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Chapter 109 – No. 1 on 3 Charts

“It actually sold more than 4 million copies this month. Truly amazing.”

After ending the call with editor Meng Fei, Xia Ping was shocked by the novel’s performance. Even though he was aware that it’s an incredible novel, but he didn’t expect it to achieve such performance.

“Right, I should go online and check the evaluation.”

Thinking till here, Xia Ping immediately opened the browser on his phone and searched the novel “Teacher Bai Rong”.

With a ding, pages relevant to the novel popped up on the search page at once. There is a total of 89.8 million relevant results.

“Awesome.” Xia Ping was stunned. In his previous world, if the number of relevant search results for a work reached 1 million, it would be regarded as popular.

For example, the most popular manga One Piece has more than 70 million relevant search results on Baidu, making it a phenomenal work known by almost everyone.

But now his novel has surprisingly reached more than 80 million search results. Even though the population of Flameyellow Star is several times larger than that of Earth, but you can still tell that the novel is wildly popular.

“No. 1 on this month’s sale chart.”

Xia Ping quickly looked at a page with the ranking of countless novels. The novel belong to different categories, including romance, urban, eastern fantasy, science fiction, thriller, and so on.

These novels are all arranged in order. The one ranked first is “Teacher Bai Rong”, with more than 4 million copies sold. The one ranked second has sold more than 1 million copies. The gap between the novels ranked first and second is really large.

“No. 1 on the search chart, No. 1 on the sale chart, No. 1 on the popularity chart!” Xia Ping was excited when he saw this. “Teacher Bai Rong” seized almost all the charts this month.

Even though he didn’t continue to hype it up, but due to its quality and Penguin Novels’ promotion, the novel still attracted countless readers.

“Let’s take a look at Skyhawk Forum.”

Xia Ping entered Skyhawk Forum at once. Since there are many users in this place, it should be possible to see the reviews of many readers on “Teacher Bai Rong”.

He immediately saw that the most popular post is t.i.tled: “Breaking: erotic novel master Jia Zhiwei’s evaluation of this year’s new novel ‘Teacher Bai Rong’ — it is a work that may appear once in 50 years.”

“This is what master Jia Zhiwei said in an interview. At first, he didn’t know the novel. Later, an editor of Penguin Novels asked him to read it and give an evaluation.”

“In response, I said that I, Jia Zhiwei, am not a random person. I won’t read a work just because you ask me to do so. After all, I have restraint. I won’t read any random erotic novel.”

“But then I still read it. After all, I am easily susceptible to flattery. Moreover, I was given money. Principles cannot stand up to money. Unexpectedly, however, I was enthralled for three days and nights straight. It was really something else. I haven’t read such an excellent erotic novel in a long time.”

“It narrates the romantic entanglements between a teacher and numerous men. Although the story is simple, but it is full of tension, twists, emotion, and excitement.”

“The story is both intense and contains honest emotions. Although it is an erotic novel, yet it is also thought-provoking. After reading it, a faint sense of sadness and a feeling of emptiness filled my heart.”

“Although I don’t know who the author is. But I can tell that he is very intelligent. Over time, he will be able to carry the banner of erotic novels and become a master.”

After reading the post, Xia Ping clicked his tongue in admiration. No wonder the novel is so popular. The web editors solicited a recommendation from a renowned master.

With the recommendation of a famous novelist, the novel unsurprisingly attracted even more readers. It was equivalent to an advert.

The post also has the comments of a bunch of readers.

“A master is a master for a reason.”

“He actually read it for three days and nights straight. Awesome. From this, you can’t tell that the master is in his seventies.”

“It’s an erotic novel. How did the master come up with “honest”? Why do I only see green hats [1]?”

“The master’s heart was empty. In my case, however, my jewels were empty. Who knows how many tonics I have to consume to recover.”

“Because of the master’s recommendation, I went to have a look, yet before I realized, a whole day and night pa.s.sed. The next day, I almost couldn’t walk. I went to the hospital. The doctor said I was suffering from shenkui [2].”

“Hey, this novel is a scourge. After reading it, I don’t know why, but I now look at my 300 plus catties female teacher with a peculiar gleam in my eyes.”

“The previous older brother’s taste is really particular. This younger brother is in awe.”

“Guys, let me give you a warning. The the a.s.sault of a female teacher carries a sentence of three years to life in prison. It’s your call.”

Many readers commented. The atmosphere was quite lively. There were a total of 108,937 replies. From this, it is evident that the popularity of the erotic novel master Jia Zhiwei hasn’t waned.

He continued to read. Not only master Jia Zhiwei, but also master Bao Pichang has given an evaluation: “The erotic novel ‘Teacher Bai Rong’ is a rare masterpiece. Although it is a bit of a stretch to claim that it is a work seen once in 50 years. But it can be called a work seen once in 10 years without exaggeration. The story has twists, has a strong appeal, and causes an intense resonance with readers.”

“Moreover, the novel set off a trend, a teacher trend, prompting countless erotic novelists to emulate it. The novel can be regarded as the founding block of this trend.”

“Some people have written erotic novels about teachers before. But this author was the first one to give rise to such a trend. This is a founding block level work. I’m quite optimistic about his next work.”

After reading this, Xia Ping opened the website of Penguins Novel. Sure enough, he saw a lot of derivative works on the list, such as “My beautiful teacher”, “Teacher Fell in Love with Me”, “The story that the Beautiful Teacher and I Have to Tell”, “The Beautiful Teacher in an all Boys School”, and so on.

Even if these works just follow the trend and can’t achieve the same results as “Teacher Bai Rong”, but they do ride the trend’s coattails and are barely enough to make a living.

From this perspective, it can be seen that “Teacher Bai Rong” has become a phenomenal novel as well as a benchmark in the industry and has even influenced erotic novelists.

“It’s really popular.”

After reading the comments, Xia Ping felt quite exhilarated. Once his novel is adapted into a TV show, it will admittedly stimulate the trend and lead to a large increase in sales.


Just then, his stomach gurgled. He touched his belly: “I feel a little hungry. Let’s go back home. I wonder if dad is home.”

Thinking till here, Xia Ping took a bus and soon returned home.

[1] – green hat

[2] – shenkui


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