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Chapter 64.3

At the same time, Xue Junli spoke, “This time we did not find anything too special, but we discovered that there seems to be a shrine in the Hundred Ghosts Town. In the house of the woman who seems like the village head, we saw a picture depicting a Miko in the shrine dancing what looks to be a ceremonial dance. The background is Hundred Ghosts Town. ”

Xiao Tangqiu froze, “Shrine?”

He suddenly remembered the Miko named Kisaragi and couldn’t help asking, “Where?”

Xue Junli shook his head, “I don’t know. We searched the Hundred Ghosts Town and we didn’t see any buildings that seem like a shrine.”

Xiao Tangqiu glanced at Tang Mianmian and said thoughtfully, “I played a lot of horror games before. The shrines in horror games… tend to be on mountains.”

Tang Mianmian also nodded, “Yes, yes, yes! I think so, too!”

Xue Junli frowned, “On mountains? Can it be the Holy Mountain?”

Xiao Tangqiu, “Maybe, we can look for it in a bit.”

Xue Junli hesitated for a while, apparently a little uneasy about the three of them, especially Shen Yuan, this uncontrollable killing machine…

Yu Fuling and Sai Lulu also spoke up to stop them, “It’s too dangerous for you to go!”

Shen Yuan puffed his chest and said, “You can be rest a.s.sured with me there!”

Everyone in the Reincarnation Team: “…” It’s because you’re there that we aren’t a.s.sured!

Xue Junli looked at Shen Yuan and then Xiao Tangqiu. Although Shen Yuan was not stable and his IQ was often offline, but with Xiao Tangqiu there, it should be fine… right?

Duan Hongzhen held a lollipop from who knew when, “Relax, I will look after the captain.”

Xue Junli looked at Duan Hongzhen’s careless appearance and felt even more troubled. But if Shen Yuan was determined to go, it’s not like he could stop him. He could only rub his temples and say helplessly, “Go, then. But remember, don’t go in even if you really find a shrine… I have a hunch that this shrine is probably not simple. You should only find the location of the shrine tonight. If you find it, you must come back immediately and wait for us to rest up so that everyone goes in together tomorrow!”

Xiao Tangqiu nodded, “Understood. Rest a.s.sured, once we find the shrine, we will come back immediately.”

“But you may not be able to find it tonight, so don’t feel too pressured,” Xue Junli glanced at Xiao Tangqiu. “If your previous guesses are correct, we will be back in that tunnel after dawn.”

At the reminder of that tunnel, Xiao Tangqiu also felt a headache. He didn’t know where the tunnel would send them next time. In the case of another zombie flood, they would turn into emotionless zombie killing machines again.

“Okay, let’s go!” Duan Hongzhen was obviously rejuvenated after his nap.

Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian glanced at each other, nodded at him, and left the hut they had slept half the night in with Duan Hongzhen and Shen Yuan.

It was a dark night outside.

The night of Hundred Ghosts Town was silent, but this silence wasn’t a peaceful silence. It felt more like the silence of the dead.

Not only were there no human movements, there were also no insects usually seen at night in ordinary villages. There was nothing but silence.

Xiao Tangqiu followed Duan Hongzhen cautiously and watched the surrounding environment with vigilance. Nothing special happened until they reached the entrance of the village. They easily opened the wooden gate that was locked from the inside and left Hundred Ghosts Town.

Xiao Tangqiu suddenly remembered something and couldn’t help but ask curiously, “I don’t hear the barking of the dogs. Don’t people generally keep dogs in this kind of village?”

Duan Hongzhen spoke disapprovingly, “This village is so poor that they can’t afford to even eat any more. Why would they raise dogs?”

“What about cattle? Isn’t it necessary to raise cattle for farming? They can’t even do that because of poverty?”

Xiao Tangqiu thought about it, this village seemed to not only lack dogs and cattle, they also didn’t have chickens, ducks and geese. Did these villagers never eat meat?

At this moment, they came to the farmland in front of the Hundred Ghosts Town. Xiao Tangqiu randomly aimed the nuclear power flashlight into the fields and he couldn’t help but call out in surprise, “There are no crops in the fields!”

Before, they always pa.s.sed by here in a hurry and didn’t carefully look at the crops in the farmland. Now that Xiao Tangqiu took a closer look, they discovered that there were no crops at all. The farmland was barren.

Duan Hongzhen saw it and he also froze for a moment, “That’s strange. What do the Hundred Ghosts Town villagers usually eat? Wait, don’t they have to go collectively work on the fields after dawn? Do they just pretend to farm?”

Xiao Tangqiu frowned. The Hundred Ghosts Town villagers had neither meat nor crops, how did they survive? Only ghosts did not need to eat! Had they all become ghosts?

Duan Hongzhen rubbed his chin, “It seems to be worth noting. Let’s discuss with others after we go back… Alright, let’s go find the shrine.”

Xiao Tangqiu nodded and continued to walk forward. But after a few steps, he realized that Shen Yuan did not follow them. He turned around to ask the still standing Shen Yuan, “Aren’t you coming?”

Shen Yuan looked directly at the center of the farmland, “There is a black figure…”

Xiao Tangqiu was shocked and quickly looked, but he found nothing there. It was still just a barren field. He couldn’t help asking, “Where?”

Shen Yuan blinked, “It’s gone.”

Xiao Tangqiu asked, “What did that black figure look like?”

Shen Yuan thought about it and said, “…Only one eye.”

Xiao Tangqiu frowned slightly, “A black figure in the farmland that has only one eye… Is it dorotabo?”

“Dorotabo? What kind of monster is that?” Duan Hongzhen also stopped and turned his head to ask Xiao Tangqiu.

Xiao Tangqiu said, “It is said that the aggrieved ghosts of peasants who starve to death because the land was taken away will appear in the middle of the night, shouting “return my fields” while throwing mud at pedestrians pa.s.sing by the farmland…”

Duan Hongzhen asked with interest, “What happens if people get hit by the mud? Will they die?”

Xiao Tangqiu, “It is said that the mud thrown by it is very stinky. The person hit by it will also become very stinky, the smell lasting for three days and three nights.”

Duan Hongzhen pursed his lips, “This monster is quite boring, so why did it just run away without throwing mud at us?”

Xiao Tangqiu silently glanced at Shen Yuan aside, “…Maybe it only bullies the weak?”

Duan Hongzhen chortled, “It turns out to be a useless weakling like you.”

Xiao Tangqiu, “…You can scold him but why did you also drag me down!”

Shen Yuan’s expression sank, “I don’t allow you to scold him! Apologize!”

Duan Hongzhen apologized at light-speed, “I’m sorry, I was wrong!”

Xiao Tangqiu, “…”

Such a team, so exhausting.

After a while, the three of them returned to the foot of the hill again.

This Holy Mountain seemed extraordinarily gloomy and strange under the dark night, especially when Xiao Tangqiu remembered that countless elderly people from Hundred Ghosts Town died silently on this mountain. He felt a chill go down his back.

The winds on the hills in the dark night felt especially chilly.

The three of them started hiking up.

Although this hill was creepy and strange, they climbed from the foot of the hills to the top and nothing special happened. They didn’t meet even one ghost or spirit.

…Actually, it’s normal to not into any ghosts, but if it was too normal, it would end up appearing abnormal.

Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t help but say, “Whether it is in the village or outside the village, we have encountered those things… It stands to reason that this hill should be the most unclean place. But why is it that from then to now, we didn’t encounter anything? ”

Duan Hongzhen shrugged, “Who knows, but our goal is to find a shrine. As long as we find that d.a.m.ned shrine, we can go back.”

Xiao Tangqiu smiled bitterly, “So you say, but where are we going to find it?” This hill was not big. Logically, it should not be difficult to find things. A large building like a shrine could basically be seen at a glance. Especially the iconic torii of a shrine, which should certainly be visible from a distance. But they haven’t seen any shrines on the hills the multiple times they came up.

If there was a shrine on the top of the hills, they should have seen it long ago…

The three of them circled the peak of the hill. As expected, not to mention a shrine’s torii, they didn’t even see a single bird feather. There were no buildings on the top of the hill at all.

Duan Hongzhen was a little irritated, “Is it not on the Holy Mountain, but on some other mountain?”

However, the Holy Mountain was the tallest hill in the vicinity. Standing on the top of this hill meant that they could basically see all the lower hills at a glance. Except for the hills in the distance, the tops of the surrounding hills held no traces of any buildings.

Xiao Tangqiu frowned, “Since those villagers call this place a Holy Mountain, this place must have some meaning to it. Otherwise they would not have sent their elderlies here to wait for death. And they also think that there is a mountain G.o.d here…” No matter how you look at it, if the villagers of Hundred Ghosts Town wanted to build a shrine, there was only this one choice.

Shen Yuan looked up at the slowly revealed light in the distance and suddenly spoke, “It’s almost dawn.”

Xiao Tangqiu and Duan Hongzhen also looked up towards the horizon. The east gradually turned bright. Unfortunately, it seemed to be dawning soon.

Shen Yuan stared at the rays of dawn for a moment, then suddenly said, “I know where the shrine is.”

Xiao Tangqiu’s heart jumped, “Where?”

Shen Yuan stared straight ahead at the dawn, and quickly walked to the edge of the cliff.

“Careful! Ahead is a cliff!”

Xiao Tangqiu called out, thinking that Shen Yuan might have been confused by something.

At this moment, Shen Yuan suddenly stopped and turned around to look back at Xiao Tangqiu, “The shrine is here.”

For a moment, Xiao Tangqiu thought that Shen Yuan was looking at him, but soon he realized something and quickly turned around. Following the direction of dawn’s light, he saw that not far from behind him… a red torii had appeared out of thin air!

Torii, representing the boundary between a G.o.d’s Domain and the world, it’s said to be the entrance to a G.o.d’s Domain.

They finally found the shrine!


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