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Chapter 102

“The lifeboats are gone!”

Xiao Tangqiu despaired. This cruise ship was about to sink. How could they survive without a lifeboat in the ocean?

“Don’t panic! We still have life jackets!” Tang Mianmian yelled, but he also knew very well that even if there were life jackets, they wouldn’t have much effect.

Shen Yuan spoke deeply, “Run to a higher place first!”

Since there was no lifeboat, they had no need to stay here anymore.

Everyone turned and ran up again. At this moment, the entire luxury cruise ship shook violently. Xiao Tangqiu looked back and suddenly shouted, “Vortex!”

Tang Mianmian, “f.u.c.k! Underwater whirlpool!”

In the distance, a huge spiral vortex suddenly appeared out of nowhere!

The scale and momentum of this whirlpool were terrifying. The seawater at the center of the whirlpool was several hundred meters deep, and its suction was so strong that almost all the seawater with a radius of several kilometers had been pulled in. Even this huge cruise ship inevitably headed towards the whirlpool. Once they were completely pulled into the whirlpool, the consequences would be unimaginable!

Even Duan Hongzhen couldn’t help but blurt out, “f.u.c.k!”

Even the people standing on the deck of the large ship felt a strong suction force, their bodies almost lifting in the air to fly towards the whirlpool. Everyone quickly grabbed the guardrail with their hands.

The cruise ship’s sinking stopped for now, but it was relentlessly pulled into the range of the whirlpool and began to spin with the waters. Xiao Tangqiu felt like they had been tossed into the drum of a washing machine, constantly spinning and tumbling. If he had any sort of motion sickness, he would’ve vomited already.

Tang Mianmian clung to the railing, crying, “What should we do? Are we going to die soon? I don’t want to die yet!”

This vortex appeared so suddenly that they were already pulled in before they could react and could no longer escape. Even if they abandoned the ship, it was impossible for them to escape the vortex. Instead, they had a better chance on the huge cruise ship. The collision with a large object might actually break apart the whirlpool, after all.

Xiao Tangqiu smiled bitterly.

The next moment, the cruise ship began to tear apart, finally unable to withstand the huge power of the whirlpool. They were tossed into the air without mercy.

As far as he could see, everything that was sucked in by the whirlpool began to disintegrate. Would they disintegrate next?

Xiao Tangqiu gradually lost consciousness among the violent waves. Shen Yuan’s hand reaching for him in mid-air was the last thing he saw.

Before he could respond to the Shen Yuan, darkness overtook him.

When Xiao Tangqiu came back to his senses again, he discovered that he seemed to be lying on soft sand. The sound of waves against the beach was in his ears, half of his body was soaked in the sea, and his numb right hand seemed to be pressed under something heavy.

He slowly opened his eyes and was met with a ferocious-looking man. The man had a face full of scars and wore a savage expression. And he was raising a cold and gleaming ax at him.

He had a fright. In his peripherals, he saw over a dozen people holding various weapons surrounding him, their att.i.tudes obviously full of hostility.

Just as Xiao Tangqiu’s back chilled and he was at a loss, he suddenly realized that Shen Yuan was lying on his right hand.

Shen Yuan seemed to be still unconscious but had still clutched his right hand tightly. The strength was great enough that when he woke up he had thought that his right hand was pressed under something heavy.

Xiao Tangqiu recalled that before he lost consciousness, Shen Yuan rushed towards him. It seemed that Shen Yuan successfully grabbed him within the whirlpool and didn’t let go even after losing consciousness himself. The anxiety in his heart eased. Although he woke up to being surrounded by a dozen savage looking men holding weapons, when he thought that Shen Yuan was next to him, he suddenly became less scared.

At this moment, Shen Yuan also woke up.

He didn’t seem to notice the surrounding environment, and his first reaction was to look towards the tight grip he had on Xiao Tangqiu.

Xiao Tangqiu quickly gave Shen Yuan a look to motion him to pay attention to their surroundings.

Once Shen Yuan took a deep look at Xiao Tangqiu, he indifferently looked at the dozen or so buff men surrounding them. Compared to Xiao Tangqiu, he was much calmer.

At first, Xiao Tangqiu thought that there would be a fierce battle, but after the scary muscle man gave him a fierce look, the axe in his hand did not fall, and he waved to the person behind him, “Take these two people away!”

“Boss! These two burdens will hold us back!”

“What do you know, no one knows what dangers are in that cave. Of course someone has to walk ahead! Otherwise, will you lead the way?”

“Boss is wise!”

Xiao Tangqiu had yet to figure out the situation before he was tied up by the dozen men who looked to be pirates and was pushed forward.

Xiao Tangqiu took a look at Shen Yuan in surprise. Although these dozen or so pirates said they had an advantage, they probably weren’t enough to fight Shen Yuan. Why did Shen Yuan let himself get tied up?

Shen Yuan sensed Xiao Tangqiu’s gaze, lowered his voice and said coldly, “This may be the plot.”

Xiao Tangqiu realized that this was the first NPC they encountered in this instance who took the initiative to speak to them. It was indeed likely to be an important plot.

What was “that cave”? Was it a treasure cave?

So he also prepared to wait for things to develop. But besides Shen Yuan and him, no one else seemed to be here. He didn’t know if they were washed away by the whirlpool, or…

He sighed and quietly looked at the surrounding environment while walking forward under the push of the pirates.

This was undoubtedly an island surrounded by the vast sea. The land under their feet was not connected to other land and was an independent island amidst the sea. He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but Xiao Tangqiu always felt that the beach they washed ash.o.r.e resembled a huge whale’s tail with two fin-shaped beaches.

But this discovery did not keep his attention for too long. He soon turned his thoughts to why he and Shen Yuan appeared here, and why they were not buried under the sea after being caught in the whirlpool?

After a while, they crossed half an island, and the scary muscle man suddenly yelled, “d.a.m.n it! Someone was a step ahead of us!”

Some messy footprints appeared on the ground, looking recently made. Xiao Tangqiu subconsciously glanced at Shen Yuan. Could it be Tang Mianmian and them?

“This won’t do! We have to hurry up! We have to get there before those people!” The man gave an order, and they began to speed up. Xiao Tangqiu also had to speed up.

During this rush, Xiao Tangqiu felt even more that the shape of the island was like a whale, especially when they started climbing. He felt that the curvature of the slope was like a fish’s back. When they climbed to the middle of the mountain, he saw that the two slopes extending from the left to the right were like fish fins.

Of course, this island was naturally much larger than ordinary whales, but Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t help but think of the map he saw from the ghost ship. The shape of the final Treasure Island was like a whale… Could this be the Treasure Island where those pirates wanted to hunt for treasure?

But that initial group of pirates had already obtained the treasure first, and then later became a ghost ship because of the curse of the treasure…

Just as he was puzzled over it, the group of pirates suddenly stopped, and the brawny man shouted, “It should be nearby! Go look for it! Be sure to find the cave entrance before that other group!”

Except for one pirate who was in charge of watching Xiao Tangqiu and Shen Yuan, the other pirates started looking around for the entrance of the cave. Xiao Tangqiu and Shen Yuan traded a look and Shen Yuan nodded.

In the next second, Shen Yuan violently acted out. Although he was tightly tied up, he easily kicked the pirate to the ground with one kick, and then rushed to the nearby grove with Xiao Tangqiu.

By the time the pirate got up, the two of them had disappeared.

After diving into the grove, Shen Yuan quickly untied the rope, and Xiao Tangqiu circled him anxiously, “Quick! Untie me too!”

Shen Yuan glanced at Xiao Tangqiu, “I think it’s good to tie you up, keeps you from running around.”

Xiao Tangqiu’s eyes widened in disbelief, “Huh? Don’t you plan to untie me?”

Shen Yuan spoke coldly with his arms crossed, “What if you go looking to die again?”

Xiao Tangqiu blinked, “Think about it seriously, if you don’t untie it for me, you will lose a fighter!”

Shen Yuan raised his eyebrows, “Do I need your fighting?”

Xiao Tangqiu thought about it. Shen Yuan indeed did not lack him, but the problem was… he didn’t want to be completely useless and only rely on holding his thigh!

He couldn’t help feeling depressed, “Can it be called looking to die? I was obviously saving you!”

Shen Yuan said coldly, “No, if I need someone else’s life to live, then I would rather die.”

Xiao Tangqiu was a little surprised. These type of words was nothing like what Shen Yuan, a veteran player who survived a lot of battles and came out victorious, would say!

Shen Yuan glanced at Xiao Tangqiu and asked mildly, “What were you thinking about when you saved me? Did you save me because I was me, or because you thought I was your old friend?”

Xiao Tangqiu was stunned. When he rushed forward to save Shen Yuan… even now he didn’t know what he was thinking at the time. How could he think about so much when his life was at stake!

He gritted his teeth, “Hurry and untie me! What if I can’t run from danger later on!”

Shen Yuan coldly said, “I will always watch over you. Unless I encounter a situation that I can’t deal with, otherwise I won’t let you die a second time… But if we really encounter a situation I can’t deal with, do you think you can make a difference if you aren’t tied up?

“If I don’t die, you won’t die. Only if I die first, will you die.”


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