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Chapter 1256: An Extremely Cold World

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Han Fei should have discovered that whether he was a human or a sea demon, his body was his. Then, no matter what form he took, as long as he could still cultivate, his final strength would be in sync.

Therefore, when Han Fei practiced the Demon G.o.d Scripture, he absorbed a large number of demonic stones in Forge the Universe at one time.

It was difficult to cleanse his body repeatedly in three days, but Han Fei’s strength had improved a little bit.

Of course, such rapid progress would take time to stabilize later.

However, Han Fei didn’t care. He just wanted to quickly increase his strength to the peak of the Explorer level and then use a few years to slowly solidify it. In this way, he could at least use stronger combat power in advance.

However, under the Venerables’ watch, Han Fei couldn’t make any breakthroughs, or he would be exposed.

As a peak-level Sea Spirit, if he made another breakthrough, he would have to transcend the tribulation!

Even a fool knew this. Therefore, even though he had consumed a large number of demonic stones, Han Fei still hadn’t reached level 71.

As if he had adapted to this depth, Han Fei suddenly said to the old turtle, “I’m going to continue to dive until I reach above the mist you mentioned.”

The old turtle said, “This Gui Sanqing’s body won’t go down with you. Gui Sanqing’s body and soul aren’t enough to support him to explore this secret realm. However, I can roughly guess that there should be something extremely cold below. Unless with a special technique, ordinary people can’t use this powerful ice power, not even Venerables.”

Han Fei thought to himself, I won’t use it. I don’t have such a technique! If it weren’t for Little Black and Little White, I might not have come to this Ice G.o.d Canyon.


Han Fei seemed to take a deep breath and descended more than 5,000 meters in one go. At this time, ice kept freezing beside him but was constantly shattered by Han Fei’s surging blood and Qi.

At this moment, Han Fei bared his teeth and seemed to be shivering all over. However, this was actually all an act. No matter if anyone could see it, he didn’t have to be too outstanding.

At this moment, a deep dragon roar appeared in his throat.

In addition, there was also a faint dragon shadow of demonic energy surrounding him.

The moment this dragon shadow appeared, the three Venerables of the Ice G.o.d Canyon couldn’t help casting their eyes at him again.

“Huh? Is his Dragon King bloodline having a reaction?”

“Yes, there’s clearly something wrong. It seems that he did obtain an opportunity in the Thousand Mountain Ancient Realm.”

“Heh! Maybe Yu Hong was actually killed by him. Maybe he is hiding a lot of things from us.”

Han Fei knew that a Venerable-level perception had scanned him. However, he didn’t panic at all. After all, he could pretend to be using the Spirit Gathering Art.

Of course, in order to prevent the demonic dragon shadow he deliberately created from being seen through, Han Fei deliberately used the Void Lines and the Water Vein Technique to create an illusion.

Venerables were not G.o.ds. They couldn’t be omnipotent.

Even the kings, or those above the king level, often made mistakes, just like when he lied to Chun Huangdian.

So what if it were a king?

In the face of absolute acting, everything was nothing but an Iron-Head Fish. Besides, Han Fei was a sea demon now. Although he was not the Fish Dragon King, he was an authentic sea demon.

After diving for 30,000 meters, Han Fei finally saw a large cloud of white mist. This environment reminded Han Fei of the Mirror of Icy Salt he had visited in the level-three fishery.

After acting for three days and improving himself, he was only one step away from level-71. Han Fei certainly wouldn’t let go of this chance.

“Haha! Next, I’ll improve as much as I can!”

Of course, Han Fei was not in a hurry to cultivate.

When he was halfway through the white mist, he really felt abnormally cold this time. Even his soul had begun to be slightly numb.

This time, Han Fei really started to light a fire for himself. The demonic energy flames on his body burned fiercely.

If it were someone else, he might not have been able to hold on… At least, the demonic energy in the body wouldn’t be enough.

Unless that person was a great demon in the Dao Seeking realm. But even if it was a great demon in the Dao Seeking realm, it depended. The initial Dao Seeking realm was different from the junior peak-level one. The speed at which one absorbed demonic energy and spiritual energy from the void was also different.

Han Fei didn’t care about that. There were still one billion points of spiritual energy in Forge the Universe! It was too much to use up.

Then, a fiery-red area of at least a hundred meters appeared in the white mist.

Han Fei was still descending quickly.

He had never encountered a deep-sea area with a depth of tens of thousands of meters. There were still 3,000 meters from the Abyssal Chasm to the surface of the sea, and he had probably dove more than 3,000 meters in the mist. He estimated that it was almost 40,000 meters.

At this moment, Han Fei found many colorful creatures in the mist.

In front of Han Fei’s eyes, there was a huge fish that looked like a lantern. Suddenly, it released a terrifying electric current at him.

With Han Fei’s physique, he certainly wouldn’t be afraid of a mere electric current.

Han Fei even sensed that the current was a special cold power that was trying to attack his soul.

However, Han Fei looked at it for a long time in surprise. If it weren’t for the information that popped up, he wouldn’t know what electrified him.

Because that thing was completely transparent.

Information popped up in his eyes.

Transparent Algae Eel

A special fish in the deep sea. Its body is as thin as vine algae and transparent. When swimming, it will emit colorful light on the frontal bone and the edge of the body. Transparent algae eels are good at releasing paralyzing electricity and strangling enemies.



Exotic (mutated)

59,998 Points

Long-term consumption can greatly enhance blood and Qi and improve physique.

Transparent frontal bone, glowing meridians.

The transparent algae eel will cling to its prey and kill it with terrifying power when it tries to strangle its enemy. (Just like the case of Willow Eel)

When Han Fei saw the information clearly, he already had a bad feeling. It was mainly because while he didn’t pay attention, he seemed to be wrapped by a film-like thing. As for now, he really didn’t feel anything.

“Hehe! A creature thinner than a seaweed leaf wants to kill me?”

With a thought from Han Fei, the Infinity Water shot out in all directions from his body and turned the transparent algae eel into a honeycomb.

However, the vitality of this transparent algae was comparable to that of the jellyfish. Its body was riddled with holes, but its speed was not slow at all. It seemed to find that the enemy was too strong and wanted to slip away quickly.

Han Fei grabbed it with his hand.

It was not until this moment that Han Fei discovered, to his surprise, that this thing was more than fifty meters long and eight meters wide. Except for a skull, there was only a glowing vein left on its body.

Chi la!

Han Fei cut the transparent algae eel into two pieces and threw it into Forge the Universe. This thing was so tough that it must be chewy.

After killing a transparent algae eel, Han Fei found that there were many creatures nearby. For example, he encountered a group of white lobsters half a meter long with a single horn on their heads.

This kind of lobster was even more special.

They looked like a single cone-shaped pillar, and their eyes were on a big spike, which extended from the forehead to the tail as if a missile was carried on the back of a truck. This kind of shrimp was good at flashing stabs, which were extremely powerful.

Blood-Piercing Shrimp

deep-sea single-spiked shrimp



95,83 points

Long-term consumption can increase ice resistance.

Spiked Spear

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Han Fei saw that the water rippled in front of him, and the shadows were stabbing at him. Because there were so many of them, Han Fei didn’t bother to attack them one by one.


A dragon-like roar burst out. As Han Fei roared, hundreds of Blood-Piercing Shrimp in front of him were shaken to death.

In comparison, this was just a rare creature. Even if Han Fei stood still and let them poke him, they couldn’t cut his skin, let alone hurt him.

In Forge the Universe.

The dying Fish Dragon King was already dumbfounded when he saw Yu Wendao come in. He was still alive, but Yu Wendao seemed to have become a statue.

Trapped in an array, he watched Han Fei throw things into this vast s.p.a.ce every day, or take things from here.

And when the Fish Dragon King saw Han Fei use the spiritual spring or something like that by ten thousand catties or even hundred thousand catties every time, he didn’t want to live at all. The blow was too huge for him.

In the past few days, he had seen strange marine creatures thrown in one after another. Sometimes it was a turtle, sometimes a big fish, sometimes a conch, sea cuc.u.mber, sea urchin, crabs, lobsters…

In short, there were many kinds of fish. Now, a transparent thing was thrown in, and followed by hundreds of strange shrimp.

He knew this kind of shrimp, which was unique to the Ice G.o.d Canyon. In other words, Han Fei was now in the Ice G.o.d Canyon.

The Fish Dragon King roared, “Han Fei, let me out, Han Fei…”


Under the pressure of gravity, Han Fei’s voice shook in the void. “Shut up! Buzz, buzz, you’re comparable to those bugs. If you keep yelling, I’ll cut you into pieces.”

The Fish Dragon King said, “I know that you are in the Ice G.o.d Canyon, and you are investigating the secrets of the Ice G.o.d Canyon. I know the secrets of this place, and I can trade with you.”

In the outside world.

Han Fei curled his lips and said disdainfully, “The secrets of the Ice G.o.d Canyon aren’t enough. If you want to survive, OK, use the secrets of the royal capital to trade with me.”

Reading information with the Void Lines was not omnipotent.

It couldn’t read complete memories. Han Fei could only read some relatively shallow memories. Many deep memories that were thought to be important were usually hidden by the brain.

Of course, no matter what the Fish Dragon King said, Han Fei would never let him go.


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