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Chapter 155: Arriving at the Capital City

The five showed no reaction to Ye Feng’s words that were filled with killing intent, after a momentary pause, the five of them charged towards him.

“I guess you’ve chosen death!” At this time, Ye Feng did not think of holding back, these were five professional, he could not get any information from them.

They might not even know the details of the person who hired them.

But Ye Feng had not intended to spare them, because he was in a state of anger, he could not be concerned with such things.

He used his full strength from the start, he stabbed towards the in front of him while squatting down and pushing forward, attempting to get out of their encirclement.

Against absolute strength, the could not react in time before he was stabbed in the heart by the sword.

Afterwards, Ye Feng turned around and sent four lightning bolts at the, just because he used fireb.a.l.l.s did not mean he could not use other spells. The reason why he did not try other spells was because the fireb.a.l.l.s were very useful and there was no need for them.

Trump cards were meant to be hidden, moreover, when Donaru and the others surrounded him, he could not do anything even with this spell. It was simply better to save it for another situation.

Afterwards, when he was ambushed and almost caught, he had to use other spells to fight. But because of Tiffany’s interference and help, he did not have to use them.

In any case, these five were going to die, n.o.body would leak the information.

To speak the truth, having not used the other spells for such a long time, Ye Feng had almost forgotten that he was an all-rounded Magician.

The four did not expect that Ye Feng could unleash lightning bolts, they were immediately hit and heavily injured after getting caught unguarded.

Ye Feng had not used lightning spells for too long, by now, the power of such spells had already risen immensely.

Ye Feng’s spells were just too strong now, these Bronze Knight were not his match. They were not skilled at frontal a.s.sault anyway, it was even worse against Ye Feng who surpa.s.sed them in strength.

“I’m sure none of you have anything else to say, let’s end this here.” Ye Feng looked at the four who had smoke rising from their bodies, he said coldly: “I don’t want to waste any more time.”

As he said that, four fireb.a.l.l.s flew out and killed them all.

Under such injuries, the had no way to dodge the attack.

Ye Feng frowned slightly before continuing on his journey to the Capital City.

“These are too troublesome. Logically speaking, the person who wants to kill me should know about my strength, why would they send such weak who I can easily beat?” Along the way, Ye Feng considered the peculiarity of the situation.

‘No, I need to change my route…’ Ye Feng took out the map and went on another route towards the Capital City, because it was the central core of the entire country, there were too many routes that led to the city.

Ye Feng did not want to encounter more anymore, whether it was for safety or to save time.

He chose another route that was not too far from the original one, but it was much safer instead.

Unless of course, the enemies sent along every single road.

That was nearly impossible, but if they did that, Ye Feng could do nothing about it but admit his bad luck.

The price to do that was just too high, Ye Feng was not worth it. These who attacked earlier must have followed him from the city.

After all, Ye Feng’s decision to go to the Capital City was made on the same day. Unless the person had a close understanding of his relationship with Tiffany, who would think that he was going to the Capital City now?

Of course, this was barring those with predictive abilities.

His following journey was much more peaceful, even though he detoured, he was only six hours later than intended.

The security of the Capital City were not as strict as he thought, after taking some money and confirming Ye Feng’s ident.i.ty, they let him in.

Now was not a special time, so what if anyone tried to sneak in?

With the strength of the Capital City, they could easily suppress any troublemaker.

Ye Feng observed the surroundings with a casual gaze, the Capital City was the core of the country, it was much more vibrant than Aden City. Be it the Blacksmith Shops, Auction Houses, or even hospital and shops, they were all large businesses.

During normal times, Ye Feng might want to roam around and explore the city to find things he wanted to buy, but now, he did not have the mood.

He did not look for Tiffany rashly, instead, he found a place to stay and rested first. Although most of the journey was spent riding on a transportation tool, it did not mean that he was not tired.

Ye Feng found a nice place to stay, although ten gold coins were not much to him, for a normal family, it was too luxurious to rent a place for ten gold coins.

But Ye Feng did not care now, he was rich anyway, it was ridiculous not to spend on himself.

After resting and eating something, Ye Feng left the house and went to search for clues regarding Tiffany.

He was much calmer now, he knew that this could not be rushed, he decided to collect information.

But he was just one person, he was too insignificant against two huge clans.

Although Ye Feng did not enjoy going out, he still had his common sense, he was quite knowledgeable about ways to gather information.

All he had to do was to find places with many people, Ye Feng looked around the street.

He decided to go to the tavern.

Once he entered the tavern, the sound of talking and the smell of alcohol a.s.saulted his senses, it was evening now so the place was quite packed.

This was the first time Ye Feng had visited such a place, he frowned slightly but did not show much of a reaction. The tavern was quite clean, there was no other weird smell except alcohol.

“Sir, is this your first time here?” Once Ye Feng got to the counter, the bartender smiled and asked.

“Yes.” Ye Feng nodded, he did not feel strange that the bartender asked this, simply because his reaction when he entered was quite obvious.

He was a stranger to such places.

But this was nothing strange, Ye Feng looked decent and had tanned skin, his muscles were bursting with energy due to his forging sessions, n.o.body would find trouble with him if they were sensible.

“I’ll recommend you this southwood ale, although it is a type of beer, it has a fragrant and intense flavor, most people will order it when they come here.”

“I’ll have it then.” Ye Feng said nonchalantly, he sat at the counter directly.

In this rowdy environment, it did not matter where he sat.


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