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Chapter 130: Dwarf Leader

Ye Feng and the rest did not speak, while that elderly dwarf sighed to himself helplessly.

“Are these people from the Iron Hammer tribe stupid?” Ye Feng suppressed his volume and said to Blake while smiling a little.

“Teacher, you must understand, most of the outstanding members have already been killed.” Blake said softly: “Furthermore, these are likely the ones sent out to take the blame and face our anger, they might even have been chosen as the sacrificial lamb.”

No matter what, with Blake’s background and subconscious learning in his clan, even if he did not specialize in this, he could tell what political tricks these dwarves were up to.

“That’s true.” Ye Feng realized at once as he laughed uncontrollably: “These people are really heartless, they are actually sending their companions into fatal danger.”

“Isn’t this normal? People often care about their own benefits the most.” Blake continued: “These are just a few lives, without their sacrifice, if we get into conflict again, there will be even more deaths.”

Evidently, even though many dwarves were moved, a good number of them were unwilling to submit. Due to the pressure of Ye Feng and the rest, they had to temporarily give in, but it was not sure if they would retaliate and resist in the future.

The intelligent people who wanted to surrender knew about this problem, since the resistance members did not dare to stand up now, it meant that they were not firm in their beliefs. Thus, the intelligent ones tricked these dwarves into speaking against Ye Feng now, to use their ignorance as a way to wake the tribe up.

“Look, they’re speechless now!” The young dwarf said a lot of things but did not notice the mocking gaze that Ye Feng and the others had, he shouted excitedly: “They don’t even dare to rebuke us, they must be lying to us.”

Right now, he was in an excited state, he was not afraid that these people were stronger than him, or rather, he subconsciously ignored the fact.

Ye Feng first looked at the response of the remaining dwarves before seeing Blake’s slight nod, he did not hesitate and created several fireb.a.l.l.s immediately.

“Too noisy!”

Ye Feng’s expression turned sharp as his fireb.a.l.l.s landed on these dwarves who were causing trouble.

After a series of anguished screams, they were turned into ashes under everyone’s view.

“You can see it for yourselves, there is no other choice left for you!” Claude looked at their panicking gaze and nodded in agreement.

This method to intimidate them was very useful, Claude decided to kick it up a notch.

“You have all seen my teacher Ye Feng, I am sure everyone knows about his forging skills. Don’t you guys want to try and make your own stage five equipment or mechanical armor?”

For the dwarves, forging was everything!

“If we submit to you, will you really teach us?” A dwarf who wore tattered clothes stood up, even though he was afraid, he held down his fear and asked.

“The mechanical beast is out of the question, that belongs to the Yoruk tribe.” Ye Feng smiled plainly, looking at their expectant gazes, he added: “But the mechanical armor belongs to me, I can promise that to you. After I confirm that you have truly submitted to us, not only will I give you the forging blueprint of the mechanical armor, I will even impart my forging techniques to you.”

The techniques of a peak stage five Blacksmith!

That mysterious and powerful mechanical armor as well, they could obtain these so easily?

The dwarves looked at each other in disbelief, they saw the excitement in each other’s eyes.

“I believe that you can all trust me with my reputation.” Ye Feng saw that they were moved, he understood that this matter was settled as he added another sentence.

But after saying that, he could not help but think to himself.

‘I don’t think there’s a way to prove that I am someone who keeps my word… My usual professionalism when it comes to forging is something that every Blacksmith should have.’

Regardless, Ye Feng understood where his credibility came from.

His own strength!

Because he was strong enough!

Because Ye Feng was strong, be it in terms of forging or combat strength, he surpa.s.sed these dwarves. Thus, his words were credible, people would choose to believe in him.

After all, whatever experts said were correct, submitting to stronger people was the instinct of everyone, not to mention the dwarves who held forging as their greatest goal.

Ye Feng who far surpa.s.sed them as a Blacksmith was trustworthy!

Furthermore, there was no need for him to lie to them, the Iron Hammer tribe was useful to Ye Feng, but they were only useful, they were far from being necessary to him.

The elderly dwarf might be acting or not, but he turned around shakily and looked at the dwarves, sighing helplessly as he said: “We, the Iron Hammer tribe, are willing to surrender, we are willing to have Claude as our new leader.”

He understood the objective of Ye Feng’s group.

“Heh, he is quite smart.” Blake smiled to himself, he started to discuss the merger plan along with the dwarves.

In this matter, Claude and the rest already had an idea, they did not need Ye Feng or Blake’s help.

This was the matter of the dwarf tribes, it was not right for Ye Feng to interfere, even though there was no difference if Claude or Ye Feng was the leader.

The following matter was much simpler, with the Iron Hammer tribe surrendering first, the other tribes started to waver.

Of course, they were only wavering, some were still unwilling to submit. In the end, they had to be lured with benefits.

For example, the proud Heavenly Forging tribe, they only agreed to surrender and submit after a number of their members were killed again, and from the looks of it, they were quite unconvinced.

But Ye Feng and the others did not care, Claude could not trust them anyway. With sufficient preparation, they could not cause any trouble, and as time, they would eventually get used to such a life.

“It is finally over.” Ye Feng sat on his chair and rubbed his temples: “Had I known this, I would not have gone with them. We went to six tribes in a row, are you trying to tire me to death?”

“Didn’t we go along with you?” Claude chuckled as he said: “Don’t worry, everyone is equally tired.”

“Hmph, together?” Ye Feng looked at Claude and said sarcastically: “Dear Dwarf Leader, shouldn’t you be busy with your subordinates, why are you in my tiny Blacksmith Shop?”

“Alright, I was wrong, I’ll leave now.” Claude raised his hands and said while caught between laughter and tears.

Soon after, he got up and left the Blacksmith Shop.

“Has it all truly ended now…”

Ye Feng shut his eyes while feeling a slight headache.


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