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Chapter 97: Unexpected Guests (3)

When the old man stepped out, the bodyguards who had tensed up immediately stood down. They bowed at him respectfully.

Uncle Zhao had heard the commotion outside. He was worried that the men outside had disrupted the former master of the house and the young master of the third generation and so, he had stepped out to take a look.

The moment the old man opened the door and saw the mess outside, he was just as shocked in spite of his experience. His heart skipped a beat especially after he got a good look of the person who held the blade and had pressed it against the bodyguard’s throat.

“Eldest lady, how did you… Stop it now, she’s the eldest lady! You guys are blind! What would happen if she got hurt?!”

‘The eldest lady?!’ Everyone including Zhao Youlin were shocked when they heard Uncle Zhao call out her t.i.tle.

Zhao Youlin raised her head and cast a glance at the old man. She recalled the person in detail and finally remembered that this familiar old man was actually the senior head butler of the most powerful man in the Zhao family. That powerful man was her biological grandfather in name, who was also the president of the Zhao Group.

No wonder he had her the eldest lady. Since he was around, the so-called grandfather was most likely inside her house too.

Zhao Youlin withdrew her switchblade. She nonchalantly went to a side, picked up a handkerchief and wiped away the blood from the blade. The corners of Uncle Zhao’s eyes twitched when he saw this.

When Uncle Zhao took another glance at the two bodyguards who were helping themselves up from the floor with cuts on their bodies, his expression turned strange.

Zhao Youlin casually threw the handkerchief aside after wiping the blade. Then, she raised her head and looked at Uncle Zhao. She greeted him politely, “Uncle Zhao.”

Not only the corners of Uncle Zhao’s eyes twitched, but even the corners of his lips also twitched. He said sullenly, “Eldest lady, you finally noticed that I am here.

“Eldest lady, the former master of the house has been waiting for you for some time. This way, please.” After Uncle Zhao finished speaking, he moved to one side to pave the way for Zhao Youlin to enter.

Zhao Youlin’s eyes sparkled. She turned around and collected the things she had placed by the side and walked in.

The moment Zhao Youlin entered the entryway, she heard Joy’s energetic voice. “Great-grandpa, Great-grandma, look, it’s Sparta! Mommy bought it for me.”

Immediately after, an elderly, motherly voice was heard. “So, Mommy bought this for you. It’s so cute, just like you, Joy.”

Zhao Youlin heaved a sigh when she heard this. She slightly let her guard down after finding out that Joy was fine. Moreover, it seemed like her grandfather and his great-grandson were having a good time together, so everything was still alright.

Zhao Youlin entered the house and saw Joy carrying Sparta on the plush carpet in the living hall. She saw Joy happily showing off the puppy to the old man opposite him while the old man in his sixties gently reached out to caress his small head, and his face creased from smiling.

When Joy heard footsteps, he immediately turned around. His eyes sparkled as soon as he saw Zhao Youlin. Then, he hurriedly got himself up from the carpet, stumbled over, and lunged at Zhao Youlin.

“Mommy, Mommy, you’re back! Have you bought cupcakes for me?”

Originally, Zhao Youlin was relieved when she saw Joy leave the former master of the house and ran over to her. However, she did not know if she wanted to laugh or cry when she heard his following words.

She squatted and hugged her child as he pounced at her. She patted Joy’s small b.u.t.tocks as punishment and said, “All you have in your mind is only cupcakes.”

“And you too, Mommy.” Joy played along with Zhao Youlin and gave a peck on her cheek. After kissing, he asked again expectantly, “Mommy, where’re my cupcakes?”

Zhao Youlin fell speechless.


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