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Chapter 741: Mr. Feng (1)

Then, Wei Qirui said to Master Sheng: “Master Sheng, Mr. Feng is known to be a stern person. He can’t bear having grit in his eyes. Moreover, he does not like to deal with irrelevant individuals that will waste his time. After all, his time is very precious. I’m afraid that…”

Then, Wei Qirui’s gaze fell on Jian Yiling. The meaning of his words couldn’t be more obvious.

Recently, Wei Qirui acted more and more boldly.

As the Wei family was becoming powerful, he no longer really cared about the Zhai family anymore.

Upon hearing this, Zhai Yunsheng calmly replied: “She’s the matriarch of our Zhai family. Therefore, why would she be an irrelevant individual? Wei Qirui, do you look down upon your matriarch or something? Are you straying a bit too far or am I misinterpreting your words?”

Wei Qirui explained: “Well, I just a.s.sumed that Mr. Feng might get upset. I didn’t mean anything else. I would never look down upon the Zhai family’s matriarch.”

Wei Qirui said this with a smile on his face.

Zhai Yunsheng replied: “How would you know whether or not he’d be upset?”

When the slightly fat old man saw the situation, he tried to resolve the conflict: “Master Sheng, please do not be angry. Qirui doesn’t know how to speak. However, we all know that Mr. Feng’s temper is indeed quite strange.”

In fact, he was a strange person.

He had an eccentric temperament. Furthermore, he did not pay his respects to anyone. In fact, he wouldn’t even say nice things to Master Zhai.

Although he had an eccentric personality, he was an incredible individual.

He was the president of an a.s.sociation that was very mysterious to the outside world.

Instead of paying attention to the conversation, Jian Yiling sat down on a seat and opened her laptop. She was busy sorting out some things.

The restaurant was quite special. It did not attend to ordinary guests. And thus, only individuals with special statuses could enter.

Therefore, at this moment, they were the only people in the restaurant. It was a quiet place that was suitable for office work.

As she was concentrating on her work, Jian Yiling did not hear a single word that Wei Qirui said.

After a while, someone entered the restaurant.

A middle-aged man wearing a light-colored suit walked into the restaurant.

The man looked elegant and dignified.

He dragged a black suitcase in his hand.

As soon as he entered, the people in the restaurant bowed their heads and greeted him with respect.

“Mr. Feng.”

Even Wei Qirui and the slightly fat old man headed towards the middle-aged man.

However, Jian Yiling was still busy with her work. She did not notice anyone entering the restaurant.

By the time Mr. Feng walked to the table, she still had her head buried in her work. It was as though she was occupied by something important.

“Mr. Feng, long time no see,” the slightly fat old man came up to shake hands with Feng Wei. He had a smile on his face.

Wei Qirui even took the initiative to greet Feng Wei: “Mr. Feng, it must have been exhausting to get here. It’s such a long journey via plane.”

However, Feng Wei did not respond to the two of them. His eyes were on Jian Yiling. She was still working.

Seeing that Feng Wei was looking at Jian Yiling, the old man hurriedly explained Jian Yiling’s ident.i.ty: “This is Master Sheng’s fiancee. She’s the future matriarch of the Zhai family.”

The slightly fat old man was worried that Feng Wei would misunderstand the situation. He did not want Mr. Feng to think that Jian Yiling was an insignificant person.

Feng Wei did not say anything. Instead, he continued to stare at Jian Yiling.

The look on Feng Wei’s face made Wei Qirui smile: “Mr. Feng, Miss Yiling is still young. That’s why she’s not incredibly thoughtful. Please don’t blame her.”

Upon hearing this, Zhai Yunsheng immediately replied: “She’s the future matriarch of the Zhai family. She doesn’t need to be thoughtful.”

“Master Sheng, you’re spoiling your fiancee too much. That’s not good for her.”

“Well, that’s a matter for the Zhai family and not you.”

Wei Qirui gritted his teeth. However, he could only swallow his words back.


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