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Chapter 250 – Blackmailed Instead (2)

“Yeah…” Li Hongyu heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that Zhao Youxi did not continue asking questions.

She was about to send Zhao Youxi downstairs, but Zhao Youxi suddenly stopped. She turned around and asked Li Hongyu, “Oh yeah, Mom, do you know about it?”

“…About what?” The smile on Li Hongyu’s face became slightly stiff.

“Something happened to that witch Zhao Youlin today.”

“I-Is it?” Li Hongyu’s face instantly turned pale, and she said stiffly.

Fortunately, Zhao Youxi was not paying attention to her, so she did not notice at all. “Yes. She was hunted down by people outside, and it caused a big fuss. I heard that even the police were involved in the end.”

Zhao Youxi did not realize that Li Hongyu’s complexion turned worse when she mentioned the police.

“Mom, why is that witch so fortunate? She was hunted down, but she remained unharmed in the end. The most important thing is that she got President Mu and his mother involved. I wonder how she is this lucky. She obviously will only bring catastrophe, but… Hmph, it is best to let President Mu and Mrs. Mu know that she always causes disaster after this incident. In this way, they will stay away from her.” Zhao Youxi became angrier as she talked about it. Her face that could be considered pretty had long been distorted by jealousy, and she looked extremely scary.

Li Hongyu’s face was pale, and her lips were trembling. She said, “Did you say President Mu and Mrs. Mu just now? Weren’t those people going after Zhao Youlin? How did President Mu and Mrs. Mu get hurt?”

“I heard that it was because the witch Zhao Youlin happened to meet Mrs. Mu on the way, so she let Mrs. Mu ride in her car. Hmph, she keeps saying that President Mu is the one who wants to remarry when she is clearly the one who still has feelings for him. Did she just happen to meet Mrs. Mu? Ha, how could there be such a coincidence? She must have planned it in advance as she wanted to please President Mu through Mrs. Mu. She is really cunning…”

Zhao Youxi gritted her teeth and cussed while thinking why she did not think of pleasing Mu Tingfeng through Mrs. Mu. She had missed this opportunity.

“Those people outside are spreading rumors saying that President Mu got injured when he saved Zhao Youlin. Bah, how is this possible? This news must have come from that witch Zhao Youlin. In my opinion, President Mu must have run over there because he was worried about Mrs. Mu. When he was injured while protecting Mrs. Mu, Zhao Youlin happened to be present. So, she took the situation out of context by saying that President Mu was injured because of her. She is really shameless.”

Zhao Youxi was still complaining, and she did not notice that Li Hongyu had started s.h.i.+vering. And since she was not someone who could not read the mood, she said something shocking, which almost stopped Li Hongyu’s heart from beating.

“President Mu is injured and hospitalized right now, so now is the time when he needs someone to take care of him. Mom, ask Aunt Fu to cook some food with high nutritious value tomorrow morning. I’m going to the hospital to visit President Mu.”

“No!” Before Zhao Youxi finished speaking, Li Hongyu interrupted her with a scream, and it scared Zhao Youxi.

Zhao Youxi realized that Li Hongyu’s expression was not good. Her eyes widened, and she said in surprise, “Mom, what happened to you? Why are you so pale?”

“I-I’m fine. I just feel a little dizzy. I’ll be fine after I lie down later.”

“Oh, you should rest earlier, Mom. I’ll go down and ask someone to come up to clean up. At the same time, I’ll ask Aunt Fu to prepare the food in advance.”

Zhao Youxi got up and was about to leave, but Li Hongyu held her hand. “Wait a minute. You can’t go tomorrow.”

“Why?” Zhao Youxi immediately turned around and looked at Li Hongyu in confusion.

“Be obedient and do as I say. The hospital has many people, and it’s smelly. Didn’t you hate going to the hospital before?”

“That’s in the past. Now, the hospital has…” Zhao Youxi blushed, looking like a girl in love. It made the corners of Li Hongyu’s eyes twitch.

“President Mu must be taken care of by many people when he is hospitalized. What can you do after going there?”

After hearing Li Hongyu’s words, Zhao Youxi said, “Mom, how is that the same? Those people should take care of him, but I can show my thoughtfulness and enthusiasm when I take care of him. In this way, I can win his favor. Why don’t you understand?”

Seeing that Zhao Youxi was really angry, Li Hongyu quickly said, “I’m not against you visiting President Mu. It’s just that President Mu is still in the hospital, and there are many people there. If you meet that witch Zhao Youlin, you will be bullied since you’re alone. Why not wait until he is discharged from the hospital and visit him after that?”

“Mom, what happened to you today? What will happen if I meet that witch in the hospital? Why can’t I go if she can go? Besides, what’s the use of waiting until President Mu is discharged from the hospital? I don’t care. I’ll definitely go tomorrow.” After Zhao Youxi finished speaking, she broke free from Li Hongyu’s grasp and ran outside, ignoring Li Hongyu’s shouting from behind her.

Li Hongyu shouted after her a few times, but she still could not call Zhao Youxi back. The ominous premonition she had only grew stronger. She lightly bit her pale bottom lip while her eyes showed a bit of indignation and disappointment.

However, at this moment, Li Hongyu could not tell whether this indignation and disappointment were because of Zhao Youlin or her daughter.

The next morning, after Zhao Youlin and Duan Yarong sent Joy to kindergarten, they rushed over to the hospital where Mu Tingfeng was hospitalized.

Even after a night of dissuasion, Duan Yarong still stuck to her decision and insisted on going to the hospital with Zhao Youlin.

She said, “President Mu was injured because of our daughter, after all. As a parent, I should go to visit the savior of my daughter and thank him in person.”

This reasonable understatement successfully silenced everyone in the family, including Zhao Youlin.

When Zhao Youlin heard Duan Yarong’s words, the corners of her mouth twitched. She thought to herself. ‘That guy should be grateful if you’re not going to aggravate his injury. You even want to thank him…’

Zhao Youlin glanced at Duan Yarong, who was sitting next to her and sighed. She could only hope that the two people would not be too surprised when they saw Duan Yarong, but this was obviously wishful thinking.

As predicted by Su Ruixin, Mu Tingfeng developed a fever last night.

For that reason, the poor Secretary Xia could not sleep all night. The next morning, he looked forward to Zhao Youlin’s arrival with two dark circles.

When Zhao Youlin finally came, Xia Zhetao’s drooping eyes immediately brightened up. Just when he was about to rush over, he completely froze in place when he saw the person behind Zhao Youlin.

‘Who can tell me why the mother of the former Mrs.. President also came over together with her? This is different from what I had imagined. Sob, who can tell me what I should do now? I’m waiting for a solution!’


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