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Chapter 478: Get in Touch With Lahaisen Hospital (2)

Mo s.h.i.+yun was very busy lately.

She was busy shooting short video clips.

This was because short video clips were becoming popular on the Internet. As a result, many celebrities resorted to relying on them as a means to gain new traffic.

Mo s.h.i.+yun was also attempting to do this.

As she no longer had a team behind her to help her put forward plans and ideas, she now had to rely on herself for everything.

The process had been incredibly tough. The first few short videos that she made were not very well received even though she had bought promotion on the video platform.

People said that she was Dong s.h.i.+ imitating Xi s.h.i.+’s frown. They said she was merely imitating someone else’s idiosyncrasies and making a fool out of herself. They said that she was too arrogant and thought too highly of herself to imitate someone else’s funny videos.

When Mo s.h.i.+yun read these comments, she felt quite hurt. However, she knew that she wasn’t cut out to make funny videos.

And thus, this time, she planned to follow the new trend of trying to act cool. As of now, she was trying to think of what ideas to use.

Mo Huiqin was very distressed to see how hard her daughter had been working lately.

She had prepared a bowl of bird’s nest stew for her daughter.

Right now, they rented an apartment in Beijing.

At the peak of career, Mo s.h.i.+yun had bought two apartments in Hengyuan City.

She lived in one of the apartments. The other apartment was for investment.

At the same time, the amount in her savings account had approached close to eight figures.

However, Mo s.h.i.+yun’s career had gone downhill. Despite that, her daily expenses were still incredibly high.

In the end, both apartments were sold. Mo s.h.i.+yun and her mother went to Beijing in search of more development opportunities.

However, things hadn’t been going well. Once every few months, her daughter would be asked to do a celebrity endors.e.m.e.nt. To make matters worse, her daughter received limited remuneration for her advertis.e.m.e.nt.

This income was sufficient to sustain an ordinary family.

However, Mo s.h.i.+yun did not want to admit her defeat. She wanted to return to the heights that she had once reached.

And thus, it cost Mo s.h.i.+yun a lot of money to maintain her appearance to the public.

As a result, Mo s.h.i.+yun and her mother had to suffer a lot of hards.h.i.+ps.

Mo Huiqin sighed and said: “Ahhh, if only He Yan hadn’t treated her son badly back then. If she didn’t make things difficult for herself, then all of those things wouldn’t have had to happen.”

Back then, Mo s.h.i.+yun had two financial backers. One was He Yan and the other was Ms. Qian.

However, He Yan had been completely ruined by her son. Ever since then, she hadn’t managed to get herself back up. Once she fell, her partners.h.i.+p with Mo s.h.i.+yun had been terminated. As a result, Mo s.h.i.+yun had lost a large part of her contacts and a part of her behind-the-scenes funding.

Ms. Qian had also drawn a line with Mo s.h.i.+yun for reasons that were unknown to her and her mother till this day.

However, if He Yan was a little smarter, then she wouldn’t have been ruined by her son. In this regard, Mo Huiqin felt that He Yan was incredibly stupid.

If she hadn’t been ruined by her son, then their partners.h.i.+p would have been incredibly successful. They would have been able to mutually benefit from one another.

With her daughter’s potential, Mo s.h.i.+yun would have definitely been able to bring He Yan a handsome return on her investment.

“Mother, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. I’m just brainstorming ideas for a short video. It’s not as hard as you think.”

Mo s.h.i.+yun was okay with her investment of time and effort. This was because she didn’t have much to do right now. As a result, she had plenty of time to spare.

What she cared about was the fee that she had paid the platform to promote her short videos.

If the promotion didn’t work, then she would have basically wasted her money.

“Oh right. Did you ask around about that matter?”

Mo s.h.i.+yun was also inquiring about Lahaisen Hospital.

She had heard from her friends that the Qin family was trying to learn more about this mysterious hospital.

One of the big shots in the entertainment industry that she was in contact with had offered a reward to anyone that had relevant information.

Being sick was a common occurrence.

Anyone that’s sick would want to get better.


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