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“Tsk” Amanda clicked her tongue in disappointment.

What’s in front of her was a long dark gloomy pa.s.sageway, with the only source of light are the glowing moss growing at the side of the pa.s.sageway, they were like little street lamps that is just enough to light up their surroundings.

They slowly moved forward, and the deeper they go, the brighter the place becomes.

And a few moments later, they reached a fork on the road, one road leads towards the left and the other to the right.

“Mad Snail, scout ahead” Rory said to their, as she gestured for him to take the left path, it was because all of them already knew where the correct road to take after numerous failed dungeon runs.

“Leave it to me” Mad Snail said, as he strode towards the left path as his silhouette slowly vanished as he entered [Stealth].

“I thought you guys might have already know what to expect inside” Amanda suddenly asked, as she was confused as to why they need to scout ahead when they had already been here for a couple of times and even reached the dungeon boss before.

“The map and traps doesn’t change but the number of monster does, and if we’re not careful, we’d get in trouble or maybe even suffer a wipe” a female Wizard called Sylla, was the one who answered her.

“Oh I see, it seems the game doesn’t follow the old rules” Amanda said, referring to the other virtual games where there are dungeons and their doesn’t change, because it was already programmed that way.

“You bet, this game is beyond those games, everything looks real, we even have our senses here” Sylla said.

The party of six started talking with each other as they waited for Mad Snail to return, except for Jack who is literally ignoring Amanda.

A few moments later, Mad Snail finally returned.

“There are seven kobols blocking the path, one of them is a Kobold Wizard, two are Kobold Archers and the rest Kobold Raiders” he said the moment he came back, he sounded frustrated.

Except for Amanda, all of them were startled. After all, the highest number they had encountered are only five or four kobolds before, but the numbers of the monsters is not the problem, instead, it was the Kobold Wizard, as they know how troublesome facing them as they would shoot fireb.a.l.l.s towards them that deals a lot of damage, equivalent to three Kobold Archers attacking one of them at the same time.

“I’ll take care of the Kobold Wizard” Amanda suddenly said, as she had already figured out what the problem is, it was because she had also met Kobold Wizards before and knew how high their magic damage is, and a Kobold Wizard inside a dungeon is really a huge problem, as they are at least be a level stronger than the ones in the beginner map.

“Good, at least we wouldn’t waste our money hiring you” Jack clicked his tongue as he immediately led the way.

Amanda just ignored his remarks, even the rest of his teammates just ignored him.

“Just ignored him, he’s pretty annoying” Sylla moved beside her and whispered to Amanda.

Amanda just smiled at her and said, “I know”

The team moved forward and marched on the lair. Amanda followed them from behind.

Making a little headway, they spotted seven kobolds that were camping around a bonfire, cooking something. Surprised by the sudden appearance of the group, the kobolds immediately sprang to their feet.


“Enemy! Hu..human attack!”

The kobolds are Lv. 6 midget-like monsters, below four feet in height, armed with coa.r.s.e wooden s.h.i.+elds and bronze swords, cheap looking bows and an old looking wizard staff.

“Kill, kill!”

“Drive evil human away! They wreck shelter! Rise, brave kobold warriors!” yelled the Kobold Wizard.

The Kobold Raiders rushed towards them, while the Archers prepared to shoot and the Kobold Wizard had already started chanting as a ball of fire has already started to form above its wizard staff.

Rory and the others immediately readied themselves, “Jack, take the front!”

“Tempest and Sylla at the back with me!”

“Mad Snail, see if you can take out the two Kobold Archers!”

“On it!” Mad Snail replied as he immediately disappeared.

Rory started giving a series of orders to them, while no one was paying attention to her.

Amanda had already drawn her bow string full, as she activated [Frost Arrow], as the arrowhead slowly got covered in misty frost.

[Level 5] Frost Arrows

Adds a freezing effect to your attacks, slowing enemy movement within 20 yards from the target, reducing 16% of their movement speed. Lasts 1.5 seconds.

Mana Cost: 10 Mana

Cooldown: 1 seconds.

Cla.s.s Restriction: Hunter


The arrow left its bow and went pa.s.sed her teammates and directly struck the Kobold Wizard’s staff, interrupting its chanting as the staff trembled from the impact.

Damage counter only revealed [ – 11 ] as she directly struck its wizard staff and not the monster.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Amanda pulled his bowstring every second and hit every kobold monster with precision, which amazed all of them, even Jack was surprised by it, after all, the slowing effect on the monsters eased a bit of his burden from tanking multiple monsters.

A few minutes later.

They finally reached the location of where the Dungeon Boss is.


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