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Chapter 207 – I Am Pursuing You (1)

Zhao Youlin opened her mouth slightly. She was stunned for a while before she returned to her senses. These two men wanted her to choose one of them as her man.

‘Choose? Choose what? These two men were talking among themselves for a long time. Now, they know that they have to come and ask me, the subject of the topic. What were they doing just now?’

“You guys want me to choose one of you, right?” Zhao Youlin took a deep breath and asked while forcing a smile.

The two men nodded at the same time, and they looked at Zhao Youlin expectantly. They hoped that Zhao Youlin’s choice would be them.

Zhao Youlin pondered for a while. After drawing in their curiosity, she said word by word, “Aren’t you two think too highly of yourselves? You want me to choose, right? All right, let me tell you guys. I don’t want any of you two. Even if I really need to choose a guy, I’ll choose Joy. It will never be either of you.”

As Zhao Youlin said, she raised Joy higher, using him to block her sight from the two men.

Joy raised his head and saw two dark handsome faces. His heart skipped a beat, and he puckered his lips as these two people were so fierce and scary.

“Sob, I only want mom. I don’t want you guys. I don’t want you guys.”

Mu Tingfeng and Ye Yan were speechless.

Deathly silence spread throughout the dessert shop. The depressing atmosphere made people subconsciously want to swallow their saliva. However, the unexpected ringtone of Ye Yan’s phone broke the tense atmosphere in the end.

The melodious ringtone broke the extremely weird atmosphere among several people. Mu Tingfeng frowned and exchanged glances with Ye Yan. In the end, he let go of his hand.

Ye Yan pulled his hand back and answered the call. However, his expression changed after he heard the content of the call. “Don’t worry, I’ll rush over. Yeah, don’t say anything. I’ll explain to them later.”

After saying a few sentences, Ye Yan ended the call. However, his expression was much worse than before.

Ye Yan clutched the phone and looked at Zhao Youlin and Mu Tingfeng for a while. Finally, he bit his lips and said unwillingly, “I’ve something urgent to deal with, so I’ll leave first. Youlin, let’s talk next time.”

‘There is a next time?’ Mu Tingfeng’s eyes darkened. He secretly decided to send the spies he had planted around Zhao Youlin after the man so that they could pay attention to this individual who had his eyes on his wife. No, they had to pay attention to every man who had their eyes on his wife. Before the signs appeared, he would kill all his love rivals.

Zhao Youlin obviously had her scruples toward this so-called next time as well. Unfortunately, before she said anything, Ye Yan had already turned around and rushed out of the shop. It seemed like he really had something very urgent.

As soon as Ye Yan left, Zhao Youlin let out a sigh of relief. At the same time, she also realized her own awkward situation. She was still in Mu Tingfeng’s arms right now.

“Hey, he had already left, so why are you still hugging me tightly? Let me go.” After she said that, she stepped on Mu Tingfeng’s s.h.i.+ny leather shoes without caring about his answer.

Hiss.. Xia Zhetao stood behind the two people. He watched the stiletto heel of more than ten centimeters step on his boss’s leather shoes ruthlessly, and she had even put pressure on her leg. She was simply crazy. He felt the pain by just looking at it.

Xia Zhetao was certain that the former Mrs. President was definitely taking revenge on the abominable behavior of the president who had just molested her. This was why people should not offend a woman.

When a woman got angry, she was more terrifying than thousands of villains combined.

Even though President Mu was an extremely calm person, he could not bear Zhao Youlin’s stepping as well. His expression was distorted for a moment, and he subconsciously took a few steps back. He finally let Zhao Youlin go.

Zhao Youlin held Joy in her arms and took a few steps back again to distance herself from Mu Tingfeng. After letting out a sigh, she was about to curse. However, she looked away and saw the girls who were watching them while whispering not far away.

She could not say what she wanted to say, and she finally realized that everything that just happened might have been watched by these girls.

Zhao Youlin took a deep breath helplessly. She held Joy in her arms and rushed to Mu Tingfeng. Then, she held his hand and rushed outside.

Mu Tingfeng was stunned. Then, he let Zhao Youlin do whatever she wanted and left the dessert shop with her.

“Huh, why did they leave?”

“Yeah, why did they run away? I just watched the beginning. I’ll be very curious if I can’t see the ending. Big Sister Zhao, quickly come back. I can’t bear it alone.”

“That’s right. Watching only half of the show is just like getting your sneeze stuck. It feels very uncomfortable. In my opinion, you guys shouldn’t leave. I want to see the whole show.”

Xia Zhetao was speechless. The former Mrs. President was obviously scared away by you guys. By the way, what kind of people did she hire in her shop? They were so weird.

Secretary Xia, who did not feel that he was the weirdest person, touched his chin and sighed for a while. Suddenly, he remembered that he still had a bouquet of flowers as a magic item for the final vicotory stretch. He slapped his forehead. “Oh no, I forgot about this. Sigh, President, wait for me.”

The people who left the dessert shop did not notice that a pretty and cute girl with short hair was sitting at the corner of the dessert shop. She watched everything that happened just now and smiled.

Not long after they left, she put the money directly on the table and left quietly. It was just like how she came quietly.

Zhao Youlin pulled Mu Tingfeng out of the dessert shop and directly found a corner with no one nearby. She threw him aside and went straight to the point. “Mu Tingfeng, today we will make things clear.”

“Okay.” Mu Tingfeng tidied up his clothes that had been messed up by Zhao Youlin while staying expressionless. He calmly said, “What do you want to say?”

Mu Tingfeng seemed to be at ease, and it made Zhao Youlin seem unreasonable on the contrary. She choked and glared at him with her lips tightly closed. Then, she said, “President Mu, I think I have said it clearly that day. We are already divorced, and there is nothing between us. Besides, I do not plan to remarry now, so please stop causing me trouble, okay?”

Mu Tingfeng heard Zhao Youlin telling him bluntly that she did not want to remarry again. Finally, he frowned. But soon, his expression relaxed, and he asked a completely unrelated question, “Do you like the roses you have been receiving?”

“Roses?” Zhao Youlin was stunned, and it took her a while before she understood what the roses mentioned by Mu Tingfeng were. She could not help but gasp on the spot. She pointed at Mu Tingfeng and said unbelievably, “Those roses were from you?”

Mu Tingfeng looked at Zhao Youlin’s face, and a blush appeared on his stern face. However, it quickly disappeared, so no one noticed it.

“Why did you send me so many roses every day without reason?” Zhao Youlin could not come back to her senses for a long time. She looked miserable, as if she had been struck by lightning.

Mu Tingfeng would actually give her flowers, and they were extremely tacky roses. Was the sun rising from the west?

Mu Tingfeng ignored Zhao Youlin’s shocked expression and naturally said, “It’s obviously because I’m pursuing you.”

Zhao Youlin was stunned.


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