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Chapter 360 Red Ball

The situation outside of the Big Red Trunk became very weird. The dragon-like chain of red leaves was chasing Han Fei, and Han Fei was chasing the peak-level Dangling Fishers.

At this point, Han Fei had caught another person. The man was about to escape, when he sensed that his spiritual energy was frozen, and he had been tied up by a golden rope.

“The Spirit Forbidding Rope. No…”

Han Fei grabbed the captive and dove into the sword leaves.


After only several seconds, the man dropped from the leaves, with his chest stabbed and his internal organs churned.

Sun Mu’s face slightly changed. “Mo Feiyan, Yang Deyu, ask your men to take action if you want the Sea Token.”

The two people who had been enjoying the drama shrugged, but they didn’t argue and simply waved their hand.

Twelve peak-level Dangling Fishers attacked Han Fei at the same time, blowing him and the sword leaves away with a dazzling light.

“Shoot. So many?”.

Han Fei was dumbfounded. Were peak-level Dangling Fishers so cheap? There were a dozen of them here, and their bosses were even standing by and watching the show.


In case they attacked him again, Han Fei ran to the Millennium Snappers again.

However, none of the twelve people turned back. They simply watched him and waited, as if they were telling him to either confront the fish, or go back down and be captured.

Han Fei shouted, “You’re forcing me to do this.”


Han Fei broke into the leaves of the Big Red Trunk that was five hundred meters tall. The moment he broke in, he tossed out the Hexagon Starfish.

Han Fei said, “Mr. Hexagon Starfish, set up a Stealth Array right now.” The Hexagon Starfish said, A Stealth Array cannot fool twelve people! Someone will notice it!

Han Fei said, “Three seconds! It will be enough if you can stall them for three seconds.”

The Hexagon Starfish said, That’s much easier.

Among the red leaves, the twelve people were still chasing after Han Fei. But they stopped the red leaves from burning them by releasing their spiritual energy together. It wasn’t so easy for Han Fei. He was burnt while he fled. Even his brain almost exploded.

“Mr. Hexagon Starfish, are you done?”

The Hexagon Starfish said, Okay. You can come here.

A moment later…

“Huh? Where is he?”

Someone was confused. “He was almost blocked by us just now. Did he escape with a flash stone?”

Someone shook his head. “No. We would’ve sensed it if he used a flash stone. Besides, Young Master and other people are back there. He can’t get past them.”

“Wait, there is a Stealth Array here.”

Immediately, they took action simultaneously and blew up the Stealth Array, but they found n.o.body.

Inside Forge the Universe, Han Fei kept casting the Divine Healing Technique on himself.

He was truly unlucky! He had thought that the super landmine he planted in the land of starfish could’ve blown up the guys from the Sun Family… He didn’t expect so many of them to make it through to him.

He could even defeat one peak-level Dangling Fisher. How could he defeat so many of them?

Truth be told, Han Fei believed that three of them were enough to suppress him in a head-on clash, four could crush him like an Iron-Headed Fish, and five could beat him up like a sandbag.

Han Fei was rather gloomy. You want the Sea Token? Fine. I’ll make one for you here and now.

Han Fei had plenty of materials, including the spiritual weapons that he looted. He simply threw a mid-quality spiritual sword into the calabash.

Reforging did not require other materials, or a mid-quality spiritual weapon would’ve consumed a lot of spiritual energy.

Han Fei didn’t have much spiritual energy in the first place. After an hour of training with the Indestructible Body, he didn’t even have 300,000 points of spiritual energy left. Seeing that it was further reduced to 240,163, he almost shed tears. He had to cultivate in a place after this trip, or he would probably run out of spiritual energy next time he met an enemy. In that case, he would really have to cry.

However, what Han Fei did not know that reforging could take a while even though it was not slow, and in the meantime, something great was going on outside.

Yang Ruoyun had never helped Han Fei since the beginning. Because she was weak, Sun Mu only asked one of his subordinates to watch over her.

At this moment, when everybody’s attention was focused on Han Fei, a circle of ancient characters popped up on the Big Red Trunk. If Han Fei were here, he would’ve recognized them to be the drawing that Yang Ruoyun tossed in earlier. But n.o.body else knew what it was.

Cling… Cling…

Yang Ruoyun suddenly crossed her hands and shook them, ringing the bell on her wrists.

“What are you doing?”

The subordinate of the Sun Family scolded her.

Yang Ruoyun lowered her head with a smile. “Father, it’s been nine years, but I’m here again. If it doesn’t work this time, I will sacrifice myself for it.”

The subordinate of the Sun Family was somewhat frightened to hear that.

He grabbed Yang Ruoyun’s neck and shouted, “What did you say? What are you sacrificing for?”

On the other hand, Sun Mu noticed the anomaly and approached her. “What’s going on?!

There was no fear on Yang Ruoyun’s face at all. She smiled and said, “The Red Ball. The Red Ball is here.”

Yang Deyu, cranky enough, kicked Yang Ruoyun and yelled, “Red Ball? What’s that?”

Before Yang Deyu asked further, everybody had seen a red haze that was emanating from the leaves of the Big Red Trunk. In the red haze were starry glittering spots that darted towards everyone.

Mo Feiyan raised her hand, and the green ring on her hand established a barrier that protected her.

Yang Deyu and Sun Mu made similar reactions. Same as Mo Feiyan, they were protected by some sort of barrier.

But the rest were not as n.o.ble as they were, and were immediately covered by the red haze. All thirty people near the Big Red Trunk were petrified and could not move anymore.

Yang Deyu shouted angrily, “What’s that? I feel that my protective jade is breaking.”

Mo Feiyan was no longer as graceful as before. She said awfully, “Mine too.”

Sun Mu looked at the other people and considered the moment. Then, he recalled the protective jade that was about to crack.

The moment the barrier around Sun Mu disappeared, he was petrified. Yang Deyu and Mo Feiyan looked at each other. They both recalled their protective jade and entered the petrification state too.

Yang Ruoyun, who had been ignored by everyone, opened her eyes. She unleashed her spiritual energy and shattered her clothes, revealing dense creepy tattoos that were emitting gold colors brilliantly.

She extended her hand and reached for what seemed to be a crimson spiritual fruit.

She put the red spiritual fruit in her mouth without hesitation. After a long time, she suddenly craned her head and made a “hyah” sound at the Big Red Trunk.

If everybody weren’t petrified at this point, they would’ve been too shocked to say anything, as the sound she made was the same sound as the Millennium Snappers.

At this point, Han Fei had recovered, and he was holding two identical tokens.

“Tsk, tsk. I am truly a master forger. Why didn’t I make a fake one sooner?”

Han Fei looked at the counterfeit Sea Token in his hand. It was a mid-quality spiritual weapon anyway! He was rather reluctant to give it away even though it was fake… “Fine. It will be worth it as long as they stop being a pain in my a.s.s.”

Han Fei disappeared from Forge the Universe in the blink of an eye.

“Mr. Hexagon Starfish? Mr. Hexagon Starfish? Where are you? I…”

Before Han Fei could finish, he sensed that a weird power was attached to himself. He felt that his limbs were numb, and that his head was indescribably drowsy. “Chi…”

Han Fei sensed that his Demon Purification Pot was flashing. In the next second, he was surrounded by spiritual energy, which had been deployed by the Demon Purification Pot. It was not unusual.

Even so, Han Fei found that his limbs were heavier and heavier, and he couldn’t move anymore.

“Not good. I can’t stay on the tree.”

Han Fei bit the tip of his tongue and jumped out. He had a free fall among the leaves. When he occasionally hit the branches, he had to move his b.u.t.t so that he could keep falling.

He didn’t have a choice. If he were to stay on the tree, he would probably be roasted by the leaves of the Big Red Trunk. His current spiritual energy couldn’t even sustain him for half an hour.


When Han Fei felt that he was about to fall asleep, he was finally out of the leaves of the Big Red Trunk.

But the moment his back hit the soil, he was stunned, as he caught a fruit floating before him in the middle of the glittering redness. He saw that it was a Red Ball, before he pa.s.sed out.


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