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‘Just what the h.e.l.l happened to him in the few years I was gone?’

Daisy couldn’t but help but have those thought swimming inside her head as she still can’t over about what happened earlier as she just kept staring at Michael’s face like she was trying hard to remember every nook and cranny of his annoyingly good looks!

Michael suddenly raised an eyebrow when he felt that someone’s eyes are directed towards him, and when he turned towards it, he saw Daisy staring at him, who grew startled when their eyes met as she quickly looked away.

“It’s been a while,” Michael said.

“Yeah, it has been…a while” Daisy answered as she just stared at the gla.s.s of c.o.c.ktail in front of her.

Dylan leaned his body backward as his eyes awkwardly glanced from side to side.

‘Well, this is awkward’

Daisy gulped down the c.o.c.ktail on her hand, and hesitated for a bit before turning her head towards Michael and said, “You, are you dating someone?”

Dylan who was sitting between them just tried to calmly sit there and took a sip of his drink with his ears perked up, waiting for what Michael is gonna tell her.

Michael didn’t even hesitate to answer as he just replied casually, “I do. In fact, we just started dating less than two weeks ago”

Daisy’s smile faltered, “I see, you’re really charming now. You must have had a lot of girlfriends since I went away”

Michael finished his drink and replied, “Yeah, I dated one after you, then never dated anyone for a few years until my current girlfriend”

Daisy was stunned as she suddenly felt somewhat guilty from out of nowhere, and Dylan who is feeling that the atmosphere around them is getting worse tried to change the topic.

“Hey, why aren’t you asking me if I have a girlfriend too?”

“Not to brag, but my girlfriend is really hot and beautiful, and she’s every man’s dream girl”

Dylan wore a smug look on his face, while Rango and some nearby customers who heard him just chuckled to themselves.

After all, any man who really loves his girlfriend would say that their girlfriend is the most beautiful in the world and that she’ would be every man’s dream girl.

“Oh really? Who is she?” Daisy who was looking sad earlier suddenly seems to be interested in what Dylan said.

“Well, I really wanted to tell you, but I can’t or it could cause some trouble if it’s found out” Dylan shrugged his shoulders, but deep inside him, he really wants to brag about the fact that the famous actress, Allison, is his girlfriend.

But he reeled in his impulsiveness because he could feel a pair of eyes piercing his back, preventing him from spilling out the beans.

“Kakaka, just say you don’t have a girlfriend, you lil brat. Why are you even acting mysterious?” Rango came over towards them laughing while wiping a Lowball Gla.s.s on his hands.

Dylan quickly glared at him and coldly said, “Shut up, you d.a.m.n old virgin”

Rango sneered as he rolled his eyes towards Dylan, “Why can’t you just admit that you’re not dating someone? And I’m not an old virgin, I already have two grandchildren, you lil brat!”


“F*ck off, old man!” Dylan angrily slammed the gla.s.s to the bar counter after downing its contents in one go.

“Hey Michael, does Dylan really have a girlfriend?”

Daisy asked Michael, who seemed much comfortable now than when she was talking something related to Michael and her earlier.

Michael calmly drank his gla.s.s of alcohol and said, “He does, he met her inside the game, so he does have a girlfriend as both of them already met each other outside of the game too”

Dylan then laughed out loud and put his arm around Michael’s neck.

“Hear that!? I told you I have a girlfriend!”

Rango and some customers who are familiar with Dylan who is also there suddenly became slack-jawed

After all, they have known Dylan for a couple of years now, especially Rango, as he was like a big brother figure to Michael and Dylan, especially during their teenage years!

And as a matter of fact, he was the most shocked of them all, why?

It was because Dylan only had a single girlfriend in his entire life!

And that was in high school!


“What do you guys want? Can’t you see we’re not interested in hanging out with you people?”

The group of Allison, Jenny, Dana, and Amanda were just having fun in their own VIP table when a group of men came over towards them and tried to hit on them.

At first, the girls were very polite to them, but the group of men suddenly became rude when they realized that they don’t have a chance to get on with the girls, which caused the current commotion right now.

One of the men just grinned hideously and grabbed Dana’s wrist and tried to yank her from her seat.

“Let go of me, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Dana yelled angrily as she punched the hand of the guy, and even though a lot of people can see the commotion happening before them, no one dared to step up and those who wanted to were either stopped by their friends or their lovers.

Dana felt very angry about this situation she’s in right now where she’s being humiliated like this.

“Come on, we’re gonna make sure you’re gonna have fun tonight, right boys?” the black-haired man holding onto Dana just laughed and ignored her struggle as he tried to pull her away from her there.


“Let go of her, and you guys better leave or else you’ll regret it!” Jenny’s voice had turned particularly cold after one phone call.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Then not even a minute later, the sound of chaotic footsteps rang out coming from the stairs leading to the ground floor.

And when the group of men bothering Amanda and the rest, along with the customers around them turned towards where the stairs are at, they saw a group of menacing-looking men in black suits coming up from the stairs and heading towards the direction of where Allison and the rest were.


Leading the group, a man with a scar across his face stood before the girls and greeted them, but his eyes were clearly directed towards Amanda, which startled the latter.

“Hey, Scar! Why are you greeting Amanda instead of me!?”

Jenny felt really frustrated with her family’s men, especially this person in front of them!

It was because ever since they found out that Amanda is dating Michael, they have been very respectful of her. Sometimes, she even doubted if Amanda is actually the Young Miss of her family, and not her.

“Ahh, yes. h.e.l.lo there, young miss” Scar calmly turned towards Jenny and gave his greetings, but his men behind him are wearing stiff smiles on their faces.

‘Dang, only the boss could act like this in front of the Young Miss. Jesus, if it was someone else, then one or two fingers missing probably wouldn’t be enough to quell her anger’

On the other hand, Amanda just awkwardly smiled at him and gestured him with her hand to not mind her.


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