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Chapter 763: Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm

In the cultivation canyon, there would always be demonic energy pervading.

When Han Fei walked through the ordinary demon realms, he felt that there was a kind of majesty floating in the waters.

Han Fei kept walking forward, and there weren’t many people he saw, not more than five.

But Han Fei could feel that many people were following him. Weren’t they those who were in the ordinary demon realms just now? Did they come to see the fun?

“Huh? The demonic energy has become richer, so has the spiritual energy. Does this suppressing pressure come from the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm?”

Going all the way to the end of the cultivation canyon, he saw a huge stone wall and a large circular hole deep into the mountain.

Of course, there were some Half-Mermaids and Half-Mermen waiting there.

In addition to Yu Yun, there were some other people who all seemed to be quite strong. Not surprisingly, these were all Heavenly Talents, as many as 30.

On the huge stele, there were countless names listed, 72 lines from top to bottom. Except that the first line was blank, every other number was followed by 100 names.

With the erosion of the years, the imprints of those names weren’t worn away, but only covered in dust.

To be precise, from the 60th floor upwards, almost all the names had been covered in dust. However, Han Fei noticed that a guy named Yu Mo occupied the first place from the 61st to the 71st floor.

Han Fei murmured, “This must be a tough guy.”

Down from the 61st floor, there was no longer one person who dominated the top of the sections. However, Han Fei could always find similar names on different lines.

It could be seen that even according to this sorting method, the strong were still the strong, and one person could still occupy the top of multiple sections.

In addition, there were some names that were brighter than others and not covered in dust.

For example, there was a name on the 68th floor, Xin Yi.

There was a name on the 64th floor, Yu Yue.

There was a name on the 61st floor, which was Yu Ji, with whom Han Fei was quite familiar.

There was a name on the 59th floor, which was actually Yu Yun.

Han Fei couldn’t help grinning. Even they could make it on the list?

In Han Fei’s view, Yu Ji might have some abilities. In case of a life-or-death battle, this woman could be really crazy. But Yu Yun, the Half-Mermaid he met a few days ago, what qualifications did she have?

Han Fei glanced back, and the large group of people who were thousands of meters away was waiting there. Then, Han Fei looked at a half-mermaid not far away and asked, “Why is there only one cave in the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm?”

The person who was asked sneered. “The Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm has 72 floors. It doesn’t really have 72 entrances.”

A Half-Mermaid asked, “Are you Yu Fei, the one who was brought back by Yu Ji?”

Han Fei nodded. “Yes.”

A Half-Merman bared his teeth and smiled. “Yu Ji is still under investigation and has just returned to the Ten Thousand Demon Valley today. It seems that you shook her off and rode on Master Chixue’s coattails, huh? You’re such a snake. Did you kill Yu Yue and the others?”

Han Fei looked at the Demon Stele and found Yu Yue’s name on the 33rd floor, which ranked 75th on the 33rd floor.

Han Fei bared his teeth and said, “It turns out Yu Yue is also on the stele!”

Everyone: “???”

Han Fei spat out two bubbles and grinned. “Since Yu Ji has been back, the matter should have been sorted out. What does it have anything to do with you?”

Yu Yun snorted. “I heard that you almost killed Yu Fu when you just went to Yu Ji’s refining shop. It seems that your relationship with Yu Ji is not that good. Even if it wasn’t you who killed Yu Yue, your arrogant style will only make you countless enemies!”

Han Fei shrugged. “So?”

Someone smiled and said, “So, if you testify that Yu Ji is the murderer, maybe we will help you enter the Ten Thousand Demon Tower.”

Han Fei immediately laughed out loud grimly. Seeing his smile, those people frowned.

When Han Fei’s laughter stopped, he had already started walking into the cave and said as he walked, “No wonder, no wonder you lose to her. You don’t even have the courage to challenge her head-on. Shame on you!”

Immediately, someone shouted, “Yu Fei, you’ll regret entering the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm!”

Han Fei snorted. Do you think I’m a fool? Join you guys? And then become your scapegoat?

However, from these people’s words, Han Fei could tell that Yu Ji was not very popular in the Ten Thousand Demon Valley!

This was good. If there was a chance, he could cooperate with Yu Ji to get rid of these people. Maybe he could grab a lot of spoils.

When Han Fei walked into the cave, he saw a stone tablet beside him with the words: “Leave your name”. This was for the convenience of recording names on the Demon Stele outside.

So Han Fei immediately left his name, “Yu Fei” on the tablet with demonic energy.

At the same time, Han Fei was thinking, On the Demon Stele outside, each floor has a ranking. This shows that each floor of the so-called Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm should have high and low scores, but what were the criteria for judgment?

This also meant that if he wanted to make a name for himself, he must get the highest score on each floor.

Perhaps others didn’t think so. For them, pa.s.sing as many floors as possible would do.

But Han Fei didn’t think so. No one had been able to climb to the 72nd floor. He guessed that if he wanted to climb to the 72nd floor, he would probably have to get the highest score on every floor.

Han Fei was itching to have a try. What awaits me next? Will it be a body-refining demon realm? spiritual demon realm? Or something else?

He kept walking in, and when he saw the gray mist, he took a deep breath.

He was now a sea demon with a demonic origin bead in his body. If he could get this opportunity that should belong to sea demons, it would be great. After all, there was only one opportunity. Who knew if he had a chance to come back after leaving!

Thinking about this, Han Fei stepped into it without hesitation.

This time, there was no longer a gray mist in his field of vision. Instead, there were some marine creatures condensed from demonic energy, a large swath of Soul Explosion Fish.

This kind of fish had no other ability but was very irritable. They would easily blow themselves up.

Seeing Han Fei coming in, the densely Soul Explosion Fish all stared at Han Fei. Soon, they all rammed at him.

But these were not real creatures, but of demonic energy. Han Fei couldn’t read their data and could only watch them rush at him.

Han Fei was speechless. Where are we?! Why are there so many Soul Explosion Fishes?

Bam! Bam! Bam!

There was one explosion after another, and Han Fei had already reached two conclusions.

The level of these Soul Explosion Fish should be around 43 to 44, and their strength should be equivalent to that of a beginner Hanging Fisher, or a little bit higher.

Secondly, every time these Soul Explosion Fish blew themselves up, Han Fei would feel a strange power trying to attack his soul.

However, this power was very weak, and Han Fei didn’t mind it at all!

The water waves rolled and the explosion roared, but Han Fei, like a piece of black iron, was nailed in place, motionless.

He was even grinning.

He easily guessed the intention of this floor, which was nothing but to use this power to test whether his body and soul were strong enough to pa.s.s the floor.

If not, then he didn’t have to go to the next floor.

Only in a moment, the explosion sounded hundreds of times. If it were an ordinary person, they would probably be thinking, how can I defend against this? How do I enter the next floor?

But Han Fei was different. He didn’t care about the explosions at all and didn’t even bat his eyelids…

However, what surprised Han Fei a little was why were there only these Soul Explosion Fishes? Was there no one else here? Or did they all run up to higher floors?


Thousands of people had gathered.

Someone suddenly pointed to the Demon Stele and said, “Look, Yu Fei’s name has appeared, on the first floor.”

Someone smiled. “His name ranks at the bottom. It means that he’s not qualified yet to be on the list. If he comes out now, nothing will be left.”

Someone asked, “Do you think? How many floors will he go up?”

Someone pondered and said, “I guess that 30 floors should be no problem for him. However, it’s not easy to leave his name here. Just think of the Soul Explosion Fish on the first floor!”

Someone shook his head. “In the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm, you can’t use weapons. It’s really difficult to pa.s.s these floors bare-handed!”

Han Fei’s brain was buzzing. He was not injured but his head kept buzzing as if there were firecrackers being set off in his brain.

Han Fei walked forward impatiently, ignoring the turbulent tumbling sea and the shockwave of the explosions.

The rock wall here seemed to be made of compacted volcanic ash, no matter at his foot or on his side.

However, when the Soul Explosion Fish blew themselves up one after another, Han Fei was surprised to find that fish heads appeared one after another on those rock walls.

The so-called fish heads were grooves on the rock walls, each with a fishbone head inside.

“F*ck, what the h.e.l.l is this place?”

Han Fei grumpily punched those Soul Explosion Fishes and was about to take out his harpoon to kill them, only to find that his Sea Swallowing Seash.e.l.l couldn’t be opened.


He tried Forge the Universe, which couldn’t be opened either.

“Huh! No weapons here? Fine, keep going. I’d like to see how long it will take you to injure me!”

After about ten minutes, Han Fei even began to cultivate. The demonic energy that exploded rolled into his body, after being refined by the demonic origin bead, it became pure demonic energy, and scattered throughout his body or turned into a reserve.

After half an hour, there were fewer and fewer explosions. In the end, Han Fei could only see a few sporadic Soul Explosion Fish ramming at him.


Han Fei grinned. The test should be finished now, right? I should be able to go to the next floor.

What Han Fei didn’t know was that many people outside were stunned.

Someone exclaimed, “Why doesn’t he even move? Is this guy’s body really so tough?”

Someone sighed. “I heard that he has the inherited Overlord Body. Maybe the fish can’t hurt him.”

Someone frowned and said, “But he didn’t even move! The Soul Explosion Fish in this realm are almost endless. Even if each only hurts him a little bit, he shouldn’t be able to stand it for so long… Oh… His ranking has changed.”

When this person spoke, everyone stared at the Demon Stele. Han Fei’s name suddenly jumped from the last to the second to last. And the penultimate name disappeared. From then on, no one would remember that name.

“Oh my G.o.d! This b*stard, he made it to the list on the very first floor?”

“Look, he moved up another place in the rankings.”

“So fast, his name moved up again.”

“Still moving up!”

After a moment, when everyone saw that Han Fei’s name came to the first place on the first floor, they looked at each other. d.a.m.n, how many explosions had he endured before he became first place on the first floor?


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