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Chapter 59 Rage 2

Suddenly, Andre felt a strong impact on his waist.


The next instant, his body crashed against a wall.

*Cough cough* Blood and pieces of organs flew from his mouth. Andre felt his mind blank briefly before an incredible pain attacked his body.

“Arrrgggghhh!” Andre cried in pain. Many of his bones had been broken into pieces, and his right arm was bent at an absurd angle.

He desperately lifted his face, trying to find the person that attacked him.

Then, he was greeted for a pair of blue ice-cold eyes.

“Tell me, what were you saying?” I asked. My voice as cold as the coldest ice.

I felt a strong rage burning inside me. When I saw the state of Andrea, my mind was filled with an incredible killing intent.

Andre paled. His heavily injured body trembled under my gaze. He could feel the jaws of death slowly approaching him.

At the same time, all the students in the surroundings one hundred meters froze in their steps. They could feel my enormous killing intent threatening to devour them. Even though they didn’t know what was happening, they had the feeling that a wrong movement would lead to their deaths.

Looking at the s.h.i.+vering excuse of a human before me, I narrowed my eyes. I then moved my gaze towards Andrea. She was lying on the ground, trembling and groaning repeatedly with her eyes closed.

I made sure that my killing intent didn’t affect her and touched her forehead. When she felt my hand, she opened her eyes fragilely and moaned.


I wrinkled my brows. She was being affected by a very strong aphrodisiac. I could feel the effects of the drug intertwined with her mana, affecting her mind and giving her a strong feeling of pleasure with each touch.

My anger became even stronger. This aphrodisiac was very vicious. If not treated correctly, it would leave serious sequelae on her body.

If she has s.e.x in this state, then the extreme pleasure would burn her mind, turning her into a s.e.x-crazed fool.

Even for me, getting rid of this aphrodisiac in a short time was a problem.

“Everything is alright.” I whispered softly in her ear and sent a bit of my mana into her body. It would not be enough to detoxify her, but it would suppress the effects of the aphrodisiac for a while.

Andrea smiled when she heard my voice. She then felt my mana soothing her body and sighed softly.

“I knew you would rescue me.”

Afterward, she fell asleep.

I stroked her beautiful red hair and took a deep breath. I then created a mana barrier around her to keep her safe and stood up.

Instantly, enormous killing intent was released from my body.

Louise, who finally arrived after chasing after me, froze in her steps. She looked at me with a frightened expression, trying to suppress the fear in his mind.

However, I ignored her.

The next instant, I appeared before the sc.u.m that tried to harm my cousin.

Raising my leg, I kicked his chest.

Andre was unable to react to my movements and was sent flying away. His body was too injured to move, and even if he would not have been injured, his third-layer mana was far from enough to stop me.


Another mouthful of blood and organs flew from his mouth. Three of his ribs were broken, and his right lung was punctured by a rib.

Even in this world, such wounds are lethal. If he is not treated quickly, then he would die.

But I did not care. So what if he dies? At most, I would kill all the people that come to seek revenge.

The main reason I avoided showing too much strength until now was that I wanted to enjoy this world. If I show my true strength, then living in this world would be too boring, as playing a game in easy mode and with cheating codes.

But for the same reason, there was nothing stopping of killing everything in my way.

Even although I have not reached the peak of my power, my current strength already puts me at the peak of this world. n.o.body besides G.o.ds and a few special existences can harm me.

And currently, I was very enraged. I already consider Andrea mine, and someone that dares to harm what is mine is someone that must die!

Slowly, I walked towards Andre. His miserable appearance did not evoke pity on me. I wanted him to suffer. To learn the meaning of h.e.l.l!

But suddenly, someone appeared before me.

“Prince, stop!”

I looked at Louise coldly and opened my mouth.


Louise s.h.i.+vered, however, she remained in my way. “If you continue, you will kill him! Killing a n.o.ble is a very grave crime, even for a prince!”

I stared right into Louise’s eyes. Louise felt as though an ancient beast was looking at her, ready to devour her.

However, she gritted her teeth and did not move away. “If you don’t stop, I’ll stop you!”

Multiple magic circles materialized around her. But I laughed disdainfully. In a second, the mana hidden inside my true core surged through my body.

But before I could use it, someone else appeared.

“What is happening here?!” Shouted Katherine.

She then looked around and saw Andre injured on the ground, Louise protecting him, and I ready to advance forward.

Instantly, her face turned frosty.

“Claus, stop!”

I glanced at her briefly but I did not stop gathering my mana. Katherine noticed it and prepared tens of magic spells in an instant. I could feel her determination to stop me no matter what.

Many students had surrounding the place after hearing the commotion. They were whispering to themselves while looking at me with fear on their eyes.

Seeing that, I sighed.

My rage quickly cooled down. Andre must die, but killing him in front of so many people will make useless all the things I have done until now.

I looked in Andre’s direction and send an invisible thread of mana into his head. This thread of mana would explode in one month, killing him slowly and painfully.

Then, I turned around and left.

“Stop!” Katherine shouted, but Louise stopped her. She then explained what happened quickly.

I ignored them and left under the fearful gazes of the surrounding students.

I still needed to detoxify Andrea.

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