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Chapter 444: Joy Turns to Sorrow (2)

This time, Zhao Youlin no longer struggled nor refused him as she used to in the past. In fact, she had been in a completely relaxed state.

However, Zhao Youlin was not the kind of person who would indulge others and give them whatever they demanded from her. Even though she had accepted Mu Tingfeng, it did not mean that she had to be the pa.s.sive one at all times.

Therefore, after the slight tasting from the past, Zhao Youlin quickly changed her usual pa.s.sivity by taking the initiative this time and even overpowered him. 

Mu Tingfeng’s eyes lit up slightly. He immediately took note of Zhao Youlin’s intention. A trace of a smile flashed across his eyes but he did not plan to let Zhao Youlin rule him. 

As such, the two people who were equally agonistic fought it out.

This kiss was deeper and more enjoyable than ever for the two rookies in the kissing world.

The two people who were connected by heart and mind no longer had any separation or mistrust. They only wished to swallow the opposite party so that they became part of them.

After they had finished kissing, not only were Zhao Youlin’s lips swollen but Mu Tingfeng’s lips had not fared just as well. 

Zhao Youlin panted and leaned against the wall. As she heard Mu Tingfeng’s breathing that had fallen just out of rhythm, she was in a good mood, and the corners of her lips curled upward. 

Perhaps she was the only one in this world who could make the president of Mu Feng Group so “wretched”. 

While Zhao Youlin was still very pleased with herself, Mu Tingfeng had already snapped out of his daze from their lingering kiss. He went forward and grabbed Zhao Youlin’s hand.

In just a moment while Zhao Youlin was still in a daze, she felt the sky was spinning around her. By the time she recovered her senses, she was already in Mu Tingfeng’s arms.

On top of that, he literally carried her in his arms.

Zhao Youlin, who had never been in a relations.h.i.+p, held hands, kissed a man, or did anything impure with a man, was shocked by Mu Tingfeng’s sudden action.

Her rationality told her that at that moment, she had to fight back. However, her body had just recovered from the previous “skirmish”. Her limbs were weak. There was no chance of winning against Mu Tingfeng. 

While she was still at a loss, Mu Tingfeng had already steadily carried Zhao Youlin to the most conspicuous bed in the bedroom.

The feeling of emptiness abruptly disappeared and had instead been replaced by an incredibly soft and comfortable sensation. Zhao Youlin froze. It was only then did she realize this guy had thrown her onto the bed! 

While she was still in the middle of the shock, she heard a commotion by the bedside. Zhao Youlin looked up. She saw that Mu Tingfeng had already taken off his jacket and could not wait to press himself against her. Her expression immediately changed.

“Mu… Mu Tingfeng, what are you doing?”

Mu Tingfeng paused his movement. He cast a glance at Zhao Youlin and said matter-of-factly, “Since we have decided to remarry. It’ll be more secure to have s.e.x first.”

After he finished speaking, he looked like he did not trust her and glared at Zhao Youlin. His gaze was akin to saying he did not believe in a promise. It would be more secure if he did something that cannot be undone. 

Zhao Youlin thought to herself. ‘Secure, my foot! You sound like I am a person who doesn’t hold true to her words. I’ve already said we are going to remarry, and it’s going to happen in a few days’ time. Will it cost you your life to wait for a few days more?!

‘In fact, all this has been an excuse because your l.u.s.t has taken control of your brain! You still have not had enough of me! How absurd it was to say such things so matter-of-factly and make yourself sound so righteous!

‘Moreover, did you even seek my opinion about your intention of doing something that cannot be undone? How can you force yourself on me without my approval?!’

In fact, Mu Tingfeng truly wanted to force himself on her even though he was unaware of it himself.

He had not had a s.e.x life ever since the accident that had happened a few years ago. President Mu had been living his life akin to a monk. To simply put it, he thought that since they were about to remarry, Zhao Youlin should completely belong to him. 

Thinking of this, Mu Tingfeng could not control himself with the strong desire burning in his heart, as well as being induced by their pa.s.sionate kiss just now.

Zhao Youlin looked at the certain person touching her body seriously. His serious demeanor was akin to treating a fragile object of great value.

Even so, Zhao Youlin felt flames sprouting in her heart.

Zhao Youlin was never the type of person who would suffer a grievance for the sake of others. While My Tingfeng went lower toward her waist, the former officer Zhao could no longer put up with it. She fully made use of her skill that had been meant to fight against a lecherous man by delivering a flying kick at the certain one’s… until he fell down from the bed.

A loud bang was heard. The floor of the first floor at the Mu family’s villa trembled fiercely. Even the servants, who had been restricted to stay on the ground, were shocked. 

The old butler soon returned to his senses. The commotion came from the master bedroom located on the first floor. It was the room where their eldest young master had been staying. No one was allowed to enter on usual days unless necessary. 

The commotion could be either due to their house having been broken in by thieves or, the young master and the madam…

Could the young master and the madam fight with each other again after not seeing eye to eye with one another?!

Upon realizing this, the old butler’s expression changed slightly. He asked several servants to come with him and they dashed upstairs. When they pushed open the door of the master bedroom…

The old butler found himself at a loss for words. 

The servants, who had been following behind the old butler closely, fell speechless. Could someone tell them what was going on?!

The master bedroom was so s.p.a.cious that it could be used as a living hall. While their former mistress was fully dressed and sitting leisurely on the huge bed in the room, their master clothes were disheveled, and he was sitting on the plush carpet not far away from the bed. His expression looked troubled. There was a hint of stoicism in his eyes.

When Zhao Youlin heard the commotion and saw the crowd barged in, she raised one of her eyebrows. She rested her chin on one hand and said, “It looks like the house rules in the Mu family aren’t that strict. The servants can actually simply run into the master bedroom. Don’t you think this is a bit too reckless?”

Right after Zhao Youlin spoke, the crowd outside the room saw their master’s expression immediately darkening. The temperature surrounding him had dropped significantly, causing them to s.h.i.+ver.

The old butler cast a glance at the situation inside the room. He knew that this might have been a misunderstanding. Seeing Mu Tingfeng being in a mess, he faked a cough and asked worriedly, “Young Master, are you alright?”

Mu Tingfeng’s expression turned grave. He did not say anything. Instead, Zhao Youlin, who was still sitting on the bed, answered teasingly, “He should be fine. I didn’t use much force, after all. President Mu, you are not that frail, as in made of paper and glue, right?”

Zhao Youlin sounded incredibly sincere. In fact, the flying kick that she had delivered to Mu Tingfeng was way more… gentle compared to the time when she had kicked Zhao Yifei.

Upon hearing Zhao Youlin’s words, his expression turned black. His lower body part was painful. As a result, President Mu could no longer hold his anger back. He ground his molars and shouted, “Zhao! You! Lin!”


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