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Chapter 151 – Time to Clean Up #2

“Bomber, you have worked hard in the meantime. Now I will do as I promised.”

The Bomber didn’t say anything for a while. He wanted to take direct revenge on the Taesung Group, who drove his family to their deaths.

-….At first, I thought they would be judged if I revealed what they did. However, I was mistaken.

At first, there were a lot of people who blamed the Taesung Group for concealing the events that occurred at their laboratory. On the Internet, a boycott against products made by the Taesung Group were launched. The stock prices fell everyday, leading to losses of billions of won.

The person who was responsible was arrested and everything seemed to be going as the Bomber planned. However, the Bomber was unaware of how much the big corporations dominated the Korean system.

“Yes. One researcher committed suicide and claimed all responsibility. It fizzled out.”

The Bomber said,

–In less than 10 minutes, the headlines were filled with entertainment scandals. I didn’t think that such a large incident could be buried so easily.

“That is possible in South Korea.”

–Huhu…is that so? That is why we have to do such things in South Korea.

He heard a clicking sound over the receiver. Was the Bomber touching his bombs?

The Bomber acted as if his emotions had been removed ever since he escaped from prison. It was only when he talked about the Taesung Group that he felt like a living human. He was literally a bomb that lived for destroying his target.

“First of all, I wanted to make sure of something.”

-…What is it?

“What is the revenge you want?”

It was a question that implied various things. It was simple if he just wanted revenge on the one who killed his family. Tae-hyuk just needed to find the person who injected them directly with the virus.

However, the Bomber wouldn’t be satisfied with just that. The target of the Bomber was the Taesung Group itself that ran the research inst.i.tutes.

–First of all…I want to know who ordered the experiment on my wife and daughter.

“That isn’t hard.”

–I also want to smash the Taesung Group, the group that made it possible.

“That isn’t hard either.”

The Bomber’s voice started shaking,

–Is it possible? No matter how great you are, Phantom will need to fight a big corporation by yourself.

“Huhu, don’t worry about it. I will fulfill my promise.”

He wanted to try the abilities that he had gained after upgraded himself to a King. It was good for him as well.

-Yes, I understand.

Tae-hyuk instructed the Bomber to prepare for the fight against the research inst.i.tutes.

If he watched any TV program then he would see advertis.e.m.e.nts from the Taesung Group. The influence of the Taesung Group on the ma.s.s media was amazing.

“In the end, one or two people dying doesn’t matter.”

Tae-hyuk recalled the chairman of the Taesung Group, Song Won-jin.

Tae-hyuk first saw him in the Death Circus. He sat in the best seat with a lion mask on his face. After that, the Bomber incident happened and he went through questioning before returning to the Taesung Group.

Tae-hyuk had clicked his tongue at the news.

“The Taesung research inst.i.tute event is kind of understandable. But how did he get out of the Death Circus case? It is impossible unless he has connections with the prosecutors…”

He knew that the Yakuza’s support was behind the Taesung Group.

“…Wait a minute. This means…”

Tae-hyuk combined his future knowledge and the information he had obtained as Phantom. He was able to come up with a shocking fact.

“The hands of the Yakuza might’ve reached the prosecutors as well. It is a high-ranking person.”

If he investigated then more details would emerge. If so, he knew what had to be done from now on.

First of all, gather information. The goal was the Taesung Inst.i.tute of Physics and Chemistry. It was one of the few natural sciences inst.i.tutes in South Korea. Physics, engineering, chemistry, computational science, biology and medical science were closely studied there. Originally, it was inside the Taesung Research Complex, but it was moved after the incident.

“Yes, I should go into the lion’s den to catch the lion.”

Tae-hyuk licked his lips. It wasn’t a place he could easily enter. Just like fighting against the mafia, it was impossible to shatter all of the research inst.i.tutes belonging to the Taesung Group. He had only been able to drive the mafia away from South Korea.

“If I roam around the lair as a fox, then I can escape the lion.”

Eh? If it was a lion then he knew someone similar. Tae-hyuk suddenly came up with a very good plan before heading to Taesung Chemical’s headquarters.

Unlike the inst.i.tute, it was easy to reach by taxi. He headed to a nearby restroom and pulled out the Demon Revealing Mirror.

‘Then shall I test the power of Transformation?’

It was the new skill he learnt after upgrading to a King.

‘The spy shouldn’t be a good-looking woman.’

He ended up becoming a new reporter who was in her early 20s. She had bright blonde hair that was cut short, and makeup that felt unfamiliar. The clothes she wore were the same, so the leather jacket was baggy.

“Ah, I forgot to change clothes. Ahaha…”

His voice was perfectly changed into a woman’s, so there was no need to use Voice Modulation separately. He used Counterfeit to change his leather jacket and jeans into a neat ladies’ suit. The pa.s.s around his neck allowed him access to large companies.

Tae-hyuk looked in the mirror and tried to make an expression that was as innocent as possible. He didn’t know where to go but he decided to try it first.

Like all large companies, the entire high-rise building was the headquarters of Taesung Chemicals. Once he opened the door and approached the desk, the receptionist bowed politely and greeted him.

“h.e.l.lo? What can I help you with today?”

“Ah! I-Is it 2 o’clock right now?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“I-I’m glad. Today I have an interview with an executive… However, I mistook the time so I left late and had to hurry…”

“I-Is that so? You went through a lot of trouble.”

Tae-hyuk purposely made his hair disheveled and clothes messy. He perfectly looked like a person who was in a hurry because they were running late.

The receptionist said with a soft smile,

“I’m sorry, but could you please show me your pa.s.s?”

Tae-hyuk raised the pa.s.s hanging around his neck. On it was the name of a person who frequently wrote articles on Taesung Chemicals. He was able to register her appearance on the Demon Revealing Mirror. It was literally a bounteous tree.

“It is verified. Have you come here before? You have an ID registered.”

“I-It looks like I did…”

“Who did you come to see? Did you make an appointment in advance?”

Tae-hyuk made the most pathetic expression he could and said,


“Don’t panic. Can you tell me who it was?”

The receptionist looked at the new reporter with sympathy. How was she supposed to interview someone like this? She was reminded of her new employee days.


Although they weren’t in the same field, she decided to be kind to the rookie.

“A-An interview with C-Chairman Song Won-jin…”

“With the boss?! T-that is impossible.”

The receptionist’s eyes widened. That interview was too big to be done by a new reporter. Even she had never seen the boss before.

“Yes… That is right…”

“T-Then I’ll call his secretary and check it.”

“T-Thank you.”

The receptionist was troubled for a moment.

Taesung Chemicals’ chairman, Song Won-jin, was lying low since being involved in a scandal. The only ones who dealt with him were a few direct subordinates. Naturally, most interview requests were rejected, yet a woman who was a new reporter was looking for the chairman.

The receptionist would’ve sent her away directly, but that seemed too harsh. It would be turned down, but wouldn’t it be nice to show that an attempt was made? The reception pressed the intercom to the secretary then spoke in a small voice.

“Chief Soo-hee. Perhaps…an interview…”

Then a loud sound was heard over the receiver.

-What? I told you not to contact me regarding anything like that! And a new journalist? Send them back to the station!

“Yes… I-I’m sorry.”

–I’m hanging up. In addition, I will contact HR about this so reflect on your actions.


This was the most that the receptionist could do.

“I’m sorry. The chairman isn’t seeing anyone right now.”

“D-Did you get into trouble because of me?”

“Did you hear? Ahaha! It is okay. It is originally like this.”

Tae-hyuk’s eyes flashed as he gazed at the receptionist. He had deliberately picked someone who was kind and gentle. She acted as he expected. Tae-hyuk left the place after completing his conversation with the friendly receptionist.

‘This is the best way to gain information.’

He pretended to be a new journalist so people were vigilant against him. He never expected to meet Chairman Song Won-jin in the first place. This was good enough.

‘I never thought it would be easy to see Chairman Song Won-jin.’

Tae-hyuk immediately triggered the Spying skill after he started talking to the receptionist. After upgrading to a King, he was able to get much more detailed information from Spying.

‘For example, where the receiver is connected to.’

He could trace calls without using any equipment. When he was a n.o.ble, skills could be raised by consuming affinity points or satisfying certain conditions. However, when he upgraded to a King, the level of all of his crime skills had risen.

In addition, Tae-hyuk’s psychological state became more like a psychopathic criminal. But a little thing like that didn’t matter right now.

‘The place where the voice is coming from is the 7th floor of this building. I now know the whereabouts of Chairman Song Won-jin.’

He took the elevator while pretending to go to the bathroom. However, he pushed the b.u.t.ton to the 6th floor.

“That floor seems to be VIPs only.”

He used ‘Spying’ and ‘Forgery’. A blueprint of the whole building appeared before him. There was a red dot indicating the room where the secretary was. It felt like he was looking at the world map of a FPS game.

There was no more need to draw it on paper. But as he looked at the map, letters appeared.

[Threaten the guards to find out Song Won-jin’s whereabouts!]

Tae-hyuk smiled.

“It is the same as a game. Is this a new ability that was obtained after becoming a King?”

Even now, the Demon Revealing Mirror. was in one of Tae-hyuk’s pockets. In the first place, it was something that he couldn’t throw away. But now it was giving a command.

“Well, isn’t this feature convenient?”

The map displayed the people wandering around.

He seemed like he could reach the security office without being noticed by anyone. Tae-hyuk confidently walked down the corridor. There was no need to act covertly and arouse suspicions.

“Huhuhu, I’ve arrived.”

He met a few people on the way but he walked naturally past them.

Tae-hyuk looked at his body. He still looked like the reporter.

“This is good, but it is better to change from here onwards.”

First of all, he turned off Counterfeit and his clothes returned to normal. He moved his finger and easily turned into the Bomber, Kim Tae-sung. Inside the jacket was his favorite mask. It was the now familiar Phantom mask.

“Well. This isn’t the time for Phantom to go out so I shouldn’t use it.”

Shattering a large corporation. In this case, he needed to be someone other than Phantom.

Tae-hyuk used Counterfeit on the opera mask and turned it into a skull mask that covered his entire face.

“From now on, I am the Bomber.”


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