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Chapter 102: Seabed Grotto

It was more like these people accepted Han Fei as a new member now that Han Fei treated them to a feast. There were 10 fishing masters here, including Han Fei. This meant that Han Fei had formally entered another specific circle of friends.

Chen Jia’er asked, “Little Brother Han Fei, how did you become a spirit gatherer in less than three months? It is a pity that you don’t go to the town!”

Chen Ling also said, “Little Brother Han Fei, can you become the dedicated spirit gatherer in our group? Wow, I can’t imagine how much our combat power will be improved if we have a spirit gatherer.”

Cao Fei also said, “Han Fei, with your talent as a spirit gatherer, you’ll definitely have a place in the town now. Are you really not going?”

Only Zhao Dabai grunted. “It’s not necessarily good to go to the town. The people in the town had to go to our level-one fishery to gain experience too! By staying with us, Han Fei can also gather experience and I bet he will be no worse than anyone in the town!”

Han Fei was surprised. “Do the people in the town also use the level-one fishery?”

Zhao Dabai answered, “Yes, otherwise where can they go? But we can’t offend people from the town. They always appear in groups and are led by great fishing masters. The only benefit is that they generally won’t take the initiative to scramble for prey with the villagers. Of course, we can’t s.n.a.t.c.h their prey.”

Han Fei felt at ease. “Oh! It seems that I was right not to go to the town. The students in the town are protected too well. They are not free, neither exposed to actual combat.”

Cao Fei explained, “That’s not true. If it’s fair, the great fishing master will allow them to fight, but you can’t kill them. In fact, you won’t be able to kill them.”

Han Fei pondered. That’s boring. If there is always a man keeping an eye on me when I’m out on the sea, then I won’t be able to do anything freely.

Chen Ling suddenly asked, “Han Fei, did you learn the second level of True Spirit Fishing Art? I really can’t figure out how you upgraded so fast! Even if you’ve learned the third level of True Spirit Fishing Art, it’s impossible for you to upgrade so fast!”

Everyone looked at Han Fei. When they were in the level-one fishery, they didn’t ask him, but now they really wanted to know why this kid was so strong at such a young age. He easily killed two fishing masters alone and was intact from the Ball Fish sting attack, which really made them jealous.

Han Fei took a tumble. How could I forget to upgrade my Arts?! No, I haven’t gotten the second level of Void Fishing. Now I’m still using the first level of Void Fishing.

However, under the curious eyes of everyone, Han Fei scratched his head and said, “I haven’t got time to study the second level, but the speed of cultivation varies from person to person! Something went wrong during my last spiritual heritage test, so Grandpa Leader retested me. It turns out that I have a level-three, mid-quality spiritual heritage.”

Then the people understood. No wonder. With such a spiritual heritage, he was even qualified to study in the town. And Tang Ge also gave him some resources before he left, so it was reasonable that Han Fei reached the peak of the junior fishing master in a short time.

But most people were still amazed. Even so, his cultivation speed was still too fast, wasn’t it?

Han Fei quickly diverted the topic. “Well, when will we go to sea again?”

“We’d better not this month. The Heavenly Sun Village must be lurking for us. But Han Fei, you can go fishing in the transition zone between the first-level and second-level fishery alone. With your current strength, you should have no problem in the transition zone.”

In the evening, after the dinner was over.

Han Fei immediately went to the village leader. He didn’t have the second level of the True Spirit Fishing Art yet, so he had to get it first and then deduce it.

The home of the village leader.

Han Fei called out, “Grandpa Leader.”

The village leader was surprised. “Han Fei, didn’t you go to dinner with Cao Fei and the others? How come you came here?”

“Grandpa leader, well, I am already a fishing master, but I haven’t gotten the second level of the True Spirit Fishing Art. Do you have it?”

The village leader was surprised. “Huh? Didn’t Old Jiang give it to you?”

Han Fei’s face went dark. “No!”

The village leader was shocked. This kid hadn’t practiced the second level of the True Spirit Fishing Art yet? That was unbelievable! Could he upgrade so fast without the second-level of the True Spirit Fishing Art? Even though he had a level-three, mid-quality spiritual heritage, his cultivation speed was way too fast! Such a cultivation speed was only possible for people with a level-four spiritual heritage!

The village leader looked around. “Just a moment!”

Han Fei got the second level of the True Spirit Fishing Art. He just flipped through the book and didn’t try to memorize it. Learning this s.h.i.tty art was a waste of his time.

When he got home, however, Han Fei was dumbfounded.

True Spirit Fishing Art (incomplete)

Instant Hook (incomplete)

The most common universal art in ancient times. As time went by, it was not complete anymore, and it takes 100,000 points of spiritual energy to complete it.

Void Fishing

Miraculous Hook (incomplete)


Han Fei’s face suddenly turned dark. It only took me 1,000 points of spiritual energy when I deduced the first level, but it requires 100,000 points of spiritual energy for the second level? But now I only have 90,006 points in total!

Han Fei almost burst into tears. Gosh, I need more treasures! How did I suddenly become poor?

Han Fei who was in high spirits immediately became depressed. He couldn’t even make both ends meet!

Han Fei pondered for as long as an hour. He had consumed too much spiritual energy. Now he had to collect 100,000 points of spiritual energy just to deduce the Void Fishing Art! Then how much would it take when he became an intermediate fishing master? What about combat that also required spiritual energy? What about Little Black and Little White who needed spiritual energy to feed? And what if he learned some other art…

Han Fei put his head in his hands. Spiritual energy! I need spiritual energy!

Shall I go hunting treasure again? But Ren Tianfei’s treasure is hidden in the level-three fishery… Wait, there is a place that I haven’t explored yet.

Han Fei hurriedly dug out the fish-skin map from Li Jue and looked at the marked Seabed Grotto. Li Jue hadn’t been to this place. Shall I go there?

Without any delay, Han Fei was ready to go. It was not realistic to go to the level-one fishery. Should someone discover he was alone, he would probably be besieged. Although he could explore the mixed zone between ordinary fisheries and the level-one fishery, he thought he’d better explore the unexplored place in the ordinary fisheries first.

Han Fei was very confident. He thought that the most dangerous place in the ordinary fisheries should be the Boat Burying Pit and the Seabed Grotto wouldn’t be more dangerous than the Boat Burying Pit. Even if it was, he was not what he used to be. Now he was a fishing master!

At night, he set out in the white fishing boat.

The sea was gusty and the wind howled. Such weather was rare in ordinary fisheries. During the choppy waves, Han Fei jumped directly into the sea and put the white fishing boat into Forge the Universe. Otherwise, G.o.d knew where his boat would be when he came out of the sea.

With a flash between Han Fei’s brows, Little Black and Little White were released.

“Little Black, look for something to eat.”

Little White rubbed against Han Fei and vomited a ma.s.s of pure spiritual energy. It contained almost a thousand points of spiritual energy and Han Fei swallowed it in one gulp.

Although the sea surface was rough, the seabed remained peaceful and quiet.

Now Han Fei no longer needed to protect himself with a spiritual-energy protective cover. With Wandering Dragon Art, ordinary fish such as Snakebelt could not match up with him. Besides, with Little Black here, no fish could come close to him.

Han Fei had been diving down about 100 meters but hadn’t reached the bottom.

Huh? This place is deeper than the rest of ordinary fisheries.

Han Fei dove about 100 meters more before seeing the shadow of some stones below.

He dove for another 50 meters or so before he finally reached the bottom. He looked around and there were many jagged stones around. This place extended for at least dozens of miles.

Han Fei tried the water pressure. After making sure it wouldn’t cause him any problems, he began to casually shuttle through the stone forest.

Since there is a seabed grotto on the map, there must be one here. I’ve gotta find the grotto first.

In fact, this grotto was not difficult to find. Soon, Han Fei found it. But when he saw this big grotto, he hesitated. Should he go in or not?

At this moment, Han Fei finally knew why no one had explored this grotto before. This grotto looked too creepy. It looked as if it were man-made. Its opening was circular, about fifty meters in diameter. What was weirdest was that the grotto extended vertically downward. Han Fei could see the rock wall of this grotto, which was very smooth.

Was this grotto dug manually? It looks a bit deep. Should I go down?


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