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Chapter 494: Beg for Forgiveness (1)

He had been slapped in front of so many other professors. In fact, he had been slapped in front of all his students in the laboratory.

He had been slapped in the face by one of the students that he trusted and thought highly of.

This was an incredibly embarra.s.sing moment for him. To make matters worse, it happened in front of the chancellor, the other professors, and an esteemed leader in their industry!

As Professor Huang stood in the laboratory, he felt that everyone was now looking at him with disgust and contempt. This sensation made him feel incredibly uncomfortable.

Then, Zhai Yunsheng spoke up: “So, I heard a certain someone say that we should deal with this matter seriously. There was something about expelling and a notice of criticism. I think all of those should apply here as well right?”

As soon as Zhai Yunsheng said this, Lu Yuan who was still sobbing sank to her knees:

“No! Please don’t expel me! I’ve worked so hard for so many years to attend this university! If you expel me… I… I…”

Lu Yuan didn’t want to imagine what would happen to her. Her life would be plunged into endless darkness if she got expelled.

As the matter had been concluded, the eyes of the crowd turned to look at Jian Yiling. Jian Yiling was one of the parties who was involved in this matter.

She had been watching quietly throughout the entire ordeal. Other than the few words she said at the start to Professor Huang, she had been silent for the rest of the time.

Later on, no matter what Professor Huang or the other professors said, she did not defend herself again.

In the face of slander and accusations, she just looked at everyone calmly.

Even after Elder Yun revealed the truth, she hadn’t stepped forward to criticize and attack Lu Yuan.

Furthermore, she hadn’t even commented when Elder Yun asked the university leaders regarding Professor Huang and Lu Yuan’s punishment.

Jian Yiling only spoke to Elder Yun when he walked over. Elder Yun told her that he asked the university to change her professor.

Suddenly, Lu Yuan crawled over and knelt down in front of Jian Yiling. She started to cry as she begged her: “Yiling, I know that I was wrong! Please forgive me! I beg you! I’ve been studying hard for so many years. If I get expelled, my entire life will be ruined! I know that I was wrong! I was blind! I won’t do this again! Please give me another chance!”

Jian Yiling looked down at Lu Yuan before she said: “I can’t help you. The punishment for you will be decided by the university.”

Things had reached a point where it was no longer a case of whether Jian Yiling was willing to forgive her or not.

Lu Yuan froze for a moment before she pulled at Jian Yiling’s clothes and said: “No! No! You can save me! If you say that I took part in the research, then the university authorities and the professors won’t be able to condemn me for theft! It will only take a word from you! One word would do!”

However, Jian Yiling immediately refused: “I won’t help you.”

Then, she took a step back. However, Lu Yuan was undeterred. She lunged at Jian Yiling again.

Zhai Yunsheng, who was seated on a chair next to Jian Yiling, reached out and gently pulled her to his side. Then, he lifted his foot against Lu Yuan.

If she stepped forward again, Zhai Yunsheng would kick her in the face.

However, Lu Yuan was pulled away by the university’s security staff.

The irony was that the security had been called over by Professor Huang. Back then, Professor Huang planned to deal with Jian Yiling.

However, the security guards instead seized his favorite student.

Zhai Yunsheng pulled Jian Yiling closer to him before he asked the university leaders: “Well, what’s going to happen now?”

The university leaders sighed before they announced what was going to happen to Lu Yuan and Professor Huang.

“Lu Yuan will be expelled. She won’t ever be admitted to this university again. I will make an official announcement when I go back to my office and meet up with the other leaders.”


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