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Chapter 371: Decision-making Dispute (2)

Right after Fang Yu spoke, Zhao Youming’s expression had immediately changed. The expressions of a few others in the meeting room had turned incredibly strange as well.

Before Zhao Youlin could say anything, a tall, dark and strong man had already taken the lead to rise from his seat and yelled at the top of his voice, “Practical, my foot! What are you two talking about? We haven’t even started our resort and now each of you are saying such discouraging words! What’s with that c.r.a.p about the opening of our resort failing to meet our expectations?! Are you guys cursing that our company suffers losses?! Moreover, if we don’t promote it vigorously, the public wouldn’t know that we have set up a resort. By then, who would go there to spend money? How are we going to gain a return on investment? How are we going to make a profit?”

Zhao Youlin cast a glance at this tall man who was storming in front of the crowd. He was Fu Yong, the chief of the publicity department. He was also one of the subjects of Zhao Youming’s solicitation. However, it seemed like he had not been successfully solicited by Zhao Youming.

Zhao Youlin recalled the photo where the two of them had dinner together and chatted happily. The corners of her lips unwittingly curled upward.

It looked like not everyone inside the company were idiots. There are still one or two of them who were sober-minded.

However, when Zhao Youming had attempted to solicit him, he had dealt so diplomatically with Zhao Youming. Now, he had spoken up for her so openly. Was he doing all this for the sake of company, or… did he purely want Zhao Youlin to owe him a favor?

Regardless, Zhao Youlin had to thank Zhao Youming. If not for him, she would not be able to clearly identify the true colors of the chiefs of various departments whom she seldom contacted.

Fang Yu and Xie Fangtong’s expressions changed slightly upon hearing Fu Yong’s ungracious rebuke. They locked gazes with each other before they said in unity against the outsider, “Fu Yong, what do you mean by that?! We’re also considering things for the sake of our company. The current market is so turbulent. Who knows if there will be any changes in the future? Besides, it’s very unreasonable to spend ten or even twenty millions of dollars on publicity. What happens if the result fails to meet our expectations? Wouldn’t it end up being nothing but a waste of effort and money?”

“Exactly! That’s right! Fu Yong, so very well said. But, don’t go thinking that we don’t know what’s actually in your mind! According to the general manager’s proposal, most of the funds would be allocated to your publicity department. When the time comes…”

Xie Fangtong’s words were tantamount to a bomb. Its explosion not only hurt others but also dragged him down as well. However, he was not aware of even the slightest bit of it.

After Fu Yong heard his words, his black face turned red. He instantly raised the volume of his voice, “You two are slinging mud at me! How can you guys have the guts to accuse me when everyone inside the company knows that you two are the only ones who think about money?! Our company is being turned upside down because of having such idiots like you who fail to prioritize the resources and are only interested in money!”


“Enough!” Zhao Youlin shouted angrily and interrupted the three-way argument.

She widened her eyes and gave a sharp look at the three who had been struck dumb. She snorted, “All of you, sit down. This is a meeting room, not a wet market. If you want to argue, you guys could continue outside the meeting room later.”

The three men were instantly silenced. They lifted their gaze and glared at one another before they reluctantly sat back down.

When Zhao Youlin saw the three had finally settled down, she continued, “I just want Chief Fang to think of a way to reduce the budget on publicity. I would have never thought that Chief Fang and Chief Xie’s words not only help the company to save on cost and effort but also a lot of things.”

Zhao Youlin’s words were filled with sarcasm. Fang Yu and Xie Fangtong’s expressions changed again. They said timidly, “General Manager, we…”

Zhao Youlin did not plan to listen to their continuous nagging words. She swept across the crowd with her gaze that was as sharp as a raging inferno. No one could identify any hint of emotions on her face. She sneered, “How about the rest of you? What are your thoughts? Do the rest of you also think that it’s not worthy to spend ten or twenty million dollars to promote a project that we have already invested hundreds of millions of dollars in?”

Those who had been swept across by Zhao Youlin lowered their heads in unison. None of them opened their mouth to answer Zhao Youlin’s question.

Zhao Youlin flickered her eyes. Under the crowd’s shocking gaze, she held a gla.s.s of water on the table and smashed it to the ground.

With a crash, the gla.s.s of water hit the floor and shattered into pieces. The water inside the gla.s.s had also splashed out from the shattered gla.s.s, creating a poignant water splash on the ground.

Everyone inside the meeting room was caught off guard by such an abrupt incident. All of them widened their eyes and looked in the direction of Zhao Youlin incredulously. None of them had ever thought that Zhao Youlin had dared to throw her tantrum in front of so many people.

“What’s the matter? Are all of you mute?” Zhao Youlin simply turned a blind eye to the crowd’s stare. She stood up from her seat and threw a cold glance over the crowd that was filled with guilt before she said without hesitation, “You guys are narrow-minded, rigid, stingy and short-sighted. Do you really think that Zhao Enterprise could maintain its current dignity and reputation just by operating in a conservative manner?! Fools!”

Zhao Youlin’s overbearing words had gotten the crowd who were at least a generation older than her turning white. The way they looked at Zhao Youlin grew dissatisfied.

Zhao Youlin did not bother about all this. If she did not teach the rigid codgers a lesson, after a couple of years, or even after a few decades, they would still a.s.sume that everything would work according to their wills.

“Hehe, dear chiefs, do you know how fast-paced the market is nowadays? If you guys still hold on to the concept of development belonging to a time a couple of years ago or even a few decades ago and decide to stick to those rules, not having any knowledge about innovation, to only think of holding on to what you have in your hands and being unable to even grasp an appreciation of the value of that belief which you have been holding on, it means that the value of those bargaining chips in your hands are depreciating!”

Right after Zhao Youlin spoke, the crowd’s expressions changed once again. They opened their mouths and wanted to defend themselves. In the end, they could not even speak out a word.

“The truth is, if we fail to keep working hard to advance against the current, we would only end up moving backward. I believe all of you know this saying better than I do. But, why can’t you all look at the problems from a vision of development? Now, everyone is following your ideas, that’s also why the company has rested on its laurels and remains stagnant. In fact, it has been going downhill of late!”

“G-General… Manager…” Upon hearing this, finally, someone could not help but want to speak up to defend. However, when he met Zhao Youlin’s gaze, he subconsciously lowered his speaking tone and said in a weakened tone, “General Manager, we are well-aware of all that you’ve mentioned just now. But, funding is not something we can come up with in a jiff. Even though your proposal looks worthwhile, at the same time, funding is another major problem. Our company has its policy. There is a certain funding threshold for each activity. General Manager, your proposal…”


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