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Chapter 538: Isn’t that the Young Master of the Qin Family?

And thus, Wen Nuan wasn’t interested in mentioning anything regarding Jian Yiling’s studies.

However, Wen Nuan’s att.i.tude made it hard for her sister-in-law and her niece to believe that Jian Yiling was actually studying at Beijing University.

Despite the disbelief, Cai Qinyue and Wen Ruo decided not to comment on Wen Nuan’s lie.

It wasn’t nice to expose someone that was intentionally lying to them. Doing such a thing would definitely embarra.s.s Wen Nuan.

Then, Cai Qinyue said to Wen Nuan: “Well, since your family will be staying in Beijing for a while, you must pay attention to many small things. There are many influential families in Beijing. Please try not to provoke them. Recently, your eldest brother and your second brother have been doing business deals. Right now, it’s a critical point in their business dealings. We don’t want any setbacks.”

Although they didn’t expect the Jian family to provoke anyone, it was better to be safe than sorry. A reminder would not do any harm.

As the two families were related, if trouble were to arise, the Wen family would be required to step in as well.

“Sister-in-law, you’re overthinking the situation. Who would we even run into in the capital?”

Wen Nuan a.s.sumed that there was no need to worry about such a thing.

Who would they provoke in Beijing?

They were merely here to celebrate Yiling’s birthday.

However, Grandma Jian had unexpectedly fallen ill. That was the reason why they were staying in Beijing for the next few days.

As Cai Qinyue chatted with Wen Nuan, she suddenly saw a familiar figure pa.s.s by.

Cai Qinyue immediately turned her head around.

The person was 1.85 meters in height and wore a well-ironed suit. He had a distinguished temperament as well.

In addition to his height and temperament, the man was incredibly good-looking. He had a high nose bridge and a sharp face.

It was impossible to ignore him. His looks left a deep impression.

Cai Qinyue was surprised to see Qin Chuan: “Isn’t that… Isn’t that the Young Master of the Qin family?”

Cai Qinyue recognized Qin Chuan.

The Qin family and the Zhai family were the most rich and powerful families in Beijing.

In addition to this fact, the Qin family often released news about themselves. Thus, their family was known to everyone in Beijing.

The return of Qin Chuan to the Qin family was made known to everyone.

On the other hand, the Zhai family was more low-key. Even photos of the family members were not made available online.

As Cai Qinyue thought about this, she saw Qin Chuan walk into Grandma Jian’s room.

This made her even more shocked.

What was happening?

Why was the Young Master of the Qin family entering Grandma Jian’s room? This…

“Do you guys know the Young Master of the Qin family?” Cai Qinyue asked. A surprised expression was on her face.

Wen Ruo had the same surprised expression on her face. Her eyes kept following Qin Chuan.

“He used to be Yiling’s tutor,” Wen Nuan replied.

Qin Chuan was Jian Yiling’s tutor?

What kind of luck was that?

“Was he only Yiling’s tutor?”

Qin Chuan was visiting Grandma Jian when she was sick.

A normal tutor wouldn’t need to visit in such a situation, would they?

“Yeah, there’s nothing more than that. He probably just cherishes the old times. After all, both of us are from Hengyuan City,” Wen Nuan said.

The elevator arrived as they spoke. Cai Qinyue and Wen Ruo were about to take the elevator to the ground level.

“Mother, my bracelet is missing,” Wen Ruo said.

“Oh? Did you leave your bracelet in Grandma Jian’s ward? Let’s go back and look for it.”

And thus, Cai Qinyue and Wen Ruo returned to Grandma Jian’s ward.

When they entered, Qin Chuan was comforting Grandma Jian.

Not only did he have an outstanding appearance, but he also treated Grandma Jian with respect.

It was as though he was still Jian Yiling’s tutor. He did not act with the arrogance expected from the Young Master of the Qin family.

This made the members of the Jian family feel incredibly flattered. In addition, this left them a favorable impression of Qin Chuan as well.


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