for 5,000 years.

Of course, all the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords present were monsters that had cultivated for thousands of years. None of them were fools.

Although Dao Lord Red Tiger seemed reckless and ignored Dao Lord Extreme Fire, he was actually testing the latter’s att.i.tude.

If Dao Lord Extreme Fire had a firm att.i.tude and attacked decisively, he would be able to test Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s strength through that single clas.h.!.+


Dao Lord Red Tiger’s fist carried a suffocating might as Dharmic powers surged forth!


Dao Lord Extreme Fire turned slightly and his eyes seemed to be blazing with flames!

He stopped in his tracks and waved his sleeves. It filled with boundless Dharmic powers and surged viciously towards Dao Lord Red Tiger’s fist!


When Dao Lord Red Tiger’s fist collided with the seemingly soft Daoist robe, an earthshaking boom sounded!

Dao Lord Red Tiger’s expression changed.

Even though it was just a simple clash, he could already tell that Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s strength was far above him!

“Fufu, such strong methods. You truly live up to your reputation!”

Dao Lord Red Tiger chuckled dryly and wanted to retreat.

“You still want to leave?”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire sneered. Suddenly, a gigantic palm extended from beneath his wide sleeves and gripped Dao Lord Red Tiger’s fist!

Dao Lord Red Tiger’s heart sank.

He realized that he could no longer escape!

Tyrant Emperor Mountain specialized in body tempering.

However, he felt waves of throbbing pain that penetrated into his bones when his fist was grabbed by Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s palm!

It was as though his fist would be crushed by Dao Lord Extreme Fire the next moment!

Instantly, a layer of sweat appeared on Dao Lord Red Tiger’s forehead.

“Dao Lord, please spare… ah!”

Just as Dao Lord Red Tiger was about to admit defeat, he saw another scene. His pupils constricted and he let out a tragic cry!

A scarlet flame appeared in Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s palm and burned his fist to ashes.

The ball of flames was extremely terrifying and was spreading along his arm towards his body!


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