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Chapter 314 Master Lin and the Party

The next day.

Night has just descended, and in a large mansion just at the outskirts of London City.

There’s currently a party on going with a lot of people still making their way to the place, where guests with prominent status were greeted by people in suits, looking like they were butlers or some kind.

Michael had visited the branch of the Continental Hotel in the city earlier today and rented a Rolls Royce car and managed to get himself invited to this party hosted by Princess Violet of Angles Kingdom.

Michael drove through the wide gates of the mansion with a few cars following behind him, who are probably guests too.

His car stopped in front of the main entrance as he got down from the car and threw the keys to the valet before making his way to the door.

“Name,” a bald man in a suit said to Michael when he got near him.

“Michael Grey,” he said, smiling.

The person who was responsible for welcoming the guest to the party felt that Michael was a bit suspicious, but in the end, he just shrugged it off and started looking for Michael’s name in the iPad in his hands.

“Welcome, Mr. Grey” the man finally smiled widely when he saw Michael’s name in the list and gestured for him to go on.

In fact, doing this kind of thing would certainly offend the guests, especially when all of them are prominent figures, but they didn’t have a choice but to be this strict.

After all, the one hosting this party is a prominent figure of the kingdom, and every guest invited for tonight’s party are all people with influence, and they didn’t want any mishaps to happen with how many powerful and influential people gathered here tonight.

Michael just smiled and made his way inside, where one of the staff holding a tray of wine filled with wine quickly approached him.

“Wine, sir?” the staff said with a smile.


Michael took one and walked further inside, and he quickly started observing his surroundings.

An escape route, check!

A good position to a target, check!

The place he is in is a really s.p.a.cious victorian style hall, a place truly fit for royalties, but at the same time, it’s also a good place to kill someone because there’s a lot of places where someone can hide, but with the tight security, unless someone, as experienced as Michael, comes here, then they shouldn’t even think of escaping from this place once they kill someone.

“How grand, a really good place for someone to die” Michael couldn’t help but praised the place as he walked towards a spot where he could get a good view of his surroundings as he started looking for someone, as that someone was the purpose of him coming here tonight.

Micheal squinted his eyes when he finally spotted that familiar face who was having a discussion with a group of people in front of a wide staircase leading to the second floor.

He smiled and slowly made his way towards their direction, but halfway through, there was suddenly someone who is blocking his way.

“Master Lin, fancy meeting you here”

Michael smiled seeing the familiar face in front of him.

Master Lin stared at Michael intently and his hand that is holding his cane started becoming pale white from him gripping it tightly.

“Who are you truly? And why are you here?”

Master Lin is really curious and at the same time wary of this person in front of him.

And the fact that he didn’t get anything out of Maya yesterday when he interrogated her is making him antsy that something is wrong. He even asked about what happened to Kiko, but the latter only gave him vague answers, and there’s also that student who got his hand cut off and fell unconscious midway through the events.

F*cking useless!

This man before him is making him frustrated as he knew that the students are hiding something but from him, and at the same time, he also couldn’t do s.h.i.+t to them, like torturing them for information as it would certainly offend those people behind the students.

Master Lin really wishes that he could break their heads open and find out what truly happened that night.

After all, Michael just appeared before them like a ghost from out of nowhere, especially when he appeared in front of him was when their academy was attacked, so Master Lin couldn’t help but raised his guard against Michael.

Thinking that Michael could’ve colluded with the Kabukis!

“Someone not too important” Michael smiled, then he suddenly leaned towards Master Lin.

Master Lin thought he was about to make a move against him, but he quickly resisted the urge to attack him first as he wanted to see what he was about to do.

“But…it seems your Guild has some relations.h.i.+p with the royal family?”

Michael said that because he was actually surprised about it. After all, he could clearly remember that there’s no underground organization besides Continental that has connections with the royal family of Angles.

The reason being is that their second past monarch was once a high ranking member of Continental within the ranks of One Blades, and because of it, the Royal Family of Angles managed to create a bridge between their family and the organization.

But this relations.h.i.+p slowly waned when the royal family only manage to produce a Two Blade ranking member from the past few years compared to Princess Violet’s great grandmother who was once a One Blade member.

And that Two Blade member was even among the bottom members in Two Blades in terms of strength. This is the reason why Zero had continuously ignored the Princess because only those in One Blade or those in the peak of Two Blades are worth his time.

Or they would have immediately found out the person who killed her son if they have one member who is among the tens of One Blade members in Continental.

And it’s even useless even if they approach an organization who are enemies with Continental as the only people who hold information to members who had taken missions from the organization are either Zero or Charon.

And now someone from the organization called the Guild is standing before Michael.

After all, someone appearing in this party not aligned with either the royal family or the Continental is that the former had either betrayed the Continental or that their only member in the organization had died and now they are pulling in other organizations to cooperate with them.

‘Did their member die or are they turning their backs on the Continental?’ Michael couldn’t help but have that thought while staring at Master Lin.

‘If its the latter, then they had truly lost their minds to even do that’

Even if they wanted to turn their backs on the Continental Hotel, they should at least wait for their only in the organization to die during one of his missions or die of old age.

Or they can just ask that person to break ties with them.

Betraying the organization would certainly incur severe consequences that could lead to their downfall!

Even Michael doesn’t have that guts when he was a Zeroth!

Because the entire underground world will certainly hunt him down because of the huge bounty on his head as a reward!


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